The Town of Troll's Bane

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Post by abcfantasy » Wed May 14, 2008 5:24 pm

The Town of Troll's Bane

(( Please avoid needless posts/spam or posts which can be solved through PM/doves, such as questions/reports ))

The Town of Troll's Bane

  • Next Elections
    To be announced.

    Warnings (These can peacefully walk in Troll's Bane, but another crime will cause them to be definite outlaws, with the punishment larger than it would be)
    - Deuce Frederic Gretchen
    - "Wolf"

    - Dain Laiden
    - Julius Rothman

  • Governor: Sir Jorokar Sladrir
    High Judge: Lord Leonarde Brousseborgne
    Advisor: Counselor Silas Farron
    Guard Captain: Captain Ascius Dilcanius Vincus


Citizens: Citizens have the highest legal protection, have the rights to vote, have the right to apply to certain positions such as the Guard, allowed to build in the grounds of Troll's Bane without paying taxes, may appeal to the highest level. Multiple-citizenship will be addressed individually.
  • A
    • Achae Eanstray | Acuzio | Adovia Reluren | Alli Zelos | Altrix | Amadi Yusuf Randal | Anidaen | Anthony Xavier | Artimer Fault | Ascius Dilcanius Vincus | Ashayen Cromwell | Ayla To'lorn | Aernor Ingloril | Amaria Eytheran
    • Banduk Robberhauf
    • Callith | Carim Black | Colin Smalls | Christopher Rigden | Caitir Gilleasbachan
    • Dannon | Dantagon Marescot | Deraugh Sorntales | Drathe | Drethek | Dzatz Darksmell | Darius Kain
    • Edward Cromwell | Eric Silverblade | Eli Travinius | Elisabeth Marescot | Elsi Lednem | Ethan Galan | Evan Ross | Earas Suvin
    • Feraiden | Fianna Heneghan | Fooser
    • Gildon de Vymont | Gilthorn | Gordon Walker
    • Hooshmand al'Hooshyar | Heather Amiril | Hendrik Suvin | Hans Georg Hammerwerfer
    • Indril Linwelin | Ingrimmisch
    • Jens Felldrus | Jerimedes | Jonathan Cain | Jorokar Sladrir | Johann Brown | Joxia Doral | Julia da Silva | Jyllian | Jonathan Smith
    • Kaila Galathil | Kenneth Ladrus | Keunthus | Konrad Knox
    • Letia | Leonarde Brousseborgne | Lambert LeRoy | Liam Heneghan
    • Merrilyn Ferry | Moathia | Molinai Taido | Mairae Auvria
    • Na-Chaya | Nimra Therkel
    • Olive
    • Perrillynn Appalachia Primrose Asmurf | Persus Wyatt | Philip Farefield
    • Quay Calimon
    • Rajav | Ravaelo | Rhyel Sarmir Ryrin Lester | Roland Ross | Rolfe Yeomen | Rorak | Rinal Kilhig
    • Shane Lovett | Silas Farron | Slazf Kruvkva | Ssafar Zakarrr | Starling | Suriam Masens | Sssari Trisska | Shessidyr
    • Taliss Kazzxs | Taron | Thane Godfrey | Thomas Rothman | Timothy | Tanaloth | Toran Guld
    • Ufretin | Ubbdiwak Waggek
    • Zaue Xavier
  • Lord William Elderberry
    Roland Ross
    Lennier (Lifetime)
Non-citizens: Still protected by law, but cannot appeal to higher court for review. Must pay taxes for any contructions in the grounds of Troll's Bane.



Troll's Bane Town Guard
  • - Guards
    - Allies
    - Mercenaries
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Post by abcfantasy » Wed May 14, 2008 5:24 pm


Shall be written soon.



+ 999 silvers, 19 coppers } Starting
+ 375 silvers } Taxes

- 100 silvers } Streets & Bridge construction
- 80 silvers } Guard Payment

+ 274 silvers, 82 coppers } Taxes
+ 16 silvers } Fines
1485 silvers, 1 coppers
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Post by abcfantasy » Wed May 14, 2008 5:25 pm


Mutual Peace Treaty
The Town of Troll's Bane and Goldburg enter into a treaty between one another, and have accepted the following points:

-A guarantee of peace between both settlements.

