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Post by Achae Eanstray » Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:47 pm

A halfling posts a note on the board originally looking a little confused where to place it, finally pins it in the most prominent position he can find. The note has some smudges and crinkles as if folded a few times and traveled a long distance. The note is dated three days ago and only now appears on the board, possibly the halfling forgot to post it earlier.

Governor Cromwell,

My friend visiting from Gobaith to the mainland told me I was no longer a citizen of Trolls Bane. I had dual citizenship, the one in Greenbriar was honorary given after my citizenship in Trolls Bane. I would appreciate being added again as citizen.

Achae Eanstray
Druid, Medico

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Post by Julius » Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:59 pm

Greetings citizens,

I wish to announce the unfortunate events earlier this evening. Pellandria aided in the escape of the recently captured bandit "Phoenix." For this action, Pellandria is wanted by the Trolls Bane Armed Forces with the aforementioned bandit. Should she wish to snap back into reality, she can turn the bandit back over to authorities. However, we wish to stress to all other allies that if she is seen in town, she needs to be apprehended and held for questioning. Personally, I won't tolerate anyone that chooses to aid criminals and bandits.

Sir Julius Rothman
Knight of Kallahorn
General of the Trolls Bane Armed Forces

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Post by Pellandria » Thu Oct 23, 2008 11:33 pm

I want to throw down those accusations, as they are utter nonsense.
The bandit group around Wolf and phönix attacked me weeks ago, they stolen my property and broke my wand, they even tried to cripple me and severely harmed me, leaving me tied against a tree and bleeding from several deep cuts, why would I even try to set her free after this?

The only thing I can say to these accusion are, that it is the fault of the guards, who did not search the criminal, the ropes where cut, as far as I could see that in the split second, and I don't carry arms like daggers nor swords with me nor can I conjure such item simply out of nowhere.

I guess this once again is a try of trollsbane to polute my name, once you allready tried with the accusation of me summoning monster in trolls bane, now that I only healed a tied up and beaten up woman I'm accused to set her free.

But alas we all know the madness that runs trougth the veins of the rothman family, so its not suprising for me.


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Post by Alber G » Thu Oct 23, 2008 11:53 pm

- Pellandria, It thought you would actually stand for your actions. I saw it, no wait, you forced me to just stand by at the prisoner got away, and when I could run after her you tried to throw some strange magic on me. I certainly consider that as helping a prisoner to escape.

I will sign the Julius's report and also I would like to add that you tried to hurt one of the generals.

The Armed Forces will have orders to arrest you on sight.

- As for other things concerning this, The elfess player called Phoenix ( Real name is Larien ) is wanted dead or alive by the Armed Forces for attempted murder on one of our soldiers by poisoning. Capturer / bringer of head will be rewarded.

Liam Heneghan
Chancellor of Trollsbane
General of the Trollsbane Armed Forces

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Post by Mr. Cromwell » Fri Oct 24, 2008 12:02 am


*someone has pinned a simple picture, with no explanations, on the wall*

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Post by Mr. Cromwell » Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:18 pm


Citizens and Outsiders, Friends and Foes

We are entering a new era.

In order to secure a continuous administration, to ensure the rule of the best able and the eradication of populist rhetoric from the town politics for good, Lord Cromwell has decided to enact heavy reforms in order to improve the stability of the town on the long term. These changes necessitate the creation of a new social order where certain influential men who have proven their merits shall be burdened with the heavy responsibility of decision making and managing the town. This not only ensures that the rulers hold a tangible stake in the town they are administrating, but also means that the citizens can focus entirely on increasing their own prosperity with the help of those who take care of the town affairs. The heavy burden on the people’s lives that such system involves shall thus be lifted from the people’s collective shoulders with a single swift action, and I am certain that you shall notice the positive effects of this emancipation quite soon.

You, the citizens, have no longer to focus and worry about the disturbing and unstable elections, but are instead blessed and empowered to focus only on your own lives.

Reforms of Trollsbane

Lord Edward Cromwell
Archduke of Trollsbane

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Post by Pellandria » Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:33 pm

Dear Councellor and citizens of Trollsbane,
it seems that you have a serve problem with your mind, maybe you should ask a druid, if you allready forget things that are not even one day ago.

First off I did not stood in anyones Way, I was pushed by the prisoner into you and even thougth you seem to evade my body you too were pushed away, after I ran down the stairs I tried to throw some magic after her, but you jumped on the spot she stood seconds ago, not to add that this was one of the basic spells, nothing that should even hurt you, but something that could have stopped a beatun up criminal.

