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Azure Lynch

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Description of the character

Azure stands 7' tall he has unnaturally white hair and yellow-orange eyes. his left arm appears to be slightly a different color almost as if it is not his original arm. If he is seen with out his clothes one will notice burn scars covering his body as if he was set on fire. He has claw marks on his chest. and a big scar across his left eye. his age shows on his face but not his body. he is well toned. He wields a large fire axe and is clad in black and heavy plate armor.


Story of the character


zure story is a dark one. he was born dead. his mother kidnapped a child from the nearby village and sacrificed the child using blood magic to breathe life into azure. Azure father died defendin his mother and him from the village. Azure mother took azure far away to raise him. afte awhile azure grew to age and met a woman he fell inlove with. before they were married azure told her the truth about his past. she was scared and told her father the cheif . considering him an abomination they quickly captured him and tied and burned him at the stake his mother got wind of what was going on and ran into the fire and dragged him out. she prayed to cherga to take her life and spare his. and after preforming another ritual. azure awoke from the dead his skin completely burned and found his mother dead. Azure vowed revenge and took it by killing everyone in the village all in rage and anger. an orc witnessed this and saw raw potential. he was forming an army in the name of moshran. he recruited Azure. and over time azure worked his way up in rank and eventually became the orc second in comand. over the years Azure served faithfully and was even marked by moshran. He was sent out to find other followers when he arrived in Galmair. over the years he made friends and found love again even had a child. but his faith led him to hurt his family and friends. but that is a story for another time.