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Cassidy Eshorn

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assidy is of average height yet a little on the thin side, deemed too weak for the usual field work and not pretty enough for a lady's maid like the sister she searches for. Her idea of preparing for the day is to run fingers through her unruly red hair and haphazardly gather it in a leather braid, then throw on some clean clothes with only one or two worn places showing. She might add a robe only if there is deemed a need. A magic wand is discretely attached to a tied leather belt when not in use yet she can just as easily produce an old dagger for emergencies. The freckles on her face which become prominent on a sunny day are not hidden by any powders or creams though most first notice her striking sky-blue eyes. Cass had a quiet demeanor and whether due to shyness or simply caution is to be determined.

(picture of Tru on the right drawn by Arvemor)


Story of the character


assidy carries two parchments carefully folded in her bag. One she never shows anyone and it is of a wanted poster with the name of Trufala Eshorn on it in prominent lettering, that she secretly looks at occasionally with a shake of her head and a whispered mumble....

"How could you get in so much trouble!".

The other is a picture appearing very much like Cass except the woman drawn is slightly older, with hair prominently red and missing the freckles that is over Cass' face. She willingly shows that to others hoping they can tell her where her sister is.

Cass appears in Illarion having heard a rumor of a woman named Tru. Promising Mama and Papa, who were getting on in years, that her sister would be found, Cass spends her time searching in every corner, every dungeon and all lairs vowing that one day the family will again be reunited.