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Eli Travinus

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55 years
2. Zhas 5 AW

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ong ago what was, is now lost- for those that remember or care. Merely a man, meagerly dressed in dark mage garbs he stands a frail six feet tall. Rarely found with his hood down, unless the situation demands it, his features and exact age might be difficult to determine. Though, if one were to judge by his movements he seems rather aged. Mostly, he tends to keep to himself but is polite in conversation. Should the light break through the shadows just right you may make out pale gaunt features and a few wry tangled tendrils of brown hair.

Now, to those attuned to the forces of magic this man might strike you drastically different. Upon your metaphysical space, much in the way undertow draws from the shore, this man ceaselessly pulls and interconnects himself with the world at large. The flow of mana hastens to the beckon of his spirit and even to those without the slightest magical inclination could still bear witness to his subtle feats. Often mundane object fly about his person, doors open and close on their own, and other unexplainable phenomenon do often occur.


Story of the character

~2nd Zhas 4-12~
Elijah Wilshire Travinus is born in the Salkamaerian province of Agramar to the Duke and Duchess Darren Wilshire and Eleanor Malin Travinus. Eli would be the first of their four children and all were consecrated in a sacred ritual to the family's patron god, Zhambra. Eli was raised with a lightfolk traditional education starting at the age of two. It was evident that the Lord Zhambra blessed him with a sharp mind and an infinite desire to learn. By the age of three he could read and write which delighted his parents considerably. Both of which were popular amongst the people of Agramar for their devotion and generosity. For as long as anyone can remember the Travinus family governed the province of Agramar and in doing so gained a notable reputation for being just and loyal. Eli's father exhorted his family to govern as an extension of the People not as a dictator. He was a passionate and endearing man reigning in the light of empathy rather than tyranny. The lands were certainly not the richest or most renowned but the People were happy and content, in every way Eli looked up to his father growing up.

Eli's mother was no different even though she did not care much for the necessities of her title. She was a devout woman of faith and compassion, dedicating herself to service as her father did, Eligus Bron Waiberry the elder sage of the Temple of Light in Koldamar. She was a lighthearted soul who loved her husband's people and treated them all like friends. She knew everyone by name right down to the peasant who farmed the wheat, and during harvesting season she even helped. Eli was made to go with her and at the time he loathed it, but in retrospect those would prove to be some of his fondest memories. In fact, later in life Eli would pick up farming as a therapeutic escape from the stress of waiting for a teacher of the Arcane. If that weren't enough Eli's mother always made sure no person went hungry during the colder seasons by paying the cooks and bakers from her own purse.

By the age of five Eli was starting to produce signs of a mysticism; he was able to move things without touching them and could even finish other people's sentences by knowing what they were thinking. He was truly gifted with his grandfather's, Eligus, gift of magic whom he was named after. Another form of magic came a year later as two sisters were born: Emma Shae and Saendra May who were identical twins. He loved his sisters and guarded them fiercely as an older brother often does. When they were old enough to walk giggles and laughter filled the great halls of the Travinus manor. Only when the children were nestled in their beds could the house find silence.

Another member of the family was added when Eli was eight years old this time a baby brother who was named Draethic Soren. By this time Eli was learning economics, legislation, and military tactics from his father and his advisers. Eli loved listening to his father speak because he was so passionate and insightful. Truly he was the epitome of goodness as far as Eli was concerned. His selflessness and compassion echoed with every word and action, Eli admired his father more then any living person. Every memory he ever had of his father was a good one and Eli wanted to grow up to be just like him.

~1st Mas 12~
Nothing short of the worst day of Eli Travinus' life could describe the events of Mas the 1st in the 12th year of the new age. What else could be said when your entire immediate family is burned alive and all you can do is hear them scream? It was on that day Eli died from inside out. All the happiness and carefree days of his childhood were gone, replaced with helplessness and grief. He woke in the middle of the night in a thick cloud of black smoke with his mother shaking his arm.

"ELI! ELI! ELI! Get up... get up come on now! Martha get him out of here!"

That would be the last time Eli's mother would call his name, and without Martha, his mother's handmaiden, Eli would have been lost to that house fire as well. Even so, he did not escape the inferno unscathed. In the roaring back-draft of an open door, Eli felt Brägon's kiss for the first time. What he left was the permanent reminder of just how close he was to death.

Coping with such a loss was simply impossible for Eli. The memories of that night would be forever seared into his mind: streaks of fiery light, his family portrait slowly burning away, and the bloodcurdling wails of his loved ones. His entire family burned within their own home. His last memory of that night was being carried away by the guards kicking, screaming, and crying. He was escorted to his uncles château about 50 miles south of Agramar to escape the raging wild fire that swept over the entire city and ravaged the countryside.