-Acceptance and full recognition of the Troll's Bane Arena aka "Glassworks Theater" as the embassy of Goldburg, and therefore sovereign property of Goldburg. This status is guaranteed as long as Goldburg exists.

-Criminals, which are wanted by both towns, and caught by one, will be transferred to the other town upon completion of punishment in the town they were caught in.

-Troll's Bane shall offer protection to Goldburg citizens while in Troll's Bane territory, and Goldburg shall do likewise.

-Troll's Bane and Goldburg agree to aid the other in times of need. Need can include attack, defense, drought, natural disaster or otherwise. This aid can be in any form deemed necessary, but some aid must be given.

-Due to potential service to Troll's Bane, any Goldburg citizens who requests, shall be granted Dual-Citizenship. Goldburg already recognizes 'Associate' (Dual)citizenship for 'service' to Goldburg by non-dwarves.

-Both Settlement's shall have the rights to free trade in the other settlement and shall be waived of any current or future trade taxes.

Faber Ironhammer, Ambassador of Goldburg
Sir Jorokar Sladrir, Governor of Troll's Bane.
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Post by abcfantasy » Wed May 14, 2008 5:25 pm


Principle 1: Nobody can expect to be innocent until proven guilty. Everyone can be expected guilty unless proven innocent.

Principle 2: When one is accused by authority (Guards and higher positions), they may not refuse to cooperate and/or disobey the authority, even if innocent. If the accused one is found innocent later, they are compensated. Should they refuse or disobey authority and later proven innocent, they are not compensated and may be also charged for disobedience.

To punish criminals according to their status and graveness of the crime, the town employs several different kinds of punishments. These include but are not limited to: Humiliation (Pillory), Forced Labor, Fines, Confiscation of property, Imprisonment, declaring someone as outlaw or Execution (By hanging or decapitating).

Citizens should be, in some cases, be allowed to walk free after paying. Resident perpetrators should also be offered the way to pay their way out and then apply some banishment, instead of locking them up. Outsiders should be locked up when possible and fined. If they will not pay, lock them up for a longer time.

I. Light Offences

  • Fines - 1-10 silvers, or up to the worth of the stolen item if it cannot be returned.
    Banishment for: 1-5 days
    Jail for: 1-3 days

A. Thievery
Everyone who takes property of someone else while acting against the owners wish or without the owner’s knowledge commits crime in terms of the Law. If the stolen products or materials have become a part of larger entity, have been used for the manufacutre/repair of a thing or cannot be reliably or without risking damage to the victim be separated from the posessions of the thief, then the victim may be entitled to be given complete posession of that for which the stolen materials were used for. It should be noted, that only the property of Citizens and Residents will be protected against thievery.

B. Break in/Trespassing (Private building)
Whoever breaks into a house of an individual against the will or knowledge of the owner, or refuses to leave when asked to commits a crime against the law.

C. Disturbance
Everyone who disturbs the calmness and peace in Troll’s Bane by any excessively repeated verbal or physical actions and continues to do so even after official warning, commits crime in terms of the Law. Guards should note that Citizens should not be implicated for this, barring an extremely strong disturbance to others. Sparring within the walls of Troll's Bane without valid reasons (valid reasons being fighting a criminal. A friendly spar is no valid reason) is considered as Disturbance.

D. Assault
Assault is a crime which involves attacking someone with one’s fists or wounding him to the limbs in non-lethal way (and without cutting off the victim’s limbs). Guards should note that only residents and citizens are protected against an assault.

E. Defamation
Everyone who purposely designs and spreads wrong claims to harm someone else or to have own benefit from doing so commits crime in terms of the law. The crime is especially grave if it involves unfoundedly accusing someone in the government or guard baselessly for committing a crime (Then treat as Category III.III crime). Only citizens, guards and others in position of authority are protected against this type of crime.

