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Katharina Brightrim

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in midlife

Currently offline

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he woman standing in front of you seems to be in her mid- 30s, one can see tiny wrinkles in the corner of her eyes and mouth. She's around 1,7 meter tall and will most likely not be the tallest person around. All in all her shape is rather slim, having narrows shoulders and a flat tummy. Her rather curvy body is mostly dressed in fine dresses of silk, which sometimes allow an open-hearted insight. She can often be seen in a yellow cloak, which shows the symbol of House Desert Fox from Cadomyr.

Katharina's face can be described as very delicate. Rather big, green eyes giving space to a short and fine nose, which is a few centimeter over her full lips. Often one can see those lips smiling and if she does, one may notice fine wrinkles at the corners of her mouth. Her light brown hair is ponytailed most of the time, lately.

Her hands do not show many calluses, as she seems not to work too often. When she walkes she use to sway her hips, even if she wears an armor.

All in all Katharina looks very neat and one can often smell a faint scent of flowers around her. The scent rather comes from a perfume than from any herbs or blossoms.


Story of the character

Ask her, she might tell you.