Reward for renter roleplay

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Post by Kyre » Wed Aug 21, 2013 8:08 pm

Reward for renter roleplay

Currently there is no reward for the renter roleplay i.e. a character can either rent or stay at a public place like an Inn if one is available, or simply "go to sleep" where ever. I don't wish to take away from this privilege in the game of being able to log wherever, but would like to reward one that rents in the town the character stays in because it shows a 1. interest in roleplay, 2. is a money sink, 3. and encourages support of the town along with taxes.

I suggest a reward for all names of those that are on the renter's "lease" which would also encourage some to live together. This reward could involve possibly decreased taxes since that idea is being discussed also, a monthly percentage decrease to buy something, like a credit (say for instance 50% off on buying one thing in town if can be programmed), however it could also involve other things such as one extra gem to fill in the blank.

I await your ideas on the suggestion.
If it is feasible or not.
Suggestion for rewards, and
Other thoughts related to renter rewards.

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Post by Jupiter » Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:01 pm

Re: Reward for renter roleplay

The reward is that they call a flat their own. I don't see why there need to be anything else.

Anyway, if there should be aynthing like a reward we need a proper, automatic rent system in the first place (which we sooner or later will have), since the information about the renters needs to be accessable for the script.

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Post by PurpleMonkeys » Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:03 pm

Re: Reward for renter roleplay

Mysterious neighbours occassionally offers you a gift basket of various goods. No, take it, we insist. TAKE IT.

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Post by Annabeth » Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:20 pm

Re: Reward for renter roleplay

Jupiter wrote:The reward is that they call a flat their own.
My instant thought when reading the OP.
Why would there really be a need for any more reward than that?
Currently characters rent flats because they want them for their RP. If any extra rewards are brought into it, more characters will rent flats, not because of RP purposes, but simply to get the rewards. This would cause more lack in housing than there already is in the game, and it would cause a lot of flats to be just left empty seeing the people only getting them for the extra rewards probably won't use them, if they are active at all as some of these players will most likely just be around for shorter durations at a time until they grow bored of the PGing aspect of the game.

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Post by Athian » Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:39 pm

Re: Reward for renter roleplay

I see it w as 50/50. The current flats in any given city are pretty much gloried huts, this includes the 1-2 room villa's. Yet at the same time they're overpriced for what they are and and rent is on a time frame that doesn't match well with players real lives.

That said I agree that it would be a bit clunky to implement an automated reward system. I do not however see any problem with GM's producing property deeds for players who rent if a 'physica'l item will give more feel to the game-play. O also see no reason why players can't create rewards and incentives for renting through a in-game arrangement (rather then a technical one). No system required, just the motivation to make a change to your game environment.

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Post by Nitram » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:18 pm

Re: Reward for renter roleplay

A automated system to rent flats and houses is on our ToDo-list. And its not that far away from the top.

I get the general idea of this topic and I'll see if we can incorporate it into the new system. Currently its not possible because the game does not know that you rented a place or that the place you are sleeping in is "yours".


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Post by PurpleMonkeys » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:38 pm

Re: Reward for renter roleplay

What if in the automated pyment system, instead a message like the tax payment coming up telling you how much you've paid, a window comes up asking if you want to pay. If you don't pay, you get no bonus/or a reduced bonus depending on how it will work, and a tick, and once a certain amount of ticks or missed payments occurs you get kicked out. That could help people who COULD pay the rent, but need that money for something else at the time, and could easily pay the money later on. I don't know how much work that would be, but I think it would be helpful.

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Post by GolfLima » Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:50 am

Re: Reward for renter roleplay

* as i know the number of rentabel rooms is limited
* what happens if all rooms are rented and a char like to rent a room?
* for me sounds like a hidden pressure to rent a room
* may be some "very rich" char rent all possible rooms at one city to get max reward - sounds bad for me

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Post by Djironnyma » Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:57 am

Re: Reward for renter roleplay

it wouldnt be a problem to make new rooms, if all are rent out and it would be easy to avoid that a single person rent ore as one room. Anyway i m strict against any technical reward for rent/own a room. The reward is your char have a own place, to roleplay, to design and as a status symbol that is reward enough. Illarion is a roleplay game, if any money drain needs a technical reward we attract not our main target players. There is no need to make rooms more attractive, the reason why currently not all are rent is not the lack of gains of flats but the lack of players.

Furthermore i doubt that a full automatic system make use at all. It takes roleplay options away. No room for (IG!) negotiation, favourtirism, bribes and so on - it is no fun to go to an NPCs and say him "rent flat 4!" but it can be a lot of fun to convince a other player to rent you a special flat. As long as the town gms / leaders feel that there is no problem with the rent i see no reason for a full automatic system. Anyway there could be a half automatic way, like a other playercharackter tells a special npc which char had rent which room for what price and then the room is marked as the renters one and the rent is taken automatic - or the key if the char isnt active or cant pay the rent.

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Post by Annabeth » Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:03 am

Re: Reward for renter roleplay

Dji brought up a good point there with the keys.
An npc for the quartermasters to get keys from, or perhaps even a way for that npc to hand out or take away keys to/from characters would be a nice feature.
Of course this does ruin a few RP possibilities as well as a bit of the freedom of the RP, but I think there would be more pros than cons to this.
The pros being:
No longer will players have to wait around for GMs to come about and make keys for the flats.
No longer will there be a problem when people suddenly disappear, taking the keys with them, when they stop playing.
And possibly more.
Those who are active players and would , say, want to for whatever reason run off with the key to pretty much force the town into changing the locks to that door, would not have the freedom to do so.
I really cant see any good reason why people would want to run away with a key like that though, so I don't think it would strip people off too much freedom.

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