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Post by Acewing » Tue May 31, 2011 10:02 am


General -

Is there an un/official guide for the entire game?

Mini-Games -

The one where you try to hit the blue sphere as many times as possible with the fire-ball: is there another prize above beating Dyluck's score? I have gotten over 15 but he doesn't seem impressed and just gave me 2000 gold; is there a better reward for...say if you had gotten 20 hits in?

General in-game -

Is there an additional prize for beating the two statue's that come to life in that one under-ground dungeon (They resemble enemies from an SRW game)? I got a half-merit after beating them but I used I was wondering if I had instead beat them without using items...would I have gotten a full merit or something?

Similarly to the first question: when you face those two thieves in the lowest area of the pyramid and then face that other boss without a break: would you have gotten any rewards for not using items in either battle?

I also noticed that when you come back after the mission to destroy the Black Crystal that: Dyluck grade's your performance; so is there anything above "very good" and the half-merit reward, because I feel like there is but I don't have any concrete evidence to back it up and would like to know from the almighty creator if I'm right =D!

Current Situation -

I'm stuck in the room (within the dark shrine) where you have to memorize everything and then go into the next room that looks similar but has variations compared to room 1 and then you have to list how many differences there are...and it seems like no matter what number I put in: it gives me that error buzzer and sends me back to the room before room 1. Of course I'm not blindly guessing, but it seems like I'm still missing something? From my general findings: there seems to be a max of 5 differences and a minimal of 3 each time I retry, but I'm still missing a few things it seems, so may you help me and my poor eye-sight? =(?

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Post by Dyluck » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:28 am

Re: Questions

Hi there, thanks for playing and for the questions. Hope you're enjoying the game so far.

Unfortunately, I am the only official guide to the game =)

Nope, beating Dyluck's score and getting 2000 gold is the maximum prize there. Your only other reward is that the real Dyluck (me) is impressed. =)

Nope, there are no additional prizes for beating any of those bosses without items or a break. The only time not using items in battle are rewarded, as far as I remember, is the duel with Minsc in Ch3, and you only get a collectable Oil Lamp as prize.

You are right about the different prizes that you can get depending on your performance on the Black Crystal mission.
0 mistakes = Excellent = Full Merit
1 mistakes = Very Good = Half Merit
2 mistakes = Good = Star Pendant
3 mistakes = Satisfactory = No prize

The mistakes are:
1) Guy outside in Varshikar asks you to recommend a weapon and you answer something about the Magic Academy
2) Guy inside inn in Varshikar says he has intel for the Grey Rose and you answer that you have a knight with you
3) Tal Rash escapes the pyramid if you chase him by stairs instead of jumping down from 1 floor above

Also, if you're interested, you get different prizes for the Balcony Concert for your performance up to a maximum of 10/10 score.

There is minimum of 1 difference and a maximum of 10 differences in the room.
The 1 constant difference is the first sign on the wall that tells you about the room.
The other 9 possible differences are:
1) 2 tall regular pillars being there
2) 2 tall demon pillars being there
3) Exact location of the coffin
4) The bones on the ground being there
5) The goddess statue facing left or right
6) The light on the orbed pillars on or off
7) Crosses on the wall being there
8 ) Corpse on the wall hung higher or lower
9) The inscription written on the gravestone

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Post by Acewing » Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:31 pm

Re: Questions

Ugh, if I had only jumped down that ledge again...I hadn't of actually considered that when chasing down Rash.

Thanks for the full replies, and I actually managed to luck out on the memory matching game....about 2 hours after I made a post about it (which was after the initial 45 minutes of fail on my part). And I did notice all of the differences listed; having repeated it for so long, but I guess I kept missing something per attempt (but tyvm for giving me the heads up on all the options as I was still second-guessing myself quite often after a while).

I'm also enjoying the game a lot and hope there's still a long ways to go as I see the back-story to the Elder/Younger Gods and their current role's as potentially adding in a lot more game-play/story-line. Currently about to take the boat back to the mainland as per Goddess Tanora's request!

