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Grimghor Blacktusk

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in midlife

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rimghor is a a gelatinous hulk of an orc with thick sturdy legs, powerful arms, and a massive blubbery pot-belly. The orc's head is completely free from hair, allowing a thin film of shimmering sweat to gather regularly, only to be wiped away again with a thick greasy hand. Beady yellow eyes wander about hungrily from behind narrow slits, loath-fully scrutinising their surroundings.

He most often wears a grubby brown butchers apron stained with blood splatters, gore, and other foul smelling substances along with the occasional pair of pants. Grimghor's odor or 'manleh musk' as he might refer to it as, could be described as truly unique, or more accurately: grotesque. He reeks of a pungent mixture of decaying flesh, rancid sweat, foul breath, farts, and every other kind of body odor imaginable.

Grimghor will most likely make a point to inform you that he is an excellent chef - the wise would however see through this bluff. Wrapped around what is almost too large to be defined as his waist is a sturdy leather belt holding an assortment of knives of different shapes and sizes, meat hooks, clubs, hammers, and any other paraphernalia he can use for crushing, chopping, cutting, gutting, and killing his "ingredients".