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S'rrt K'shire

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160 years
24. Siros 101 BW

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// Beginning of Gobaith storyline //
The young lizard came from his home lagoon Islak Kzun (meaning "Home of the Waving Sun" *) to emerge on the shores of the island that he found very adventurous indeed.

Upon settling as a hunter in the local community, he immediately started taking herbs of the wilds into interest and tended to collect them. Only later did he find out that you can use a druid's skills to make a potion out of them; but he chose to become an alchemist instead. Becoming a druid, he thought, would have rendered him unhappy due to the view on life one attains as they become a druid.

He learned to be an alchemist under a female master alchemist, with another middle-aged woman as a colleague. The two soon faded from his life as he experienced many challenging tasks and great events but yet, in the end, he completed his training on his own.

After coming back from the mainland where he searched for his sister, he saw that the main city on the island was not doing so well. He wanted to take his part in defending the town and servicing it. It was too important for him to lose.; the people there were his closest friends, some of whom he was a lot closer to.

He quickly progressed to be a Sergeant and later successfully acquired the Captain's title. His captaincy brought many changes, good and bad, to the town but he found himself and most of the government happy with the changes. There were recruits, increased security and with the help from his friends a government building that was made to house personnel and work as an office. The building, sadly, didn't see much use.

Much later, after his journey back to his roots in Islak Kzun, he came back to the island and still expresses his interest in becoming the Captain..

After being reinstated as the Captain of Internal Security alongside the Captain of Military Defense, he continued to try and improve the safety of the town's atmosphere.
// End of Gobaith storyline //

* - "waving sun" comes from looking at the sun's reflection on water