Something else I want to add is that even thougth you runend out of the seahorse before me, you still came into the gatehouse ~after~ me, does that mean that you let the prisoner get away?

Another thing that bothers one is the fact, that someone was accused to be one of those criminals, yet you gave him free roam in the town just to state later that this person is searched for treason.

So what I wonder is this, is the councellar merly playing a game, maybe he is even plotting with the criminals to hide his true intentions, seeing that his new "armed" force is carried by the rothmans, people who allways tried to destroy trollsbane for years, so one must wonder what comes next, maybe Edward will be visited by an assasin or Trollsbane declares war on other settlements and Guilds?


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Post by Amira Ranevskaya » Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:01 pm

This will be your downfall, Cromwell. You do know what people do when they don't like the current person in power. Remember Siltaris? At least she had an upcoming election, you do not. My name and duty was lost with her death, and I promise you, that you will be given none of it. May Trolls Bane fall, for the protector has left her.

~The Protector of Trolls Bane~

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Post by Mr. Cromwell » Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:13 pm

I hope the next self-proclaimed protector of Trollsbane, who probably is not a citizen, is actually literate or intelligent. If there are no elections coming up, then why would I make reforms particularly concerning the practicalities of electing the Archduke? Take the next week off from your "protector duties" to figure that out, moron.

No. Elections will take place in due time, and I will not be re-running as the Archduke. I am sick of you boorish, outsider scum littering the the town parchments with your brain-farts. The reforms have now been put into effect which was my intention, thus I have no intention to cling on to the power any further.

Sod off, you spineless shite.

Kind regards,
Archduke Cromwell

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Post by Olive » Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:25 pm

May i please know which emperor bestowed upon you the title of archduke?

As archduke is a royal title it must be granted or inherited. Or perhaps you meant to call yourself the Viscount of trollsbane, which would be more correct given the size and population of the region which would make trollsbane a county at best.

* there is no signature, andit appears three differnt people have written portions of the note*

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Post by Youchimitchu » Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:39 pm

-a cloaked person hands a halfling a note to pin to the board-

Lord Edward Cromwell ,
As much as I support the government to try and keep some peace your self proclaimed title even if it was for a good reason of reform as you claim , is unfortunately for you unjustified The title of Archduke is given by the highest of royalties not self proclaimed by low ranking Nobles this farce should have been talked about first to Claim yourself royal is insurrectionists and the Mainland will hear of it . As Gobiath is not ruled by one Country yet the kingdoms will be angry with this.

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Post by Mr. Cromwell » Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:40 pm

Dear unsigned writer,

Obviously, the title was bestowed upon myself by the same Emperor who created the Peerage of Trollsbane.

The Peerage of Trollsbane is unique in the sense that it is not (yet) based on a long tradition, it is thus not directly comparable to the peerages of other areas. Furthermore, as the noble who rules Trollsbane is a temporary primus inter pares amongst nobles, who may have the prestigeous titles of Count or Duke. As such, it would be nonsensical to have a viscount as the leader of the town as he would thus be 'below' the rank other nobles he is supposed to lead. The title merely symbolises the temporary promotion of the individual as the supreme leader of the town, to a rank which surpasses any other ranks achievable in power and authority.

Trollsbane is not a county, but is comprised of individual boroughs and districts which together form the Archduchy.

Lord Cromwell
Archduke of Trollsbane

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Post by Colin Smalls » Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:41 pm

The title archduke is whatever Lord Cromwell says it is. Your point is meaningless, and your time wasted. Mayhap next time you should stick to pig rearing, and let the clever people concentrate on business.

How fickle you people are, first voting a man in, then trying to dig in the knife while he's wounded yet trying to defend your land and impove lives?

The bandits have been beheaded, left leaderless and bleeding, trade blooms, the population is growing after a lengthy slump, and people's wealth grows. Now, the populace, fat and spoilt, reacts like an angry child to its benevolent father.

To all citizens.. it is bane before gobaith. You know where your loyalties should lie. Stand firm, and watch for these slanderous traitors.

*the note is left unsigned.*

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Post by Bellringer » Fri Oct 24, 2008 6:26 pm

Archduke Cromwell,

I 'ereby congratulate yer on yer move in reformin' the town which yer 'ave blessed wi' yer leadership. I firmly support this new move, an' I 'ope others will as well, I'm sick o' being lied to by politicians who don't care for us folk, it'll be nice to 'ave no more competition 'tween fools and the proud.

