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towering pale elf with neat, flowing raven-black hair stands before you proudly with his hand settled on an impressive looking spirit wand. He observes you closely through moon-grey eyes as an indifferent expression settles on his timeless face. Like most elves, his facial features can be described as 'long' and 'pointed', though there is a certain roughness around the edges rather than the typically 'smooth' and 'beautiful' traits commonly described of elves. "Greetings" he regards, with a measured tongue as his words flow in a calm, monotonous tone. As you observe the elf you may notice that he wears a golden laced robe with foreign looking symbols on it and a battle-worn cuirass beneath. The cuirass appears to be adorned with few rusted looking chains and several ancient looking trinkets that dangle from them. If your eyes were to wander to his hands you would notice that his fingers appear to be decorated with elegant, sparkling jewelled rings. "They aren't for sale" he jests, with all the energy of someone who has something better to do. Should you fail to grasp his attention, the elf would most likely wander past you in the direction of Runewick, muttering something about the 'apathetic'.


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y name is Avaroth Teladon. And, if you didn't already know, my profession is that of a demon hunter.

You may scoff at the title but be under no illusion: I take these matters very seriously. Under the teaching of the renowned Dobrejk Kasorev, I have journeyed our world with the sole purpose of finding and destroying the most vile of creatures – demons.

Which brings me to why I find myself here...

~~ The following is taken from a transcript of Avaroth Teladon's lecture, To Hunt a Demon (lecture 1) ~~

To begin with, let us first ask ourselves the most basic of questions: what is a demon? I speak now not about the actions or motivations of a demon. But of what these creatures are and how is it that they came into being?

Many would have you believe that they are merely creations of the Bonelord; servants designed to carry out his blood-lust. With priests of the Unspoken One promising the devoted fallen that they too may hope to transform and harness immense demonic powers.

Indeed, here on our natural planes, the Fallen believe that, should they inspire enough pain in their wake, this shall be their destiny.

Some disagree and claim that it was the dark energy that oozed from Madrook Na'han, Prince of Terror, upon his defeat that tainted our mortal planes and spawned the creation of demons during the Age of Struggle.

Of course, one who has studied history in text books may surmise that these two explanations lead to the same conclusion.

Others, however, believe that demons are woven within a chaotic loom of the five elements. Bred by the hatred, fear and selfish nature of mortal beings on the high end of the sentience scale; manifesting into our existence by the sparks from the raging flames of Brágon in a projection of his unmeasurable wrath.

Experts in this field have spent several years discussing and hypothesizing this very topic. A deeply pious man may proclaim to have all the answers, yet if we are to observe our existence logically we can only know that it is impossible to answer this question.

At least, not with all the facts on our side. Yet, anything else would be disingenuous. It is better to observe our world through the lens of logic than to be lured down blind paths of inconsistent emotion. That's not my opinion but elementary reasoning.

Whatever the truth, everything that you see around you, all the fibers of our world, were created by the Elder Gods. Not only the innocent, just and noble. But the ferocious, heinous and dangerous, too. These are the origins of our creation, balanced as they are.

So as we ask ourselves the question: what is a demon? We can only know this... These creations of pain and suffering exist specifically to not only harm or divide us but to annihilate us entirely. Be that by physical destruction or the hollowing of our very souls.

In the grand food-chain, they are the predator and we are the prey. And, if we do not unite against them, they shall prevail every time.

Like any creature, demons come in many shapes and sizes. To keep things simple and, for the purpose of this lecture, we shall refer to them in layman's terms of lesser and greater demons.

If it wasn't obvious by the name, lesser demons are of the weaker variety but, of course, still have at their disposal more power than dozens of the most worthy warriors in arms.

They are incredibly well organized, subservient creatures and, like mortal armies, often travel in numbers.

Usually, at least in my experience, lesser demon armies reveal themselves in varying numbers depending on the timing and the levels of turmoil in the area under attack. Thus, they leave a fertile ground for greater demons.

You may for example see an increased presence in these creatures, as we have seen, during Mas in such scenarios. Being it so that Illarion is being attacked by a greater demon, increased numbers have indeed been recorded.

Greater demons themselves are ambitious creatures. They don't tend to care much for poisoning only part of a land. They seek absolute dominance.

To believe that such a thing only affects 'those kinds of people' and that 'something like that will never happen to us' is a fallacy. Such fallacies inspire apathy which in turn creates an environment where demons can poison the very fabric of a society, and beyond.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon as cities and their governments tend to often only look after their own. This isolationism and competitiveness leads to the inevitable downfall of our civilization.

This lack of cohesion aids in creating a longer period of time in which a greater demon can feed off a land or community ultimately being allowed to become ever more powerful.

Once the apathy of mortals settles in, fatigue and lethargy soon follow. It is a common trend found on a land plagued by a greater demon. This is by no means an accident. For a demon also leeches the mana from a land and manipulates it for its own means.

And, in case you were unaware: mana, in varying quantities, is in all of us. And in which part of the peninsula would it be more plentiful than the great city of Runewick? Our arcane magic is a rich fount for the demon to draw from in order to transform it into demonic magic.

Not only ambitious, greater demons are also so intelligent in that they can foster sophisticated illusions and hide in plain sight. Preacerdhal is one of such demons. A multifaceted one. Manifesting itself in many forms, making itself harder to destroy.

In this instance, the multifaceted manifestations are a play on the name. Many other cases have been recorded whereby a demon uses derivatives of its name. They also often hide behind anagrams, concealing the hidden and mystical meaning in names.

