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Taiah Daekash

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Taiah's long dark hair flows around pointed ears then continues down her back. Her grey eyes which sometime appear almost brown like her sister's may be seen amid a pale face and ready smile which is in stark contrast to the iron tattoo on her cheek appearing as a dragon emblem.

Occasionally she may mention she is the prettier one.. is her hair darker now or possibly just the shadow she stands in gives that impression? The expression may be different also...more cautious yet the same tattoo will be evident.


Story of the character


espite their quiet nature, it becomes apparent that the dark-eyed "huntress" craves the excitement of besting a foe yet the silver-eyed "princess" is completely the opposite, shunning the fight to pursue her music, art and dance. One may hear an occasional whisper to someone visible only to the other, and an insistance she is not Taiah but another. Something in her background caused this dichotomy, possibly one or the other of the sisters will tell if asked.

When they were new to Gobaith and not familiar with the island, they first ran into the barbarians of Nordmark of whom finding out too late, hated and tortured elves. A remembrance of that time followed them both through the subsequent rescue and decision to join the Knights of Gobaith. Still carrying a dragon tattoo on the face as part of that terrible time and serving as a reminder, both sisters will express a desire to protect those in need.

Much has happened since that time the gods took their home on the island. Loves lost and gained, family and loved ones not seen again yet the two sisters still remain and have managed to finally get along more then they ever did previously. Initially raised near human habitat, always having more human then elven tendencies, it might be seen..for those with that knowledge and a discerning eye that finally their elven roots are showing through. Both are more patient, "softer" around the edges and willing to await events rather then rush to make them.