F. Conspiracy to commit a Crime
Conspiring to commit a crime is now a crime in itself under the law. Should a person be caught in the act of planning, attempting or inciting others to break the laws and regulations alone or in a group, he is subject to the exactly same punishment as he would get for doing the crime. (Treat as category I-III crime depending on the crimes)

II. Medium Offences

  • Fines - 10-25+ silvers, or up to the worth of the stolen item if it cannot be returned.
    Banishment for: 10+ days
    Jail for: 7+ days

In the serious cases if the perpetrator flees, the captain of the guard may declare someone as an Outlaw.

A. Claiming false status to Authorities
Claiming to be a Resident/Citizen when you in fact are not is now a crime under the law. When this false claim is done by person who is accused of a crime, he/she can get double the maximum punishment under the law for the crime.

B. Giving false information to Authorities
Lying to the authorities is a crime under the law. When the authorities ask you a question, you should answer truthfully. The punishment varies depending on the magnitude of deception.

C. Obstruction of Justice
Anyone perverting or distorting the course of justice, interfering with law-enforcement or preventing the law enforcement from fulfilling their tasks commits a crime under the law.

D. Resisting Arrest
Resisting arrest through physical or verbal means is a crime under the law. Trying to prevent the arrest of someone, or sheltering him/her else by the same means is an equal crime under the law.

E. Disobedience
Everyone who refuses to follow official orders of the Town Guard or the Government, especially refuses imprisonments, bans or other official punishments commits crime in terms of the Law. Refusing to lower your hood or remove your helmet by the order of authority is also considered as disobedience, unless a very valid reason is specified (being ugly is no valid reason, we will still love you).

F. Robbery
In cases of thievery where the victim is threatened to be harmed by violence the crime has to be considered as Robbery in terms of the Law. When violence is used the crime has to considered as assault or attempted murder and robbery. It should be noted, that only citizens and residents will be protected against Robbery.

G. Threat and duress
Threatening a citizen or a resident with violence, or trying to force them into doing something against his will is crime against the law. Guards or other representatives of authority can never be charged for this without the approval of the High Judge. Residents are protected against threats or duress only within the walls of Trollsbane.

H. Kidnapping
Capturing or holding someone against his will is a crime against the laws. This does not apply to criminals and a guard or other representative of government is never committing a kidnapping. It should be noted, that only Citizens and Residents will be protected against kidnapping. (Kidnapping of a citizen should be treated as III.III crime)

I. Attempted Murder
Attempted murder is a crime where it can be seen that the perpetrator attempted to murder the individual, or that the victim was sufficiently severely wounded to justify that. Guards should note that Outsiders are protected against attempted murder within the walls of the city. (Attempted murder of a Citizen or a Resident should be treated as category III crime)

III. Serious Crimes

  • Fines 25-50+ Silvers
    Banishment for: Good
    Jail for: 20+ days

If the perpetrator flees, he should be declared as an outlaw.

A. Spying
Spying for the benefit of other town or organization is a crime under the law. The magnitude of punishment depends on the graveness of the leaks, to which organization/town the spying has been conducted for and the duration of the spying. Always treat the case as category III.III crime until proven otherwise.

B. Murder
When a person is irreversibly killed by someone else, and it cannot be determined that this was in self-defence, it is seen as Murder in front of the law. ((OOC: Only Perma-deaths can be murder))
Anyone accused of Murder who doesn’t turn him/herself in immediately becomes an outlaw.

C. Arson and Damaging of property
Anyone who through fire or any other means, intentionally or unintentionally, damages the property of the town, an individual or a group commits a crime under the law. To encourage caution with fire, even unintentional cases of property damaging will be punished with fines. The minimum fine is 25 silvers but there is no upper limit.

D. Treason
An individual, who alone or in a group, commits any or all of the following acts may be found guilty of treason: Inciting a rebellion. Belonging to, associating with, assisting or supporting a group which plans to overthrow the government of Trollsbane or assassinating a person belonging to or working for the government (or planning to do those individually). Anyone convicted of spying may also be punished for treason, and vice versa.