I'd also like to apologize for not paying too much attention to the Gods in general as I didn't really get much information about them early/mid-game, even though I spoke with almost everyone several times (each time after a major event I'd speak with the majority of Troll's Bane). But when it came to the art drawing contest...I had absolutely no idea that the Younger Gods were the main attraction and had to default to here (first time visit to these lovely forums =D!), so I do apologize again for not giving ample attention to that aspect of the games story.

PS - new question: when walking through the forest leading to the elven community: I came upon a sign stating there was a "fork in the road". I didn't find any splits at the screen where the sign was located and even though I'm ready to head off to the boat....that sign still bothers me.

Does it literally mean there's an actual fork somewhere on the ground?! (will make a special save slot for this until your gracious reply and tyvm again in advance).

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Post by Dyluck » Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:41 pm

Re: Questions

Glad to hear you passed the memory game. The tricky part that people usually miss is that the sign on the wall counts as 1 difference.
Yeah, jumping down the ledge isn't really an obvious thing to do, since there weren't really hints that suggest you should.

Yeah I didn't put much information about the specific descriptions and themes of each Younger Gods early on, because the game was originally designed mainly for Illarion players so basic knowledge of the gods were kind of assumed. It's my fault for not making more info on the gods available, since I didn't expect other players to read and remember it anyways. There will be more info about the gods in the second half as they become more relevant to the plot.

Yes, you are correct about the fork. There is literally a fork that can be found in the ground on the road.

Please feel free to post any other questions you may have, especially since at where you are in the game, many skip puzzle options will not be available.

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Post by Acewing » Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:30 am

Re: Questions

Any hints for that one puzzle in the tower of enlightenment: the one where you have to figure out the 4-digit code by (I'm completely assuming) finding the numbered book in each of the 2 row columns that do not match the general theme?

From the first 8 books (starting from the left) I wrote down:

1 - Because it seemed to be the only piece of literature for novice's at fire magic. (albeit very weak reasoning on my part, but desperation makes me over-examine the scope of things).

3 - As it stated Flammeria "Storm" and when I checked my list of spells it used Siege; although its entirely possible that Flammeria Storm could be a spell I learn later on.

5 - Particles of the Sun....sounds more than fishy!

8 - A study of fire runes and not necessarily "Fire" in general; as I thought the collection of 8 books spoke of more intangible concepts while runes were quite tangible imo.

The choices I had for the second stack of 8 books were:

2 - The text focused on deserts/water sources while the majority of the other texts mentioned theme's about the forest/tropic's.

4 - Monkies! Which had nothing to do with the climate/environment (although it perfectly fits into a jungle/forest so I could be wrong as well).

5 - About the slums of big cities....sounded out of place so I marked it

8 - Life on the cold-mountain?

Third 8 book stack:

1 - Shape-shifting Salamanders; the other books had more descriptive titles; this one just had the name of the animal/mammal/thingy.

4 - Magical Properties of Fire-bird charms; (to me anyway) seemed like the obvious mis-match in the series.

(Note - I had also initially marked and tried 6 and 7 since at the time I didn't realize what the theme was, but after going over the 8 books again I believe its mainly about observing animals or a documentation of them in some way, so I removed those two from my list.)

Fourth (Farthest to the right) stack:

4 - The title actually threw me off but I do believe it fits into the whole astrology I'm on the fence on this one.

6 - Underwater coral life?!

I've tried variations of those above digits in order from left to right, but I haven't broken the code to open up the stair-case yet. I've placed most of my confidence on the 6th digit about the under-water coral life and the 4th digit about the fire-bird charms, but the row of books committed to the fire elemental and the other set of 8 that talks mostly about climate/environment have me confused to an extent.

So yeah...any hints oh great Dylucky? Am I even on the right track? @_@

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Post by Dyluck » Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:02 am

Re: Questions

Yep, all your deductions are correct.
The 3rd digit is 4 and the 4th digit is 6.
The 1st and 2nd digit is one of the choices you narrowed down.