Gods bless the archduchy of Trollsbane, an' all its cit'zens. Let's drive out these foreign devils who populate our streets an' show what it means to be cit'zen o' the greatest city built.

Humbly yours,

Rolfe Yeoman, Citizen

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Post by Alber G » Fri Oct 24, 2008 7:26 pm

(( People playing citizens / whatever that has to do with bane should seriously think about registering, as it will be the only board used. ;) ))

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Post by Fooser » Fri Oct 24, 2008 8:17 pm

Time to jump off the sinking ship.


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Post by dellakim thornbrae » Sat Oct 25, 2008 7:42 am

((i dont think its right moving a large part of the game to another site, if it is supposed to be posted on the seahorse walls then it should be somewhere anyone can see it, i dont wish to share my ip address and personal information with the person playing the governor for this year and i think it is wrong to be forced to, to enjoy the game.))

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Post by Dariya » Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:45 am

Alber G wrote:(( People playing citizens / whatever that has to do with bane should seriously think about registering, as it will be the only board used. ;) ))
((please keep in mind that all those external boards make a gathering of information for the chronicles really hard :? and no, I won't register only for the chronicles))

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Post by Vern Kron » Sat Oct 25, 2008 8:18 pm

Nobles, Friends, and all other citizens and nearby people!

I know that now is an important time for our humble town, and I feel that if I did not speak now, it would be a tragedy unto us all! Perhaps, I dare say, a slap in the face to the Gods for giving me a mouth to speak with, a hand to write with, and a mind to use! I am of different standing to many of you, but I ask that you read through what I write, because I feel that you have not yet looked all sides of this.

I have been here for a few years now, and I know there are those who were here before me, and are older than I with more wisdom, and a brighter mind. I ask that you respect the differences, and do not think less of me because of my opinion.

I ask that you stop for a moment, and consider that these changes are new to us, and may seem somewhat, terrifying if you think too much on this. You fear that we have no power in speech of our elections, but we -do- have power now! Now, we have people representing us! Now, we do not have to worry about those who are in our city, and vote once, and then disappear and are clueless to our situation! Instead, we have leaders who will represent us to Lord Cromwell. We can continue our lives peacefully, and they will handle the affairs and troubles we have, if we bring it to their attention! And, since we have people leading the charge on building new things, I am certain that there will be more need for orders, in which we will all thrive upon. And with the more money we will be making, we will be able to get more guards, which means more money for the warriors, which means more business. We will all be shaking each others hands, and exchanging goods soon, if things go well.

Now, some of you may have an issue with one political leader, or another. Surely, these issues will not influence them. And if they do, we have a balance. We can move to a different part and be represented by another. We can report misconduct to our leaders. They check and balance one another, so we are not harmed. Perhaps you have an issue with Lord Cromwell himself, he has claimed that he will be replaced soon by one of the other nobles, and these nobles are able to replace him.

Perhaps, things are poorly done though? What then? Then perhaps we make changes! But these changes, will be very hard to do at the current time. I recommend, we watch and see what they do. Do not be hasty and pull out a sword and strike, killing something that could be good for us while it is still a babe. Let it grow and mature, and should the old man indeed be sick, let us be druids and cure him. We are able to mend it, by reforming the system if it does not work perfectly. Many new systems have difficulties in the beginning, but grow to be better. If it does not work, than it will surely crumble and die.

As Lord Cromwell has said, we are just beginning in a new era, and we are on the very fringes of it. You can not see the pattern on a quilt from the side, but when you are looking at it straight. I say, give them the time they need to establish this system. I believe that we will be able to handle whatever challenge comes, because we are Troll’s Bane! We are a thriving heart upon this island, and we will thrive more if we come together and grow, and watch, than if we panic and let terror lead us to death! Together we shall stand and walk into a new era, with or without this new system, is to be determined, but big changes are happening and we can only wait until we see how they turn out to act!

With kind Regards, and a hope of the future,
Artimer Fault.

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Post by Julius » Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:04 pm


Seregon came into town today and seemingly attempted to free the jailed bandit, Wolf. After some hostility and questioning on our part we finally subdued him and the elfess, Phoenix. Or so I thought. During the time in which we passed words with Seregon and he still show signs of attacking the jail, Ayla arrived and exchanged in a private conversation with a KNOWN cultist, Seregon. He looked over to the elfess Phoenix several times as they spoke in elven, before others started to attack her.