Revocation of citizenship, branding as outlaw, confiscation of property, extreme fines, a long period of hard labour or death by hanging may be given as punishments for treason, depending on the seriousness of the person’s guilt. All punishments for treason are handed personally by the Governor, or by the captain of the guard, should the governor be absent.



When a citizen is accused and punished for a crime other than a light one, he/she has the right to make an appeal to the High Judge of Trollsbane. If the crime the citizen is accused of is severe enough, the case can be appealed to the Governor even after the decision of the High Judge. This is reserved for the most serious crimes only. Should the appeal be seen as valid, the Citizen may be entitled to monetary compensation and an apology. If a monetary compensation is seen as necessary, the exact amount is determined by the Governor.

Residents only have the right to appeal to the High Judge, and cannot further appeal to the Governor.

Punishments given for light offences cannot be appealed under any circumstances.

The Governor reserves the right to overturn any judgement, punishment or release with his veto.

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Post by abcfantasy » Sat May 17, 2008 10:57 am

  • May it be noted that two slight changes were made to the laws of Troll's Bane, at the moment highlighted in red.
  • Darius Kain and Deraugh Sorntales have become citizens of Troll's Bane.
  • Silas Farron has been proclaimed as advisor.
~ Sir Jorokar Sladrir

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Post by Julius » Wed May 28, 2008 1:47 am

Greetings Citizens of Trolls Bane,

It has come to my attention that the Former Knight of Kallahorn, Dain Laiden is dangerous to the citizens of Trolls Bane while around myself. He threatened me in town and caused quite a ruckus over some ordeal that I have yet to figure out about. He then forced me to go to the east gate and fight him, which I obliged and won. Everyone should have open eyes and ears about possible attacks.

Thank you,
Julius Rothman
Abbot of the Eldan Monastery
Knight of Kallahorn

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Post by abcfantasy » Thu May 29, 2008 6:12 pm

  • Lord Edward Cromwell has been proclaimed as High Judge of Troll's Bane.
  • Captain Ascius Dilcanius Vincus has been declared as the Captain of Troll's Bane Town Guard.
~ Sir Jorokar

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Post by Borine » Thu May 29, 2008 6:31 pm

What is the status on the TownGuard?


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Post by Ascius » Thu May 29, 2008 6:37 pm

Dear Borine,

A full declaration will follow in about a hour.
Thank you for your patience.


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Post by Amadi Yusuf Randal » Fri May 30, 2008 11:38 am

So you make someone Captain of the guard who isnt even citizen of Trolls Bane? Allways see him in Varshikar. Never in Trolls Bane.
Strange move, gov.

Some Names are written below:
Achae Eanstray | Acuzio | Adovia Reluren | Alli Zelos | Altrix | Amadi Yusuf Randal | Anidaen | Anthony Xavier | Artimer Fault | Ashayen Cromwell | Ayla To'lorn


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Post by abcfantasy » Fri May 30, 2008 1:11 pm

Strange move? What is the problem? Do you fear lack of dedication from him? Lack of skill? Lack of will? Time will prove. I will take action in case the Town Guard is not progressing towards the desired aims.

It is true he is no official citizen, at least yet, but I have thought about it and did not hinder my decision. Again, I am keeping an eye.

~ Sir Jorokar

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Post by Ascius » Fri May 30, 2008 1:48 pm

Dear several writers,

I understand you might be a little confused. It is true that I have been absent for quite a while, and only recently returned.

Nevertheless, what you accuse me of is not true in any form.
Firstly, I was a citizen of Troll's Bane once. I even owed an estate in the town for a short while. The many changes of government must have erased me from the list.
Secondly, no one can 'always' have seen me in Varshikar, because I have not been there in month. I only went there once a few weeks ago, to seach for the lost Altrix, just to find that he had found a way home by himself. Reading that Altrix also accuses me now hurts.

So please, don't jump to conclusions. I am sure if we would all meet everything would turn out well.

something was added to the text

It appears that the writer has just copied the list of citizens starting with an 'A', so I guess the whole thing is supposed to be something like a joke. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Yours sincerely,

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Post by AlexRose » Fri May 30, 2008 2:11 pm

He's copied it down to show you're not there in the citizen list. Also, Ascius, good luck and I wish you the best in your endeavours as the head of the guard.


