Burden in the orcen mountains

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Post by Olive » Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:03 pm

Burden in the orcen mountains

Olive woke to as Nara finished her breakfast. She smiled as her eyes opened and she saw her daughter snugling under her robe for an added bit of warmth in the cool mountain iar and slowly sat up. THe weight on her shoulders from the snake given to her by the first orc made it more challenging but she was getting used to it.

Letting a loud yawn escape her as she stretched she gently put Nara on the floor with some of her wooden toys, a wooden mule with a wagon, a wooden sword and shield, a wooden doll with several grass woen skirts, and a few loose pages of wood pulp paper she had made from the scrap dust near the workbench.

Nara whined for a moment but quickly settled down to play with her toys while her mother sorted herself for another day of work. Olive sighed again.Life in the orc cave wasn't bad, but it was a bit boring since she was in essence a prisoner, only able to leave when the orcs were around.

Balancing herself a bit easier now as she got up she walked over to the depot. opening the lid, which she left unlocked most of the time she collected the few logs she had left to make a new fire to finish cooking what she could. It was a strangething, she would never have dreamed of leaving her depot unlocked back in bane or anyother human civilization. butthe orcs were different. The lacked the avarice of the other bipedial races, preferring to live a more honest life where honor meant something and collecting wealth was les important. she laughed toherself as she began cooking her last rabbits. perhaps some day the other island dwellers woudl realize tha these 'barbaric' orcs as they like dto call them were more civilized than the ones that hid behind town walls.

Olive blinked as Orgis gently woke her. she had fallen asleep at her now dead campfire. She smiled at him, thanking him for bringing her a few more logs and asked if he could help her move some supplies from her depot at goldburg, He agreed, he was a very friendly orc. so the walked down to goldburg with a mule to collect some of the heavier things she would need, her baking and brewing supplies would make the cold winter nights bearable, and no orc she knew could object to a good strong ale.

As she got her mule's pack unloaded the mule bolted and ran off, cursing the mule's fear of orcs she closed her depot, at leats she gotthe pork moved, now she just needed to make a nice bundle of steaks for dinner. The snake on her shoudlers tickled her gain with its tongue as she took a fresh log and made dinner in the cave. The orcs were outof the cave more than they were inside it, but she didn't mind that much. her serpentine companion was a great listener and while she knew it might not understand a word she was saying, nor care, she liked pretending she was teaching it to cook.

As night fell and the air again grew cold she huddled up on the furs, nara snuggled against her as the snake moved its position on her to allow her to lie down. as she fell asleep Olives last thoght for the night was simple . I really need a tailoring table in here.

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Post by Borgrud » Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:37 am

The large orc Borgrud stomped into the cave, sniffing the air hungrily and dragging the dead carcass of a panther along the ground behind him. A trickle of blood was spattered across the only clothing he wore; a simple piece of fur which stretched from his loin regions to his left shoulder, while a horned helmet lay always settled over his huge square head.

The bulky Bor twisted his head, snorting as he lumbered through the cave, his small eyes squinting at anything that might be out of place. His eyes fell upon the human sister olive, and he grunted, walking stolidly over towards where she and her little girl slept. Bor fell to his steel-capped knees, and lowered his head, first sniffing olive before sniffing her daughter. Then, with a low growl coming from him, he clamped a thick, dirty hand over the woman's shoulder, shaking her.

'Olive wek up. Bor bring gift.'

He let the panther carcass drop by where she slept, straightening up and staring down at her, a piece of leaf handing of his left tusk, his small black eyes squinting, his arms hanging by his sides.

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Post by Olive » Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:51 am

Olive opens her eyes as hands grip her shoulders and shake her awake. Nara whimpers a bit as she is woken up as well and Olive tries to sit up, causing the large snake on her stomach to quickly slither back up on to her shoulders, giving the orc a warning hiss as its also a bit annoyed at beign woken up early.

"alright alright, i'm awake....." She rubs her eyes as she tries to focus her sleepy eyes to view the large figure that has woken her from a nice sleep. lifting Nara up to comfort her and soon the toddler is quiet again.

SHe views the dead panther, noting the freshness of the kill and the notable lack of blemeshes on the fur that normally comes from swords and axes.

"what did you do? strangle it?" she asks

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Post by Borgrud » Sun Dec 14, 2008 4:04 am

The large orc removes his helmet, scratching his bald head with his free hand, as if considering the answer. He draws himself up, as if trying to appear larger than usual, speaking gruffly.

'Meh bash it on dah flesheh part ub dah head. Meh seh to meh self, dat wud mek nice gift for dah pretteh olive ladeh in dah camp. Yu like?'

He turns his square head in the carcass' direction, sniffing once, before looking back to the two with a broad grin.

