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Samuel Greenrags

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Always wearing clothes that seem to be made for people just a tad bit bigger than him, Samuel is small, a now leaner, brown-haired halfling. His brown eyes show him to be a good deal older than what he used to be. He is not as plump as before (though he is still somewhat chubby), and he now sometimes wears his longer hair tied back into a ponytail, if it isn't snugged into his hat of choice. There are less pudgy parts to his body.

Ask him, and he'll show you his biceps that he got by being a lumberjack for a year.


Story of the character


amuel Greenrags came from a sunny, only-other-weather-they-had-was-rain town of halflings (Well, there were two towns but they were very close to eachother so most people referred it as "one" town.).

He lead a fairly good life, as expected of hobbits. He, however, took the way of another profession that was not his family's specialtiy- until he himself took it: cooking (And baking). He went to the other town frequently, trying to find a 'master' at the art of cooking. But, years passed, and even though, from an outsider's view, gained quite a bit of experience, the young hobbit decided he was to leave home.

He roamed around his towns first -sometimes visiting again for a while, then leaving once again- before he finally "left". Unfortunately, or gratefully, for him, he ventured into barbaric lands, where the clans were at. Upon his travels he came upon Ranek, a "barbarian", and befriended him. Ranek was not like other barbarians, which Samuel liked.

They traveled for a bit, before Ranek heard that his brother was at an isle called Gobiath. Samuel set forth with Ranek, to help him, and hoping on the side that he'd find a tutor to help him become a better cook.

Fortunately for him, he seems to have found that tutor.