Night in Galmair (Open RP)

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Post by Caswir » Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:28 am

Night in Galmair (Open RP)

Caswir stalks the streets of Galmair at night.

"No I can't do it!" He says as he grabs his chest in pain. His heart is tearing inside his chest.

"I have to....."

"I have to drink!, the blood is the life. If I don't, I will perish!" He says as he takes a deep breath of the chill night. Knowing very well, if doesn't feed, he will grow weak, and could lay to waste. He stops dead silent, and senses someone. Caswir casts himself into the shadow, like the night he is one. He see's a young girl pass by, and cringes.

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Post by Caswir » Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:31 pm

Re: Night in Galmair

A crow caws in the night, and Caswir snaps out of a lustful gaze. The woman walks off, and he goes on his way through the street.

"Im frakkgin thirsty. I need a drink, I hope the bars open."

He walks on down to the bar to have some drinks.

When he gets there the place is empty. So he sits with his lute, while drinking the finest schnnapps, and time and time again taking puffs from his briar pipe. The sibanic hits him nicely with the booze. This goes on for a bit! Till Caswir decides to Play his instrument. He is a bard after all.

"Ill drink the night away
Until its almost day!
Pour me some liquer now!
Ill shout so loud Ill wake the whole town...."

(the song goes on...)

Caswir stops singing and starts to play fast, as lightening, dark rythmatic sounds echo from his lute...

Outside a crow rest above the entrance to the bar.

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Post by Kyre » Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:45 am

Re: Night in Galmair (Open RP)

Taking a lone walk for the first time since her return, and enjoying just a couple of hours baby and child free, the witch suddenly stops to turn back in the direction of a sound heard from the tavern with just a brief glance at the crow. Leaning over the rail, liking the sound of the tune, she immediately is engulfed with a plume of smoke aimed directly toward her beginning a brief coughing fit. Finally, listening further back and away from the fumes, never seeing the bard, Kyre grins tapping her foot appreciatively to the rhythm before reluctantly leaving as the time to go approaches. There is a brief clatter as coins are thrown over the balustrade along with one apple perfectly shaped and shiny.

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Post by Caswir » Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:42 am

Re: Night in Galmair (Open RP)

Caswir sleeps next to a fire. His lute lay near by.

In his dream he has visions. He see's throughout the forest with his minds eye. And spots someone coming his way.

He awakens and adjusts his back. Lifting his eyelids slightly. He watches as a stranger pasts. Then relaxes back and stares into the fire.

"Ever since the god damn chancellors condemned me. Ive seem to become a target for hecklers."

A cloud of bats swoop by, and startles Caswir. Caswir sighs, then turns back to the fire. He pulls out a bottle filled with wine and takes a drink. Seconds later he is coughing and grabs his chest. He gasps and takes a deep breath.

"The hunger is getting worse." he thinks. "Ill have to feed soon. .. Maybe get some friends in on it again. We will feast like kings!"

"Pft these newcomers are clueless." He laughs to himself then grabs his lute.

Caswir plays a hypnotic melody in the dark.

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Post by Kriale » Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:52 pm

Re: Night in Galmair (Open RP)

An elfess with green hair and green eyes hears the music and sits by the fire. She is of average height and has this sensual aura about her.

"Hmmmm. That is a lovely sound you play sir."

She sits there and listens. She pulls out a bottle of red wine. And starts to drink. She relaxs cause of the sound and wine.

"Oh where are my manners. I am Kriale Wildfang. I am new here and heard your lovely music and had to see who could produce such a sound."

Kriale relaxes even a bit more. Putting her hair in a ponytail.

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Post by Caswir » Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:28 am

Re: Night in Galmair (Open RP)

"I am Caswir, the bard." He welcomes her with a smile, and continues to play without missing a note.

When the song is finished, he sets the lute down, and then takes a drink of his wine.

Caswir pokes the fire with a stick, his eyes glow with the reflection of the fire, he turns and gazes at her.

"I can tell your a friend Wildfang." he winks at her. "So tell me about yerself?"

He bites onto his briar pipe, and lights the flame.

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Post by Caswir » Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:22 am

Re: Night in Galmair (Open RP)

Meanwhile (ig) Caswir has fed yet again. It was the elfess Kriale from the other night by the fire. He drank her blood.

Now stronger than ever.

Caswir Drakull's bloodlust has been satisfied.

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Post by Caswir » Sun Oct 18, 2015 11:39 pm

Re: Night in Galmair (Open RP)

It is the cold night, the winds blow throughout the trees, and Caswir rest by the fire.

"I have to feed again. I have to I need to be strong, for the sacrifice."

His bloodlust grows, and his eyes glow. Red like the crimson fire.
He lights his pipe, it is a briar, the bowl carved into the shape of a skull. He puffs a few clouds of smoke. Then spoke outloud
"Curses!!! !! I should have been there for the war. With my new strength, I could have fought with pride! and glory! Damn them!... Galmair will riegn!" He kicks the dirt. "Soon I will have my day in the sun! After the sacrifice I will have it all!!"

"They all know.." his voice gets louder "I am the true King!.. The wizard of death!"

"and I will feast on the their blood until they realize this. Pft!"

His eyes rests then, hand grasp on a drow blade.

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Post by Caswir » Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:30 am

Re: Night in Galmair (Open RP)

A cloud of Bats fly over Galmair this evening. One sways from the group and perches itself to a tree next a campfire not far from town. Caswir Drakull lay rest there. He suddenly awakens.

"Arr finally a good nights sleep." He yawns then streches his arms out, then he proceeded to scratch himself. The bat screeches and flys above. Caswir grins. His lute lay down beside him, and there was an empty bottle of wine. He grabs the wine and checks if theres any left. "Nope" He throws it, and with a great might it crashes out in the night. He picks up his lute and begins to play a tune and sing.

"The night is young, but I am old.
There is a story to be fortold.
A bout a girl, a maiden so fair
Good looks and golden hair

*Heavy picking begins, surprising fast and rythmatic*
*then begins to scream the last verse*

She once was mine
but now ams lost
Now im here and my hope is gone

He begins to cut into some lead licks, breaks it down then back to the rythem.

He then stops suddenly. Searches through his bag, and then his pockets, and pulls out a half smoked pipe. "Ahh yes the night is young, the night is young..."

After that he heads to town, looking for some kind of excitement.

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