Questeinträge / quest entrys

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Post by Djironnyma » Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:43 pm

Questeinträge / quest entrys

English below
Wie schreibe ich einen guten Questeintrag?
Jeder Spieler hat die Möglichkeit Quest in den Questkalender einzutragen. Diese Möglichkeit besteht insbesondere für Events die euer Char organisiert, seihen es nun Trainingsstunden, Feste oder religiöse Messen, grundsätzlich kann alles eingetragen werden, zu dem andere Charaktere eingeladen sind. Dabei sollten jedoch einige Punkte beachtet werden.

Die Überschrift sollte mit der Fraktions- / Gebietsangabe (Runewick, Cadomyr, Galmair oder Neutral) in eckigen Klammern beginnen und den Namen des Events/ der Quest beinhalten.
[Runewick] Kunstunterricht
[Galmair] Schmiedewettbewerb
[Cadomyr] Großes Turnier

Die Beschreibung kann etwas ausführlicher sein es sollten jedoch immer hervorgehen:
  • Was stattfinden wird.
  • Wo es stattfinden wird.
  • Wer die Zielgruppe ist, wenn es nicht offen & interessant für alle ist.
  • Wenn nicht bilingual welches die Hauptsprache sein wird.
Bitte beachtet, dass die Beschreibung nur solche Informationen beinhalten sollte, die allgemein bekannt und jedem zugänglich sind. Wer ein Eintrag über ein geheimes Treffen macht, muss damit rechnen, dass er unerwartete Gäste bekommt.

Jedes Event / jede Quest muss grundsätzlich eine Zeitangabe haben. Die Option „Quest in Planung“ steht nur für Sonderfälle von langfristigen Questreihen mit wiederkehrenden Ereignissen oder für andere große Ankündigungen durch GMs zur Verfügung.

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How to write a proper quest entry:
It is possible for every player to enter a quest in the quest calendar. This option is mostly for events which are arranged by your character, no matter if it’s a training, a celebration or a religious mass. In General any event to which other chars are introduced can be enlisted.

The title should start with the faction- / Area (Runewick, Galmair, Cadomyr or Neutral) in squared brackets. Furthermore the name of the event / quest should be written in the title.
[Runewick] Art lesson
[Galmair] Smithy contest
[Cadomyr] Great tourney

The description can have more details, but should include:

What will happen?
Where will it happen?
Who is the target audience (if it is not open and interesting for everyone).
If not bilingual what will be the main language.

Please consider that the description should contain information which is public and can be generally known. If you make a entry to a secret meeting, you will be surprised by uninvited guests.

Every event / quest needs a time. The option "Quest is planned" is only open for special cases, e.g. for long time Quests with different events or for big Announcements by GMs.

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Post by Djironnyma » Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:38 pm

Re: Questeinträge / quest entrys

In letzter Zeit benutzen wieder mehr Spieler die Funktion Questeinträge zu schreiben. Das ist sehr gut! Btte beachtet heirbei aber oben beschriebene Hinweise.


Recently more players using the function to write quest entrys. That is very good! Anyway - please consider guidlines written above.

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Post by Achae Eanstray » Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:10 pm

Re: Questeinträge / quest entrys

(Updated 3/6/18)

Quest Planning

As well as participating in quests, all players are welcome to run their own quests. Many quests can be done by players without any GM assistance or approval. Some examples of these are:
Service to your favoured god
  • Hunts (treasure and mass killing)
  • Social celebrations - weddings etc
  • Town / guild meetings
  • Games such as playing dice
  • Arms training
  • Contests (fighters, crafters, bards)

Examples of things a GM can help with:
  • A broadcast in game to announce the start of a quest or some other action in game.
  • Customised items.
  • Set up of temporary installations for events.
  • Building projects and permanent map modifications.
  • Monster spawns, special effects, and NPC characters.

What a GM needs to know to be able to help:
  • A concise summary of your quest.
  • Any background or activity already underway in game.
  • What GM support you will need and when. (make sure your time can coincide with the GM's time)
  • What outcome you are expecting.

GMs: are Slightly or Silverwing

The quest planner: can be fairly self explanatory however it may help to have someone look at what you are planning. If your quest is open to all players it is helpful if there are both English and German entries.
  • Title would be something like: "Altar of the Five" (Short, eye catching and to the point)
  • Description example would be something like "Come join others in exploring the altar of the five, learn the significance of each one in relation to that god, boost your history knowledge, discuss what each god can contribute to your daily lives."
  • The time is per server. You can look on the launcher to compare your time to the times of other quests listed.

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