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Krazen Brukk

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in midlife

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razen usually wears little in the way of serious armor or protection. His most obvious and possibly unique article being his rimmed metal hat which he never seems to be without. Certainly once bright new and shining, the helmet is now dulled and blemished with rust, dents and scrapes from persistent use and refused repairs. The rest of his attire usually consists of a foul and grubby loin cloth, leather boots worn through at the toes, heavy gloved vambraces and a leather baldric strapped around his torso to support a verity of axes and swords which seem to change from day to day. His favorite well-worn hatchet forever lingers at his side, slotted through a wide leather belt fastened taught around his middle. It is not uncommon to see the orc with a freshly cut bundle of logs piled high in soot-smathered arms.

Krazen is known by friends, foes and himself as "Krazen Da Firestartah" - a self proclaimed title he bares with pride and announces to anyone willing to listen. A lingering thick stench of smoke, regular smudges of soot in addition to numerous fresh burns about his body, hands and face suggest his title is indeed well earned.

It is plain to see that Krazen has not led a life devoid of hardship - his tale forever inscribed into his mottled green flesh in the form of numerous jagged, poorly healed scars and burns which taint the expanse of his large, broad-shouldered body. A more notable and debilitating gash on his leg causing a persistent limp in his step.

Contrary to his battered exterior the orc carries himself with a jolly, confidant, top-heavy swagger as he struts self-assuredly through life with a foolish grin and care-free, mischievous demeanor. Krazen is loud and abrupt with poorly developed social skills - even by orcish standards. Few individuals are able to tolerate his company for extended periods of time. He is spontaneous and thrill-seeking, forever on the look out for his next adventure. When Krazen knocks on the door for adventure, adventure pretends it's not home!


Story of the character


razen was kicked out of his birth tribe, years ago. Though he doesn't often speak of it, what can be gathered is that there was an incident involving fire...and the chief's wife's undergarments.

Krazen traveled the land at a young age, but that didn't help him become a good survivalist. In any one that knows him, it would be an enormous wonder how someone like Krazen manages to stay alive outside of civilisation.

While scrounging for food outside of the Troll's Bane library however, he came across a very young woman...She seemed nice enough, and invited Krazen in with the promise of a hot meal. If Krazen were a little smarter he would have realised libraries do not have kitchens. As it was, the girl lured him inside, and with a flash of pain, Krazen lost his will. Krazen was forced to be a servant for a short while, but struggled under control of the budding witch...named Jeyna Morgana. She was extremely clever, but did not count on the orc's strong and willfull desire to be free. Krazen himself was able to break the spell momentarily whilst doing her bidding. He managed to give clues to both Rhoden and Artimer, who eventually confronted her, leading to her eventual suicide.

Krazen's bindings broke when she died, but he has been left with a fear of he has struggled to bring under control. IN actual fact, Krazen has been known to scream "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!" whilst jumping through a portal. Though, the types of magic applied to Krazen more often have him screaming "Nubbaaaa!" or even more commonly "Arrrgh, meh arse on fire!"

Krazen did a short stint as a "guard" for the Troll's Bane militia. This generally involved him walking in on others conversations and brutally yelling at them, or sometimes peeing indoors. Believe it or not, Krazen's name does not appear on a single payslip made out by the Trollsbane Militia.

Krazen usually spends his time nowadays making a general criminal nuisance of himself. Though he has committed countless thefts, arson attempts and even assault...Krazen has not spent one night in jail. It's difficult to understand why, seeing as he is not a particularly clever (or indeed capable) orc. Rather, perhaps because of pity, or he is beneath notice of those who deem him an unworthy and far too ineffective crook to worry about.

Krazen can be found most often in the woods cutting down random trees and singing...badly. Or alternatively he may be strolling the route from Trollsbane to Varshikar.