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Post by Karrock » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:43 am

Re: Kommunikation/Communication

If you have to be high level, perfect attributes, lvl 9 gem set to be immersed in the world of Illarion, then you will not find it fun. Unless you enjoy PGing and Min/Maxing.
The thing is I know this, you know, all old players know this, but new players treat games mostly by mechanics they can offer. Those new players who log and play only with mechanics I ignore (unless they want something from me) but I spent much time with those new players who most were interested in roleplaying and even sometimes were great in this and I could spent long time. First and second group mostly log only few times and never return. The issue is somehow we can't even attract those who log for roleplay.

Old characters offer them short term works (bring wood logs, ores etc) or long term jobs (as servants, apprentices, squires, pages, students etc.) as ways to RP/earn coins/get skills. Only towns officials never offer jobs (unless for some coppers/silvers for several real months). I think in this whole matter problem might lies in mechanics, not in old characters activity.

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Post by Charlotte-ate-wilbur » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:02 pm

Re: Kommunikation/Communication

Okay seriously, who needs any kind of exp or apprentice bonus? On one char I have 3 maxed out skills while hardly even trying to be active.

Skills are not an issue that is restricting rp. Apprenticeship is a role I think should be done here, but the 'master' and 'apprentice' need to mutually respect each other's rp. It is ALLL rp, describing the actions and how they do it, as well as the master's ideals will rub off in the dialogue and the rp. Adding an engine element to apprenticeship will make it drad and boring and make it so you can have engine benefits for a role to be played.

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Post by Karrock » Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:22 pm

Re: Kommunikation/Communication

Actually idea of faster gain in the skilling up when someone with 100 in this skill teaches a char can be interesting. But this should be made in the way that people who still skill up would be not addicted of do they have a teacher or not, or does teacher is online or not. I don't mean super extra gain what causes that those who skill alone are excluded (like currently they are/skilling up alone in combat on monsters consumes a lot more time than skilling up with friend using wooden weapons).

Once one player told me perfect sentence. I think he was Djironnyma. This goes similar like this: 'Why do you want to lead but do not being leaded ?' I'm sure this sentence was better made than I write this now. I recommend all players who miss after own servants, slaves, squires, maids, apprentices first create such a char.

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