The former should be common knowledge, by now with two of such derivatives having had a heightened presence recently. Manifestations broken into two. An elf and a dragon both sharing the same name. Erdhal.

Whilst more may remain, we shall concentrate on these two for the purpose of this lecture. And, for this purpose of this lecture, we shall assume that these creatures are indeed not mere mortals because the evidence suggests otherwise.

To understand these manifestations of a greater demon, one could think of it like a jigsaw. With all the pieces representing one bigger picture.

For clarity, this is a technique used to expand the grasp of power. This is significant in that it may well be holding on to its last stand of power through these two derivatives.

The literature on this demon, 'Letma's Secret' by Viktor Borislavov Rusev, is a good source of information. But, before we continue...

I would like to mention that myself and Mr Rusev may have a difference of opinion when taking things at face value. Especially from text transcriptions of ancient languages forged by demons.

However, the literature states quite clearly that it needs mortals to be relevant at all. With this, I agree. And, unless you are a blood-thirsty psychopath who will serve it freely, it needs to play on your empathy and desires. The more mortals that bend the knee, the better.

They target and rely on the incompetence of the weak-minded, the uneducated and the power-hungry. And, it requires those who oppose it to be attacked by the drained apathetic, who either denies or accepts its existence entirely and subserviently.

To merely abduct mortals as servants is too easy. Remember, we are dealing with a highly intelligent creature that weaves webs of illusion and deception.

In their search for mortal servant pets, demons like to make themselves likable. Beautiful, funny, charitable, mischievous... Something that its chosen prey is drawn to.

In one way or another, our entire existence is born of symbols and servitude. Our history is laid out in the text books, our guilds and cities formed under artistic banners and our fear sown by the sight of the sharp pointed end of a sword.

Eyes are often the key to the soul. As a case study, we shall look at exhibit A - the dragon banners in Runewick. This is the sign of the Bearers of Fire. If you are unaware of such banners, I implore you to seek them out.

It should be no coincidence to any of you that a dragon sharing the name Erdhal should appear, claiming refuge to sink its tendrils into this city. A place where those who sat on the Council hold a respect and sympathy for such creatures.

Ask yourself. Why wouldn't this greater demon manifest itself in the image of something they already worship? After all, demons carefully plot who they will lure into their web. I would direct your memories to Exhibit B...

The dragon egg positioned near the altar of Brágon, on the island of fire.

Through interviews and scouring the city archives, it came to my attention that the dragon claimed to be a victim. Something to be saved. Having shared the same name as its master, the elf, it claimed asylum and befriended the bearers and became close to one of their members. Tarias.

They formed a kinship. A brotherhood. Merely another illusion to lengthen the reach of the greater demon's domain? Perhaps. The elven Erdhal itself perhaps having claimed another somewhere else.

And, with the isolationism and competitiveness of mortals in mind, perhaps even aiming to turn them against each other. The victim dragon and its unsavory elven master counterpart, both gaining favor in opposite directions...

Whilst working toward the same goal. Classic divide and conquer.

During my time in Gynk, I knew of one other case where a human man who had lately lost his father was befriended by an elderly man who began to act like a... fatherly figure.

This loneliness born from a recent loss was the demon's way in. Demons prey on people in their moment of weakness, picking them apart until they find a way in.

If anyone has it in themselves to have the audacity to believe that his mind cannot be manipulated by a greater demon... Well. They are mistaken. Even, I believe, the former Council leaders of this place.

Just as the wolf may spy his prey behind the tall grass, the demon may disguise itself with deception. I hope you will bear with me as I elaborate.

Keeping this in mind, my research leads me to believe that the greater demon speaks and views us through the natural plane via our weaving elements. Fire... Wind. Observing us through subterfuge.

And, as was my suspicion, it may very well have spoken to the Bearers of Fire through their flames masquerading as Brágon.

Unfortunately or not, the Bearers of Fire left this place before I could confirm this suspicion. The extent of damage done is for one to guess or perceive for themselves.

Yet, even now that the one called Riniao is out of the grasp of the Bearers, who I believe were compromised, it is obvious he is of weak mind and entirely likely still a plaything for the greater demon. Hence the recent attacks we have been facing.

All still conjecture, of course. Such an accusation would need to be backed up by the necessary interrogations, which I would advise to be set up promptly.

Bluntly, Runewick itself is in the most advanced stages of being overthrown. As the greater demon has been allowed to speak in the fire and drain this land by way of demonic architecture for much too long.

Most commonly, such architecture reveals itself through columns and cubes that draw on our natural mana. I speak, of course, of columns akin to those that stood outside this city. Of which now only one remains. Left to forge a link between our arcane magic and demonic magic. Transforming and manipulating the former into the latter.

That only one remains is good, as it reduces the drain. Yet, the final column must fall to weaken the demonic bond to this place. The weaker the bond, the less dominion the greater demon has. The better chance our pursuit to ultimately destroy the greater demon will be.

The architecture itself is not impossible to destroy, but you can expect a backlash. Warriors shall be needed to fight the demonic hordes that will inevitably protect it.

On that note, I will leave you with another question... A bit of homework, if you will.

Ask yourself: Can you be absolutely certain that the greater demon hasn't ever sought to bond with and leech from you? Look beyond the smoke and mirrors and may you find a reasonable answer.

In order to hunt this demon, first we must weaken it. Only then can we move to the next stages of preparations. But we must do so with widened eyes and an open mind.