Eventually, the wildfire subsided enough for Eli to return to the ruins of his former home and an obliterated past. Amongst the charred debris of his lost childhood he found the only vestige salvageable, an unremarkable cast iron trinket. The trinket was a peculiar necklace his mother wore all the time. She described it as a representation of Zhambra's judgment for those that do not value friendship and loyalty in their lives. His mother often told him that those that led faithless lives were thrown an iron glove that when worn transported the person to an eternal battlefield. Eli didn't need transportation when he picked up the necklace for the war inside him had already begun.

~13th Naras 17~
During the coldest month of the year Eli received the news of how his parents really died. Eli's grandfather was on the telling end, and what Eli heard sent him spiraling out of control. His grandfather told him that a man named Drake Valdoth the Blackheart was responsible for his parents death. At first it was confusing for the fourteen year old to comprehend why someone wanted his family dead. That was until his grandfather continued by telling him that Drake was once courting his mother long ago before she met Eli's father. Apparently, Drake's father was a former nobleman stripped of his title for being a necromancer and Eli's grandfather forbid them seeing each other. Drake was bitter and exiled himself for many years only to return to Eligus in Koldamar to visit with him. Apparently, Drake did well for himself while he was gone and wanted to travel to see Eleanor with his wife and children. Eligus confessed that he deduced the heinous plot far too late and could not stop what ensued.

It was like reliving the whole thing over again, but instead of having the typical lust for revenge all he could feel was unrelenting grief. Sure he hated Drake, but he also hated his grandfather for being so ignorant. He should have known what was going to happen, but instead he opened the gate that let the vengeful maniac in. Eli's hatred surged and mixed with a mournful remembrance of the life he should have had, resulting in a hodgepodge of chaos. The pain became unbearable and as soon as Eligus left so did Eli.

In the blistering cold with only his thick gray traveling cloak, a leather bag with rations, and a purse full of coins Eli began his wandering. He had no desire to be or do anything since he felt there was nothing to live for anymore. He felt betrayed by his grandfather and visions of his fiery past haunted his every thought. Surely nothing could heal this sorrow he was feeling so it was then that Eli lost faith and hope.

1st-7 Chos 20
For three years Eli had been wandering the vast expanse of the mainland indulging in anything that might ease the suffering. Nothing seemed to work and he felt himself spiraling out of control with anger and grief. He still blamed his grandfather and hated himself for never being able to do anything about his situation. All in all he felt helpless furthering his need to hide behind alcohol and other substances. Most people just figured him to be an orphan which suited him just fine since most either ignored him or provided him with alms out of pity. Several times he considered taking his own life to join his family in the afterlife. His confused state of mind rationalized that this would be an acceptable course of action. So on the 1st of Chos he decided to honor the dead by joining them. He walked into a desolate forest off the beaten path where the snow prevent any horses or carriages to travel.

He wanted to make sure that he was alone and that no one had to find his dead body. Dying there all alone would not cause pain to anyone and that is exactly what he wanted. No one should ever feel the amount of pain he had been subject to so this was the perfect place. He moved over to an eldan oak tree with a black crow perched on one of the naked branches. Once making it to its trunk he turned on his heel and slumped down into the soft mound of snow. He rolled back both sleeves and with only a blink and a gaze into the air he attempted to take his own life with a dagger.

As he felt life slipping away from him a figure appeared in the distance dressed in noble attire. He was a handsome young man possibly in his late twenties and looked exquisitely stylish. He wore pointed leather shoes with gold buckles, pristine white tights, a black doublet with gold damask, and a matching cap. Around his waist was a tight leather belt that folded over fashionably extended. He approached taking of his white gloves and placed them into the small waist pocket on his doublet. He knelt down beside Eli and watched him with hazel eyes. He spoke words to Eli that could never be forgotten, and until this day he has never told a living soul exactly what those were. Sometime after that he awoke in a comfortable bed to the sounds of seagulls and the crashing of waves. For a moment he thought he was in heaven instead he was at seaside inn in Naemalk on the far east coast of the Salkamaerian Empire.

It did not take him long to recover, but instead of leaving right away he stayed awhile because the innkeeper was very generous. Then one night around the campfire of the town square a traveler came to entertain the townspeople. He was a magician and though his skills were rudimentary it surfaced a memory from his childhood. His grandfather came to visit about a month before his family was murdered performing magic for Saendra, Emma, Draethic, and of course Eli. They sat before the fireplace watching their grandfather levitate books, lifting their hair, creating vibrant dances of blue and green light, and telling them their thoughts. He remembered how much he wanted to be like his grandfather and wield the power of magic. Just before they went to sleep their grandfather told them heroic and noble tales of the mages and warlocks on the small island of Gobaith. He said apart from the Arcane taught at Lor-Angur there was no better place to learn rune-magic then the Magic Academy of Gobaith.