For the 1st digit, the theme is specifcally fire based magic.
For the 2nd digit, the theme is specifically climate/environments.

The answer is in the spoiler below if you want to highlight the small text:

5 - Particules of the sun is not about magic
4 - Monkies is about the animal, not the environment

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Post by Acewing » Fri Jun 03, 2011 6:39 am

Re: Questions

Hmm, accidentally scrolled down too far, but I still checked the first two racks again for my sake, and ironically the answer was a possible combination I could of drawn from and which I should of atleast have inputted once, but at the time I was a tad drowsy, so I completely missed the sequence of trial/error and after a while I tend to forget what I tested and whats still left to be experimented on.

And drawing from your first reply to the thread: thanks for the compliment on the fire-ball mini-game; but I only beat your score by 1 XD, so it's not that significant, but I'd say we're pretty even? =3

I also recognized the markers for the concert...or atleast as much as I could find within the time frame and got the 10/10.


So I'm at the point where I'm able to back-track now and I was wondering where the temples for Irmorom, Oldra, and Nargun (if it's available) are? I've also completed/obtained all of the following:

Kreig's side-missions (Troll's Bane!)

Moshran's Emblem (Troll's Bane!)

Xaveria's weapon (Rose Grey Castle!)

The Bow of Hope (Greenbriar!)

Blacksmith/Carpentry/Tailoring at maxed levels

Zhambra's Emblem

And I believe that's about it....oh, I also went back to get that fork in the road, and I'm glad you added in that npc in Silverbrand that re-sells every piece of equip that you came across throughout the game =D! (But I'm curious as to if she also sells the maxed level gear you craft if you were to sell a piece to her?).

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Post by Dyluck » Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:29 pm

Re: Questions

Actually for the fireball minigame, "Dyluck's score" is just an arbitrary number I put there for players to beat. I didn't actually keep track of my (the real me) best score, but you did very well considering the terrible physics of that game =)

-Silverbrand has an altar for Irmorom and Greenbrair has an altar for Oldra.
-Nargun is unavailable yet.
-Seven Sword at the Magic Academy
-Elara's Emblem at... some place she's been before?

To be honest, I don't even remember putting such an NPC in Silverbrand. I have to leave right now, but I'll give you some more details about other stuff later on when I take a look at the code.

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Post by Acewing » Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:08 pm

Re: Questions

Yeah...that female dwarf whom you help recover the gold nuggets for, she's actually at the room where the king of Silverbrand is and re-sells a plethora of equips that I had gained/sold over the course of my play-time. I'd say she has EVERYTHING except the Gobaith Helmet, Lost Guild Armor, and the Lyrenzian shield....all of which are the final level crafts for the saw/hammer/needle. (And sorry I forgot the female dwarf's name >_<, I'm kinda bad with memorizing names of characters whom I don't interact with often).

I also did get the Seven Swords, but it slipped my mind when I made this post and I was wondering what the deal was behind it's stats are questionable but it can hit for multiple times? I'm also curious as to the other "projects" that were also being research/setup at the time; like the "Ghost Mage", the suspended "Rune Ship", and Lyrenzia?

Hmm, Elara...I guess I'll be re-climbing the tower once more!

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Post by Dyluck » Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:39 am

Re: Questions

It was Belegi Zahar, and I remember now. She's there for the obsessive collecting types who need to get every weapon/armour that might've been missed or sold. =)

-Seven Sword hits for 6 times with reduced accuracy, and with high character stats and the way attack damage is calculated in the game engine, a single hit with its measly attack power of 7 still does significant damage. It's mainly useful for use with regular attacks and not with skills where the multiple hits does not take effect.

-Project Seven Sword references an event about the Mana Well, creation of a Magic Sword, and 7 Magic Stones, from real Illarion long ago.
-Project Lyrenzia foreshadows the founding of political systems for Troll's Bane that took place in real Illarion long ago.
-Project Ghost Mage and Project Rune Ship are about rarely known side stories from real Illarion long ago and were never completed. They were mostly meant to illustrate some of the more dangerous and ethically questionable projects pursued by Dyluck behind the scenes at the Magic Academy.