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Post by Olive » Sun Dec 14, 2008 6:21 am

Olive smiles as she realizes the panther is a gift. "THank you Borgrud" she says as she slowly gets up, balancing herself despite the large snakes constant movements on her shoudlers.

She then examines the panther thuroughly, a Large Male, probably about 4 years old judging by its teeth, the fur very much intact and would make an excelent trophy or fur to make clothing from when she was skilled enough.

She stands over the dead panther for a few moments as she tries to consider what to do with the fur, and then slowly draws a long sharp knife and begings to carefully skin the panther. the cave is too damp for it to be stuffed and mounted, nor did she know anybody who would be able to do so before the insides of the panther began rotting beyond salvage.

A hour later she has the panthers fur attached to a hide stretcher upstairs in the upper cavern. Carefully goving over the hide with her tools to remove any flesh that would cause rot or smell, "i think this will make a very comfortable blanket for the winter months Borgrud, you have my gratitude for your very thoughful gift.

Unable to do anything more with the fur for at least two days while it dried, she goes to her depot and pulls out one of her cookign spoons and a bucket, followed shortly by a very heavy bag. tossing a log over to the fire pit she quickly and efficiently dices the wood into kindling and starts up a cooking fire. The smell of roast rabbit soon fills the hall as she cooks several portions of rabit stews and offers one to Borgrud. "least i can do is offer you a hot meal"

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Post by Rugh'toh » Sun Dec 14, 2008 4:46 pm

Grugnuk stared at the heavy bag full of plates and a few white bottles.

"Put dat into mehs chest, bruddah! Meh had to carry dis all da way from oomie town to here!"

Grugnuk nodded to the Chief's words. "Yub, yubba. Meh whub!" Then he scurried to the chest of the Orc caves, the bag in his hands.

Rugh'toh snarled, which could be some sort of yawn as well. The he rolled his shoulders and slowly made his way down to the main cave.
As he walked through the corridor he glances at the fur which hang there to dry. A faint smile appeared on his lips, which even became broader when the smell of fresh rabbit meal came to his nose.

"Hurrrr, sistah Olive busy beh, yubba! She makes da clan and Fatherr proud ob her!", he thought.

As he stepped down the ladder he saw the three sitting near a fire. Olive just hold a rabbit dish in her hand, offering it to brother Bor, one of the most massive orcs Rugh ahs ever seen. Next to the fire he saw Nara, playing with wooden toys.

Rugh's smile became warmer, as he saw her. Although he never understood the sense of these toys. All he needed in his youth was a wooden sword and stones to train his body. "Must beh sum female oomie stuff, certainly...", he mumbeld to himself.

He then stepped closer to the fire.

"Grrebas, sistahs, greebas, bruddah! Smells good here in cave! Hab sumtin fer hungry Chief too, or meh need tussle for it wit little Nara, hurrr?" He let out a soft, rather amused grunt, his eyes on Olive and the snake on her shoulders.

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Post by Olive » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:56 pm

Olive looks up at the orc chief as Borgrud takes the offered plate and smiles. "Sure chief, plenty of rabbit left, but i will need more soon since i am running low" She hands Rugh'toh a hot plate of freshly cooked rabbit, laughing as Nara takes a dull wooden toy sword and pokes at the chief foot with it.

"Nara, dont poke the chief's foot, he has big burly orcs to practise his skills with" Olive laughs as she moves nara to the other side, lest she actually manage to annoy the chief. Nara was only a few months over a year old, but she was already growing to be strong. Her tusks were startign to grow in, which made nursing rather irritating when she nibbled. He thoghts went to Markus, her son that Luc had taken to the mainland with him with little notice other than a short 'i am not having my son live in a orc cave' She was less than pleased when she found the note and empty crib, but she couldn't blame him for being overprotective, Humans just seemed to be paranoid around orcs, something she never had been, in fact, she preferred orcs to most people.

As she finished cooking she calmly waits for the two orcs to finish their meal as she snacked on a few baked fish. She didn't mind the taste of roast fish, but wante dto try making some trout fillets for a little variety. THe orcs probably wouldn't be brave enough to try them, but she at least wanted to cook something other than rabbits once in a while, and with no bakign oven that meant other types of meat dishes.

as the fire goes out she scoops up the ash for her collection, she would nee dthe ash to make glass to keep a good supply of bottles available to make beer with later on. which reminded her that she had several thousand bundles of wheat she needed to move from the farmers union to someplace closer. STruggling to stand as the snake one her constantly shufted its weight she nearly fell face first into the fire pit but manage dto catch herself in time. The underground river water was very cold and she didn't like the idea of havign to wash off soot in the nearly freezing water. Now she understood why many of the orcs didn't bathe regularly, the water here was just simply too cold to willing wade into without shrieking and looking foolish.

