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Chirch Ka Shrr

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arkness... freezing cold darkness. But then a warm trickle of water, maybe because of a strong warm summer rain far above. After a long while a hulking form shifts, a mind wakens from uncounted years of dreamless slumber, breaking the last remaining sheets of ice.
It barely remembers it's name and how to speak the thoughts in his mind.
It gropes in the darkness, finding some pale fish in a cold lake this time, breaking the spine of some furry warm thing another time for food. After a long time it finds an exit to the caves emerging into a dark but starry night. It leaves the still rather cold region, passing woods, rivers and grassy plains, often fleeing some hostile creatures. In the end it finds a place of warmth, a sandy desert and a huge fortified town where it feels save and finds some of his race able to understand his crude hissing speech.