None of these projects have any further relevance in Legends of Illarion.

-For Elara's Emblem, you don't need to climb the actual tower. Just explore the ground floor a bit.

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Post by Acewing » Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:20 am

Re: Questions

Seems like I might need to go see the original Illarian O_o.

PS - your dragons are quite mean.

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Post by Dyluck » Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:28 am

Re: Questions

Well that stuff is from Illarion over 7 years ago, so it's unlikely you'll find any mention of those things anymore. But yeah Illarion is definately a unique game to try.

The dragons... they mostly cannot be overpowered by brute strength, so being over lv55 should already be enough. Most of the dragons require you to use a very specific strategy for each that is hinted at by the celestial library. Usually, the only constants are bring Galadria for healing, maybe Sabrina for mana boost, and wind potions for speed...

Also, Nargun's Emblem is available if you haven't got it already.

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Post by Acewing » Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:38 am

Re: Questions

Found Nargun's Emblem, although he could of just gave it to me for having to put up with his underlings trickeries >_>...

As for the dragons I went with something similar to the options you presented, but instead of the mana boost on everyone: I substituted with 2x AGI; combined with Complete Enhance. Also added in Complete Diminish and Disrupt Dexterity with Waver Wisdom (Disrupt/Waver on the main dragon only) which shuts down everything. Of course it costs Sabrina 350 mp, and Badmosche 360 mp, so this strategy also requires a good stock of mana potions which will be thrown by Galadria; since her speed + enhancement allows her atleast 2-3 turns of grace and it works perfectly well.

Initially went with with 2x INT for Dyluck, but it didn't seem to affect his overall damage what so ever, so I changed it to AGI for him as well, is INT for magic defense?

And....any hints for that one "solo" battle? I doubt even at maxed level I'd have the stats to tank those powerful non-elemental magic attacks.

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Post by Dyluck » Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:00 pm

Re: Questions

INT is for both magic attack and magic defense. It could be that your INT stat is already near/at maximum so doubling it has negligible effect, and possibly the enemy's high INT.

For the solo battle, my strategy was:

-You might want to equip 1 (or possibly 2? can't remember) items that protects against dark elemental.
-Obviously use a wind potion right away, and you need to be lucky to survive the first 2 rounds =)
-Try to input your battle commands as quickly as possible (just on the first menu for attack, magic, item, etc) and when selecting spell targets (the sword cursor). If you're quick enough you might be able to occasionally sneak in 2 turns in a row? (I think). But be careful not to select the wrong command.
-Keep healing with Personal Power until you get an opening from a weaker spell or dark elemental spell doing no damage. When you get an opening, restore mana if not max or near max (you should always keep track of your remaining mana in your head). If maybe you just got hit for lesser damage, consider using Green Potion or Food Potion to restore HP/mana at same time. You don't want to get caught by the high damage spells without enough MP to use the healing spell. If HP and mana is already good, then attack with Disintegration Light.
-The enemy has 50,000 HP.

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Post by Acewing » Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:16 pm

Re: Questions

There's only 2 and their both an accessory: Dark Ring and Elemental Ward. And the strategy you provided is the one I've been testing out exactly to the letter. I guess the problem is I'm not getting really lucky with his attacks as he usually finishes me off with that single high damage non-elemental attack that hits for 4000-5400; the AOE isn't so bad, though any high caliber follow-ups can cause a swift demise.

Hmm, I think I'll just max out in terms of level if only for the extra gains in hp/mp, then try again.

So 2x INT wouldn't benefit me very much, eh? I actually tried to go with 2x AGI then slap on a 2x INT with Elara's Emblem, not sure if it even worked but it was negligible either way in terms of actually lessening the damage or increasing my own magic attack. Which is why I'm curious to know why AGI isn't capped?

