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182 years
19. Findos 123 BW

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The Amazon rarely wears anything but her armor and presents as an elfess young of age at just 180 years. She observes rather then talks and is rarely seen in a town electing to practice in the forests. Her blonde hair is usually left to fall down her back but can be tucked in a helmet. Occasionally there is a bow hanging from her shoulder yet some can see a wand carried in a leather strap at her belt. With skin color paler then her sisters, she may not be the typical warrior.


Story of the character


ith the two moons high in the sky, the females all sit around the large campfire and the elders huddle together with fur wrapped around their shoulders in the cold while the rest of the tribe pays homage by giving them all their attention. Empty bowls of a meal lay scattered near as the children quietly sit behind the warriors in the outer ring with young girls still training first, then the boys too young to send back to the male village last. Tents surround the area and the snowy mountain can be seen in the distance looking on the proceedings with its usual disinterest.

Iphito was born just a few years ago.. about 180 to a great warrior who left her legacy in battle. Due to the unusual weakened appearance of her body, the sisters encouraged her to learn from books rather then the usual accomplishments of sword or advancement in archery, hence her still having both breasts instead of the one denoting the best of the tribe. Aside from her weak archery skills simply to protect herself, it was decided Iphito wouldn't bear children due to the fear of passing on this weakness. Most of her sisters voiced the worry she wouldn't have the stamina of birth.

Hence when the elders called her name at the special judging of the young ones, she gulped and stood, not sure what would happen to her except becoming maybe a scholar of the tribe, but ready to show what she had learned from the books. Standing before the three with the usual salute of hand across her chest and head bowed, the amazon awaits her uncertain fate with trepidation hopefully not showing, attempting to be strong in the face of all her sisters. The middle of the eldest, Ama-shoon Engnosa, clears her throat as rheumy eyes gaze up at the strangely thin sister standing before them. Giving her a compassionate smile, she finally begins the judgement.

"Iphito, sister of the Yano tribe, daughter of the great warrior Heparurle, come forth and hear our words. You have studied enough, now is the time to show your strength. This will be a new venture and for that, you must go forth on your own."

At the soft gasps of the other sisters as their weakest was to be sent away, Iphito's knees slightly shook in anticipation yet she simply bowed her head lower showing humility and willingness to the elders, knowing anything they needed from her would be done.

"You shall sail south and learn magic from some people that settled there when the gods punished them. You have read enough to know they are quite different from us, worshiping male gods and not Findari, yet you mustn't be too disturbed. Stay out of their towns as much as possible and when your task is accomplished, come back to us"

Proud of the confidence placed yet also fearful to leave her home, the Amazon packed light and left the next day with a few sisters up early to see her off. She vowed to make them remember her actions in the legendary songs the tribe sang.