Bugs, Proposals and Discord

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Post by Banduk » Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:12 am

Re: Bugs, Proposals and Discord

Thank you for Discord and taking care for privacy:


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Post by Seajiha » Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:03 am

Re: Bugs, Proposals and Discord

Hi Banduk.

Nobody forces you to use Discord, so there's that.

While it is true that Discord collects data from you, you are able to reduce the amount by using it only from the browser. Also discord allows you to request all data saved about you. If you think they will just send you a part of it, resulting in a law-breaking behavior, then better stop trusting any corporation worldwide (it's not completely wrong to do so :p). The site you have shared, however, is often excessively dramatic:

- Discord does not make its source code available: If every closed source program is potential spyware than Illarion was spyware for multiple years too :/
- Discord confirms that it collects large amounts of sensitive user data: Yes they do. As does every other messager does - sadly - today, that is still used by anyone (e.g. Skype, Slack ..). By using Discord there was more player interaction in the chat (and maybe the game) like there was in months. The article claims that data of all processes is collected by Discord. This is denied by Discord and there is also no proof for it, that its done. Encrypted packages are the normal way to go nowadays.
- Discord contains features which allow integration with other spyware platforms: Do not use it. But thats no spyware :/
- Discord contains a process logger: And they elaborated for what it is used. Iirc it is not contained in the browser version.
- Discord's main source of income comes from selling collected data: Again, no proof for it, being purely speculative. If profit is needed for investments, why does anybody invest in things like Tesla?
- Discord receives government requests for your information: as every us-based corporation does. they are still required by law to do so, if government feels like it, so yes, this is bad, but not a failure of Discord.

You can still run discord in a sandbox if you want to use it but want to protect your data

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