After Seregon has been defeated, I decided to walk around his "arena" and see what was going on with the capture of the bandit. I found Ayla with the elfess tied by a rope. After a few quick words, Ayla stated that she was "helping the town capture a bandit" and "taking her to Varshikar." If any smart man is reading this now, as I stated in person to Ayla, those two things contradict each other. She then stated that it would be best to take her to Varshikar so that Seregon would not rescue her (he was unconscious at the time). I told her I was following her to Varshikar and that I would wait with her until "I could pick her up."

Upon returning from the shop to get my coins, I scoured the streets of Trolls Bane and could not find any signs of Ayla or the elfess. A man that had witnessed the encounter told me that she walked off in the direction of the Northern gate with the elfess. Clearly, if her story was true and she was going to Varshikar she would have not taken the Northern gate. Taking the Northern gate means going past Seregon (risking the chance of him "rescuing the bandit") and leads in no way to Varshikar.

So.. I am hereby stating that Ayla is wanted by the Trolls Bane Armed Forces for questioning. If she chooses to rethink her path and her friendship with cult members and bandits then she will send me a dove when I can meet and take the bandit from her hands. If she does not do this, I believe she will be wanted for more then "questioning."

Sir Julius Rothman of Kallahorn
Baron of Eastmark
General of the Trolls Bane Armed Forces

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Post by Mr. Cromwell » Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:55 am


Fayne Furnir has been Granted the title of Baroness of West Strand.

Roland Ross has been Granted the title of Baron of Southfields.

John Smith's tenure as the Captain of the Guard is made permanent.

Silas Farron is the new High Judge of Trollsbane.

Lord Cromwell

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Post by Mr. Cromwell » Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:40 pm


Amadi Yusuf Randal now owns the unoccupied house at the southeastern corner of the wall.

The citizenship parchment here has been updated, though for up-to-date information I suggest everyone reads the walls of seahorse.

Lord Cromwell

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Post by Mr. Cromwell » Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:20 am

Eldan Monastery

Contract wrote:The Contract between the Archduchy of Trollsbane and Baron Julius Rothman

Baron Julius Rothman, in his magnanimity, has decided to cede the full ownership and control of the Eldan Monastery to the Archduchy of Trollsbane. The transfer of ownership shall take place immediately, and the future of the monastery is within the powers of the Archduke to decide.

Due to the unprecedented and magnificent scale of this donation, as well as the knightly and generous spirit displayed by Baron Rothman with this selfless act, the Archduchy of Trollsbane shall promote him to the full rank of Duke of Eastmark, for a mere symbolic compensation of fifty (50) silver pieces. The Promotion shall be effective as soon as the symbolic duty to the Archduchy has been atoned.

The transfer of ownership has been approved by Building-Master MacGintish.


Lord Edward Cromwell
The Archduke of Trollsbane

Lord Julius Rothman
Baron of Eastmark

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Post by Dantagon Marescot » Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:50 am

Dan glances over the new documents, his eyes soon landing on the contract over the Eldan Monastery and Julius' undeserved promotion. After checking over his shoulder Dan draws a knife from his pocket and cuts a slit on his thumb. Carefully he writes something over the document before sheathing the knife. With a grunt and a peeved look on his face he turns and walks away.


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Post by Caecilianus Cathari » Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:13 am

Dear Trollsbane,

While it is true Julius owns the Monastery, there was no show of good-faith to the Credii to even discuss this transfer of ownership.

I do not know what this means to you, but it puts our group in a very awkward position.

Caecilianus Cathari
Secti of the Credii

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Post by Julius » Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:30 am

Greetings there,

I want to stress that I would have only made the deal if I thought it would benefit you and other priests of the isle. Quite frankly, I didn't feel as though I was doing the job of Abbot as well as I liked and with the added stress of Kallahorn and the Trolls Bane reforms, I decided to pass it into the hands of someone who promised me that he would help you prosper. I am sorry that I did not speak with you on the matter before Edward and I came to the conclusion. However, I think he will do a better job then I have.

Sir Julius Rothman
Knight of Kallahorn
Duke of Eastmark

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Post by Caecilianus Cathari » Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:36 am

Do the same arrangements exist when he is in control?

Caecilianus Cathari

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Post by Hawkmoon » Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:15 pm

Greetings Archduke Cromwell.

I have some questions for you about the reformation of the way Trollsbane will be ruled that I hope to get answers to.

