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Reena Morelis

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46 years
18. Olos 13 AW

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Description of the character


he stands taller than the average female, being almost 6 feet in height, though she is slim yet muscular from years of swordplay. Reena would not be declared a great beauty, although she is not unpleasant to look at it. She has a thin and long face with high cheekbones. Coal black eyes look out at the world with a hard look. Rarely does she smile; her lips are usually pressed into a hard line to match her ever-crossed arms. Her raven coloured hair is of unguessable length, being pinned up and out of her face most days.

The lady knight can be seen wearing more casual clothes than she used, having retired from the Queen's service. She can still be seen in dark plate armor and a black cloak, a collection of raven feathers clustered at the shoulders.


Story of the character

Reena grew up during the end of Sir Reginald's reign before he passed away and left the care of Cadomyr to his daughter, Queen Rosaline. Upon coming of the proper age to serve, Reena was sent to Albar to train and negotiate trade deals between Cadomyr and Albar. She was called back to Cadomyr to serve Queen Rosaline. After the brewing war between Cadomyr and Galmair was stifled, Reena retired from the Queen's service to live out her life in peace.