As she gets up to put her tools away in the depot Nara gets up and slowly follows her over, licking her lips to signal she wanted a meal as well. Olive picks Nara up and walks back overto the firepit, sitting on a fur and opens her robe to let Nara take her meal, not caring that the two orc men are still finishing up their late breakfast as well. leaning against the wall, the snake adjusted its position to put its weight entirely on her front to avoid being crushed, eventually settling on her lap, Olive dozed off as Nara finishes her meal and goes back to playing with her mule and cart toy.

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Post by Grim_banned » Sun Dec 14, 2008 6:17 pm

The mighty orc Warlord enters the halls holding proudly his holy giant axe on one shoulder and a bundle of severed human heads in his other hand. He grins broadly, showing his sharp teeth, and holds the bundle of heads by the hair, high in the air, in a bragging gesture towards the other orcs.

A few less rats today, the Warlord says, carefully wrapping the axe into a black cloth and resting it carefully in his depot.

Without another word, he carries his guesome loot to his place in the cave, sits on his fur in front of the fire and using a dagger, slowly removes the skin and meat off the heads until only the pink, clean skull remains. He carefully stacks them over his other skulls near the wall, on the top of the pile, before he rests his square head on them and slowly falls asleep.

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Post by Olive » Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:45 am

Olive woke up the next mornign slightly cold. Nara was snuggled up inside her robe and was still sleeping but she felt somethign was different. Slowly as her eyes adjusted to the low light she realized what was missing. Her snake, it had slithered off during the night.

Curious to find out where the snake went She quickly stands up and holds nara carefullyin her arms to prevent wankign her, the restof the orcs wouldn't appreciate beign woken up this early. A few quickl checks of the sleeping rooms proved fruitles and so she ascended the ladder upstairs to the upper level.

A few minutes later and olive realized the snake wasn't here either. all of the gates were closed and locked, that onlyleft one place left to look. As she approached the ladder to reach the mountain's top Nara woke up and began demanding breakfast. Eager to silence her Olive let her nurse while she searched outside inthe cool crisp autumn air. Then she saw it,m it was curled up on the Altar, staring at her, flickign its tongue at her as she approached slowly. sliding off the altar the snale slithered up her lega nd around her stomach until it was on her shoulders again, it whispered somethign she couldn't understand in her ear and then slithered back off on to the altar where it coiled back up and dozed off.

Olive sighed as she left, Nara nibbled her twice, causing her to grunt with pain and annoyance, Nara's tusks were begining to be a problem and Nara would just have to learn to eat solid foods soon, no matter how much she enjoyed nursing. back down stairs she puts nara down on one of the unused furs and goes to get a naldor log, slicing it into kindling she strikes up a fire and beginsto prepare breakfast for the clan. a nice warm rabbit broth with some bread rolls fileld with cooked rabbit meat and several thinly sliced strips of pork that they called 'bacon' back home.

As the clan slowly woke up to the smells of freshly cooked meats Olive almost has breakfast for all of them completed and is ready to begin serving.

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Post by Bellringer » Mon Dec 15, 2008 2:57 pm

The goblin shaman paces slowly into the room, an expression of confusion upon his face. He turns to Olive and smiles at her...

"Greetinks Olive, it beinks a long timesks since Grakir havinks seen breakfastsks beinks made heresks...Orcs neversks cook breakfastsks, they needsks a meal before they doinks that sort of worksks."

Grakir chuckles gently, turning his staff in his hands...

"Grakir takinks some watersks if you don'tsks mind...If you couldsks get him some foodsks to go with itsks..."

He draws himself some water in a clay mug, looking at it slightly unhappily, as he always does the near-stagnant Orc water. He sits down on a fur rug in the corner, before settling down to await his food...

"You snakesks, she beinks not gone nowsks Olive?"

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Post by Olive » Tue Dec 16, 2008 6:03 pm

Olive look over to the shaman and shrugs "its curled up on the altar right now, seems it wants to stay there, at least for now". She continues making plates of food and storing them in special wooden jugs, sealing them with a cork. She puts ten jugs in each bag, and each bag has a name. One bag for each clan member, hanging them up on the wall so when the clan member wakes they can just grba their meals for the day and go if they are in a hurry.

As the cave slowly empties she sits back down at the fire and plays a bit with Nara. She would have to work on gettign her off milk and eating big girl foods now. This woudl be quite a bit easier if she had some wool to stuff in her ears, but... cant be too picky right now.

As Nara begins to whine for lunch Olive offers her insteas some boiled carrots and tiny pieves of boiled apple instead. it takes nara two hours to realize she wont be nursed anymore and accepts that she will have to eat solid , if squishy, foods now.

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