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Post by Ascius » Fri May 30, 2008 2:31 pm

Ah, I thought it was something like a signature list. Very well, my mistake. I couldn't believe it, anyway.

However, I would like to meet the person who thinks I am not the right one for this position. I am sure we can make things clear.


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Post by abcfantasy » Sat May 31, 2008 12:10 pm

  • Ascius Dilcanius Vincus has been re-added as a citizen.
  • Timothy has also been added as a citizen.
~ Sir Jorokar

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Post by The Watchers » Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:06 pm

We The Watchers understand that our representative Ricardo de Leon is currently being held against his will in your prison, for every day he is held an attack will befall a citizen of your town, if he is not swiftly released we will burn your pathetic town to the ground.
This is not a threat but a promise

The Watchers

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Post by Vern Kron » Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:12 pm

Assassins are not welcome here.

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Post by nmaguire » Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:32 pm

Dear "Watchers",

I would like to meet all of your members in person, and I will strike you all down. THIS, is a promise.

~Dominic Fisher

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Post by Deuce » Wed Jun 04, 2008 7:00 pm

A signature has been added below to that of Dominic Fishers.

Aye, wat he said lad
~Frederic Deuce Gretchen

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Post by The Watchers » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:06 pm

An example of our dedication has been shown, more attacks will follow if Ricardo is not released.

The Watchers

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Post by rakust dorenstkzul » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:23 pm

An example of your uselessness has been shown.

There is a small drawing of a hound here

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Post by Deinarious » Wed Jun 04, 2008 10:24 pm

A torn parchment is what remains here.
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Post by The Watchers » Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:00 am

I humbly request a meeting with the governor of this town so that this problem with my son Ricardo and the watchers is resolved, the watchers are at this moment returning to the mainland and are barred from operating on this island ever again, my son has brought disgrace to the family name and I can only apologise for his actions, I will explain more at my meeting.

Yours humbly
Lord Francis de Leon

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Post by Konrad Knox » Thu Jun 05, 2008 7:18 am

I humbly request Kaelyn Ianale's belongings and money returned by your associate, Francis.

Konrad Knox.

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Post by abcfantasy » Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:24 pm

Recent Events


Ownership & Construction
  • Private Affairs:
    • The construction of the trader's kontor under the ownership of Banduk Robberhauf was confirmed and allowed to proceed. The building will be located in the following place:
    • The construction of a personal home under the ownership of Jens Felldrus has also been confirmed and allowed to proceed. The building will be located in the following marked spot:

      Note: If anyone's construction was previously confirmed by former governor Fooser and the construction still hasn't started yet should find me to re-confirm the plans.
    Public Affairs:
    • The library of Troll's Bane may undergo a significant change. It was observed that at its current location, being the centre of the town, it is highly prone to damages and violations, seeing how it has undergone through many attempts of arson. For this reason, following the suggestion and accepting the help of the Order of the Grey Light, the current library building will be changed into an official town hall that may in the future also contain a training arena on the roof. Detailed plans were already seen and reviewed. Following this, another library building will be erected in another area in Troll's Bane.
    • Due to the above reason, the future uses of the Seahorse building shall be discussed.
    • With the help of Konrad Knox and others, new streets as well as a bridge will be constructed in the east of Troll's Bane, outside the walls and near Glassworks Theatre. The bridge will be a crossing over the river Troll's Vein.

Crime Report
  • Dain Laiden and Julius Rothman have assaulted myself, the Guard Captain as well as a number of other guards. For this appalling action, both are declared as outlaws and are to be jailed on sight. Due to the fact that Julius Rothman is the leader of the Knighthood of Kallahorn, or so it seems, I declare that there will be no possible relations or contracts done with the said Knighthood. In case there is a change of leaders, or Julius Rothman hands himself to the authority, the matters shall be discussed.
  • As to the so called "The Watchers", one of their members has been slaughtered, while another put into jail. Page Gorim von Bragona and Page Gregory Hardcast of the Knighthood of Gobaith have helped much in this. The "dealer" of the Watchers, Ricardo De Leon has also been put into jail, and the penalties are still yet to be decided. So far it appears that there haven't been anymore action from the mentioned group.