1. In what way do you justify that you and the chancellor becomes dukes straight away when all other will have to wait for several months? Is it really fair that the two of you get that advantage and why? After all that actually gives the two of you an own majority from the start.

2. How come you overrule your own set rules and give Julius the title of Duke straight away as well? Is the rules not to be followed and are they free to overrule for you whenever you think it is ok? In that case - why have rules at the first place?

3. What happens with all titles if the Archduke gets replaced sometime in the future? Will the titles remain? I wonder this because of the argumentation you made in the question about the ownership of the Castle built by the Knighthood of Gobaith. An old governer claimed the territory to be neutral land that is obviously not proof enough just because it was the word of a former governor. After all - you are the first one that even question the ownership of the castle as far as I know - and why should one question a thing like that when it is paid and built by the Knighthood? Will this be the same with the titles handed out by the Archduke? Sure, the titles will be written down, but there is nothing stated that something needs to be written down to be valid. The word of a governor should be valid enough for everyone - especially for the successor. What makes us believe that the titles handed and bought from you as archduke will still be valid when you leave your position Archduke Cromwell some time in the future?

4. For how long is the Archduke currently chosen for and can the nobles vote before that time is over or is the Archduke chosen for an unspecified time period without any chance for the society to do anything about it?

5. On the map you have two districts with the number IV. Is that correct or should the last one, District of Crossroad be IX?

I am no politician and nor an experienced man but from where I come from a word from a man - especially if he is a position of power - is to be trusted and a freedom of questioning unclear or unjust things is an important right that is why I write this parchment. I really want some clarification of these questions and I believe there are many other who wants this as well.

These questions are not be seen as an attack on the reformation, but seen as a way to clarify what the reform really is like.

Frederick Hawkmoon.

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Post by Mr. Cromwell » Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:04 pm

Mister Hawkmoon

1. Is this another case of illiterateness? Neither my Chancellor nor myself are dukes, next time before you are going to waste my time, please make a genuine effort to comprehend what is written before writing your questions down here.

2. "As well" would be false. Julius Rothman is (going to be) the only duke at the present moment.

The current reforms are under constant modification. It would be utter stupidity to assume that the first edition would be perfect when considering the unprecedented scale and type of the reforms in question. I will use the rest of my term to make the necessary modifications to the reforms, in order to create a permanent, working charter for the Archduchy before my tenure as the Archduke ends.

As it probably is necessary, I will express this in more simple words: Since it's impossible to consider all the possible outcomes beforehand, the reforms need further reforming according to the experiences we gain as they are being tested in the actual reality. As I have actually written down the reasons of Julius's promotion, you have to ask someone else to read that for you, should you be incapable of doing that by yourself.

3. The titles are permanent, barring some events or acts (or lackthereof) which have been written with clear new language. If you cannot extract the causes for title revokation from the text, the I'm not sure if it's worth my time to discuss the matter with you anyway.

Furthermore, as you seem to already have difficulties in differetiating between such basic concepts as "Claim" and "Contract", I doubt it's worth my time to go into more advanced terms such as "Possession", "Ownership", "Authority of law" and "Sovereignty" with you. This is not to mention the amusing social blunder you commit by actually lecturing me on what and how things 'have happened', on the basis of what? Nothing but hearsay. Ridiculous. The reason why you can trust what I say is because I make contracts, and I make them public. The titles will last, simply because the next Archduke will not have the authority to modify the charter without the approval of the council of nobles (the title-holders).

Seriously, Mister Hawkmoon. As it truly appears that you have utterly failed to comprehend a single thing which I actually contested or questioned (Hint: It's not the 'ownership' of the castle building, just as I am not contesting the 'ownership' of Garon's smithy, or the 'ownership' Glassworks theatre), it'd be a terrible waste of ink to even try to decipher this for you. Quite frankly, I have better things to do than to explain such concepts to every single member of the Knighthood.

4. Currently the time is three dwarven months, though I'm contemplating on shortening that to two, for the sake of discouraging stagnation. The nobles will vote before the end of my term.

5. That is indeed error, and the crossroads is IX. This will be corrected sometime in the future.

Kind regards,
Lord Cromwell

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Post by Evan Ross » Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:35 pm

Although this is only my opinion, I believe that the Archduke should rule until the Council of Elders votes him out. This would ensure that those doing a good job are able to keep doing a good job, and those that do a bad job are removed before causing damage to our town.

~Sir Roland Ross,
Baron of Southfields~

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