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Orren Padick

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rren is an unremarkable, even forgettable sort of man by appearances. Neither tall nor short, heavy nor thin, he is exceedingly unexceptional.

It's quite apparent to any observer that this man was never any sort of warrior or even a heavy labourer in his youth, as he lacks the powerful build of those backgrounds. However, the old man could not be dismissed as feeble, and one might guess his boots still see a fair amount of use.

His face bears the creases of a life lived on the road, but he is studiously shaven. If pressed, one would estimate him to be fifty five years of age, but not with any great certainty. He wears his tousled grey hair loose, hanging nearly to his shoulders, and brushed back from his brow. One would struggle to discern what medley of human cultures his family is.