So he settled it in his mind that he would be better then his grandfather and travel to Gobaith to learn magic. He wanted to change his life from aimless wanderer to a prominent mage. A second chance he did not want to ruin because he knew his parents expected more as well as Zhambra. Eli rededicated his life to a noble pursuit and would do it all on his own.

17th Tanos 21-23
Eli arrived on the island of Gobaith during the 21st year of the new age with high hopes, tattered clothes, and an empty purse. His singled minded aspiration was to become a mage and rededicate his life to Lord Zhambra. Gobaith seemed the perfect place to start the only question would be how long would it take. If not for a divinely beautiful elfess with pale skin, brown hair, and brown eyes he might not have made it at all. It took nearly three years and two teachers for Eli to become a full fledged mage of the Arcane.

The road was fraught with obstacles and Eli did many things to pass the time, but his rock was always Kaila. He knew the first day he saw her that there was something about her. She was so subtle and sweet that he wanted to talk to her everyday to be around her. Some days he would walk around the entire island looking for her just to get a glimpse. It wasn't too long before he was falling in love with her and he knew it to be right. She went through a tough time losing her parents and she seemed to be everything he wasn't. She was expressive and open while he was sometimes reserved and closed. She was a bit insecure with unsure motivations so Eli complimented her with security and a driving ambition to fuel them forward.

She supported him in everything he did which was exactly what Eli needed to build confidence and stay focused. She always saw the best in him so it was easy to stand on the table of Druid House and yell that he would never leave her. Sure they had their problems but even their arguments diverted their mind from more stressing matters. She also wanted to be a mage and things were definitely not easy on her either. So they did it together through the good times and the bad never forsaking their love for each other.

After becoming a mage things came together for Eli and Kaila. First, they got married and had a beautiful baby son who they named Darren after Eli's father. He has a striking resemblance of Kaila while having his father's eyes and is without a doubt their pride and joy. Eli is dedicated to being a father and providing for his family as best he can. He is also a devout religious man giving praise to his patron god Zhambra. Soon after becoming a mage Eli was elected to become a teacher and High Councilor of the Magic Academy of Gobaith. During that time he was also a citizen and member of the town guard of Troll's Bane.

Following the teachings of Zhambra Eli has always defended and done his best to better the city of Troll's Bane. Most of his friends call Troll's Bane home so it goes without saying that he would do all in his power to ensure their safety and well-being. The city has always been a centre of controversy and political unrest, but regardless Eli has always seen the silver lining. Past all the war and political issues Eli has always seen the potential for strength and unity. So it came as a complete surprise when he returned from a visit to his dying grandfather to see an entirely different governmental structure in Troll's Bane.

The system imitates the noble hierarchy of both Salkamaerian and Albarian tradition which Eli was delighted to see. Without a doubt some people are outraged by the proclamation handed down by Edward Cromwell, Eli saw a chance to stabilize the city of Troll's Bane. No longer was the government solely in the hands of one man but now there was an entire council of advisers with their own experience in governing. Troll's Bane was now diversified allowing it to take on several life styles. The boroughs and districts have their own governments and laws appealing to certain members of the populous.

Compelled to ensure his fore fathers' ability to govern and lead Eli saw fit to pursue one of the districts of Troll's Bane. He saw a void and sought to fill it with his ambition and compassion for the people. Now he is faced with a whole new challenge of governing and providing for the People of his district. There is no doubt that there is a discrepancy amongst the citizens of Troll's Bane, but that does not detour Eli's vision to ensure his devotion. Some people cry corruption, but there has always been those people regardless of the government. What does the future hold one thing is for certain Eli shall pursue it with the same passions and desires.....

"How abrupt the end often comes upon thee,
Let this rapturous abyss eclipse my broken soul.
Here nor there shall peace be with me my Love,
Truly can history's cruelty befall me once more?
Was I not purged of my callow youth by the flame?
What fiend of hell craves my misery to such a degree?
Doth demons stalk my shadows to bid me plight?
Sanity gives no objection to my frivolous affliction.
Justice refuses to bless me with its swift grace.
Love departs from me like birds in flight,
And Death cripples me with its blight.

How is it a man can live as the phoenix?
To be born from the flame only to return to ash.
Certainly its flight is divine in endless beauty,
But what little time is given to rise before falling.
Curse this burden I cannot ascend once more,
My heart's string has played its last lilting tune.
I am no more than the wind in the trees.
Here nor there I cannot be my Love,
This void you left has transcended time.

Promises unkempt and failed attempts to protect,
My past could not lie dormant so we could bloom.
Instead, it choked us out like a weed to the garden.
Oh, the love we had rose to the stars and echoed in heaven.
Savory memories of kisses delight steal my grief,
But never enough to rid me completely of sorrow.
Pale skin in bright moonlight give me brief dreams at night,
But the shame of losing it all brings me to despair.
Once more I am here nor there till I am with you Love.