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Post by Dyluck » Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:13 am

Re: Questions

Hmm... I just tried it with these settings:

Heavenly Conductor, Transcended Armlet, Zherass Cloak, Eternal Crown, Elemental Ward
STR 701, CON 697, INT 727, AGL 646
Level 70

Personal Power is actually supposed to increase your resistance to the enemy's attacks, so that the strongest ones are only around 2000-3000 damage. If it's not happening, then it might be a bug.

For INT, since it affects the attacker's spell and the target's magic defense, it could be the math formulas aren't balanced, whereas the effects of AGL is more straightfoward.

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Post by Acewing » Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:35 am

Re: Questions

Actually it helps a little (Personal Power), but those non-elementals ignore the stat gains completely and still hit me for roughly 4300-5100 (Even at level 99). Luckily at level 99 I had enough of an AGI/HP advantage to keep me alive, even after being bombarded by those hits and I had initially tried the battle at around level 74; and even with the wind potion: my opponent always went first and sometimes even twice for three whole turns, upon each 4th turn I was able to go first after my last turn, then the sequence starts again where he goes first and sometimes slips in a second right as my gauge is almost full.

Atleast at level 99 my AGI was so much better that I was able to stop that vicious cycle and get on even grounds with the thing. And thanks for that explanation on the difference between buffing INT/AGL.


I will say however that I was able to win in the end, but it doesn't change the fact that PP did not deter my foe's damage in any way when he decided to use either of his non-elemental spells and even his Fulminating spell did 3200 regularly; which is almost half my health bar! I'm also glad I decided to play against him on the Role-play setting (as I'm a complete RPG wimp and can't handle real-time strategising Q_Q), otherwise it may have been impossible for me to win at all as a single mistake or delay would of been disastrous; as there were plenty of turns where my opponent just spammed his strongest non-elemental spell for 4-6 times in a row.

A lot of concepts still intrigue me, and the game itself was top-notch, but there seems to also be so much more to draw from as well and that teaser after the credits just makes me hope that one day you can atleast consider just a little about that prequel to Illarion...and maybe even a sequel to the events of Legends of Illarion 1?

PS - Got a good chuckle out of the Morgan Freedman npc x3, and who knew Sirani was such a heavy drinker =o. She and Adron sound like they have quite a bit in common.

PSS - I also have quite a bit of "sensitive" questions as well =o, mind if I private message you?

PSSS - Sorry, but I really needed to mention this: Thanks for helping me time and time again; even though some of the answers were already on the front page and considering that the last activity in this board was a while ago....(although there seemed to be a recent post a few days ago in one of those German threads thats stickied on-top of here), I have to say that I'm truly indebted to you oh great Dylucky =D!

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Post by Dyluck » Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:40 am

Re: Questions

No need to thank me. I'm glad you enjoyed and finished the game, and I'm glad to answer any questions you have about it. I know there are some puzzles in the game where the answers aren't obvious, so I'm here to offer any help I can. Sorry about the Personal Power bug, but it was supposed to reduce the damage, and I'm glad you were able to find a way to power your way through, especially when the reward for winning isn't even that satisfying. That was a smart move by you to use the Roleplay setting though . I had forgotten about that idea too.

I put that Morgan Freeman thing in there years ago when that movie first came out, but nice to see you got that reference.

Sirani didn't actually drink that much, but her reaction was to something else said nearby her, as reference to Sirani's official description on the homepage =)

A prequel could be considered, but a sequel is unlikely. I kind of ended LOI in an open ended way as if to say the gods continue to plot against each other and manipulate mortals behind the scenes of the real Illarion itself as a kind of sequel, although LOI is not quite cannon.

Sure message me if you like, but I don't mind spoilers on the board at this point in time anyways.

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Post by Acewing » Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:09 am

Re: Questions

Well, I mind ._. as I have never heard of this game before, and you know: plenty of people find this game daily and some may want a fresh experience devoid of spoilers, who may also be stuck somewhere like me but don't want to accidentally stumble upon some important event that they haven't seen yet.

Atleast that's how I feel about it. =o

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