Leisure, Entertainment & Other
  • Following the proposal and help from Emily Xahep, a ball or a masquerade may be in plans and held in the future. However this still is yet to be discussed.
  • Upon receiving another letter very recently, another celebration may be in plans as well, but more on this will be announced at a later stage.
  • May the people be reminded of Goldburg's auction held soon in the coming days, at the Glassworks Theatre. Look at the appropriate parchments for more information.

The 2nd of Chos, Year 24

~ Sir Jorokar
Governor of Troll's Bane

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Post by Bidukan » Sun Jun 08, 2008 3:28 am

I hereby request a meeting either with the Governor or the Guard Captain. It's about a dwarf named Chester Copperpot, who assaulted me inside Troll's Bane some days ago.


Page of Kallahorn and former citizen of Troll's Bane.

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Post by Julius » Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:25 am

Dear Governor and Town Guard Captain,

It has come to my attention that Mark Strongarm has been causing some trouble in town towards me lately. Mark Strongarm attacked Wolf, my Squire in town which prompted me to come into the borders. Upon coming into town, I was very.. soft when I spoke to him on how and why he attacked Wolf. Instead he rudely insulted Starling by saying "Shut up,". By then, I had had enough of the man's actions and gave him to the count of ten to apologize.

Of course, he would not and fled to a nearby depot to get dressed and outfitted in his armor. He came back a few moments later fully adorned and ready for battle. I gave my swords to Starling so that I could speak to him peacefully.. instead when I walked up to him he drank a potion and threw a cocktail at me. Upon the smoke resting and the spasm of coughing ending, I was brutally attacked by his own hand. I nearly was knocked out by his actions.

The other day.. I met the former Knight once again. I offered peace and to my dismay he attacked me again along with Dain Laiden. We chased him to Greenbriar and came back to town. Perhaps this would call for a banishment?

Sir Julius Rothman
Knight of Kallahorn

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Post by Mark Strongarm » Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:16 am

I suppose I have to write here to defend this..
It was me who was attacked by wolf for reasons I do not know. He was looking injured I noticed him while I was smithing and he was by the river. I went to see if he was alright and his eyes were glowing red and he attacked me. Later on he came by, looking normal and I demanded to know what was going on with him since he is the father of my friends child and he has taken next to zero responsibility there-in. He was about to tell me when Starling told me to suck it up and mind my own business. At this point I did tell her to shut it out of frusteration, and Julius demanded I applogize. I refused and he chased me out of the tavern with his sword all the way across the bridge. I went into eliza's shop and armed myself. Seeing Julius by the library I walked around them and back to the smithy to begin work again. A few minutes later he came in after me. Seeing him do so I threw an explosive at him and defended myself. Upon seeing he had no weapons I stopped and he was fortunately not hurt too bad. He ran off.
The next day when I was sitting by the campfire reading he attacked me unarmed and unaware and chased me all the way to the harbour until I barely escaped with my life. To my surprize we ran into each other later in the cemetery training, and he said he wanted to put it all behind him - as did I, and that was all well and good until I told him I was thinking of joining the knighthood of Gobiath whereupon he told me to get out of his sight.
The next time he saw me he attacked me a third time without a word.
I may have not reacted in a perfect manor to all this but I have only defended myself against Julius, and have not tried to incite anything with him. He is the last person on Gobiath I want to associate with yet he will not adhere to this.

Mark Strongarm
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Post by Julius » Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:21 am

Might be noted that you attacked me twice in between all these events. The attack tonight was the only attack that was actually done and caused by me. Please retain that honor Sir Stronglegs and don't lie, don't run during battle, don't use cocktails, don't dishonor a woman, don't drink potions during a battle, and most importantly don't make jokes to provoke. Do this and you shall have my respect back.

Sir Julius Rothman
Knight of Kallahorn

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Post by Dantagon Marescot » Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:26 am

So the answer to this is, who is most likely to be lying?


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