Response to the Runewick rag.

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Post by Ufedhin » Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:08 am

Response to the Runewick rag.

Written on old parchment in an erratic hand and tacked to the board with a large iron nail

Cowering in the tower of fire ,it would appear that the impotent order of fire must print reasons for their inability to deal with things more
dangerous than the cooking of pies .
And while the complement" that the Dark one himself takes notice of Galmairs meetings" it is really just a rather pathetic attempt to rationalise the happenings of Mas and blame Galmair ,thus hiding the orders inability to cope with any threat greater than a burnt finger from the oven.
Truely it is differcult to grasp the details of the night from a fireside armchair behind locked doors, the asking those who fought would have revealed the truth of the matter. We do believe one of the order fought so at least a token effort from the bearers .Gratitude for your deliverance from the Drow would have served your town better.
I would suggest infuture the "dragons call " sticks to writing about turnips and fruit cakes .

Written by the dark Cultists of Galmair.

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Post by Kyre » Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:17 pm

Re: Response to the Runewick rag.

Response to the lies of a Runewickian named Vitus:

In the dead of a moonless night, an elfess lays apples strategically around the forest and roads east and west of the teleporter near the town of Runewick, stopping occasionally to enjoy an apple herself though takes that one from a different bag. Lightly touching an occasional leaf with her ungloved hand, waving at the guard she passes, Kyre murmurs softly with a malicious glint to her dark eyes....

Silly people should know not to assume the witch would stoop to stealing blood when there are so many sources that offer it freely.

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Post by Ufedhin » Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:22 am

Re: Response to the Runewick rag.

Reply to the latest Dragon call,
Lately it has become clear who wears the pants in Runewick , it would seem that the Archmage has slipped from power and the bearers of fire, a bewildered and fear ridden cult rule in his place and pull his strings.
The wild accusations coming from this group are proof plenty of the fears of anything they dont understand and cant control ,they are always quick to burn and destroy and attempt to deny others of the truth .
Thankfully our illustrious and wise leaders are far too clever to fall for the advances of this foolish cult.
Galmair and its brave ,intelligent citizens have made great advances in many areas of knowledge and magic and alchemy,We have no interest in backward fearful cults and the lies of the ignorant.

From an enlightened one.

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