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Mirai Belisai

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Mirai Belisai is a delicate build elf, who by the first glance is with no doubt loath of hard physical work. But even so one can see her do such work grudgingly.


Story of the character


t the magic academy of Lor Angur
"Mirai Belisai, enter! As all students you will travel the lands in order to extend your knowledge about magic."
"Oh Master Lesiahandrea, must i realy? Out there are living just barbarians, what is there to learn? I have heard that i am to be send into the Region of the three cities? Well then, at least Runewick has some reknown."
"Mirai! Moderate you temper! In deed you will go there. But not to Runewick but to Galmair, where i do have a good acquaintance. I hope she will act as you tutor. To Runewick there will go another student. I hope that you not only will increase your knowledge in things magic but also will learn to temper your arrogance!"
"Master - please - you can to that! Not there! I have heard that place is swarming with stinking dwarves and nasty orks! And i have never heard about any mage of rank living there!"
"You have your Orders! Either you comply or the gates of the academy will be closed to you!