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Guir Rabenflügel

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Description of the character

Guir seems to be older than he looks. From his outward appearance you would guess he is around 30 or 35, but regarding his behavior and character he seems to be much older. Most of the time he wears simple, dark but neat clothes.
He has short, black hair with a single plaited raven feather and also a black beard. Although the beard makes him look a little rough his face seems to be a bit elf-like. Two deep brown eyes look up to you with a calm but also friendly expression.

Guir is mostly friendly and in a good mood. His friends appreciate his honesty and helpfulness. They trust him and he is concernd not to disappoint them.


Story of the character

No english version avaiable

Vieles ist geschehen, seit Guir im Jahre 18 n. VdH. am Hafen von Gobiath an Land ging. Viel hat er erlebt, ebenso viel zu erzählen.
Doch Gobiath ist nicht mehr.

Seine Rolle in dieser Geschichte mag vorbei sein, doch solltest du ihm einstweilen begegnen, bei einem seiner seltenen Besuche, dann setz dich zu ihm und hör dir an, was er zu berichten hat.