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Post by Galmair » Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:01 pm

Office of the Chancellors | Büro der Kanzler

Office of the Chancellors | Büro der Kanzler

Dear citizens of Galmair,

this notice was created to keep you all informed about the work of your Chancellors in a comprehensive and transparent way.
The first page of this notice will always be updated, including our joined agends for the term and progress updades on it.
Chancellors may be pursuing individual agendas, but here only the joined agenda of all three will be included.

There will also be an overview of every chancellor's finances.

Please keep in mind that chancellors will and may still announce their own topics under this notice
or elsewhere on the town board: This notice is merely a place where the most important bits of information will be gathered and combined.

Werte Bürger Galmairs,

dieser Aushang wurde angebracht, um euch alle auf einen Blick und transparent über die Arbeit der Kanzler auf dem Laufenden zu halten.
Die erste Seite dieses Aushangs wird stets auf dem aktuellen Stand gehalten und beinhaltet die gemeinsame Agenda dieser Legislaturperiode und Neuigkeiten diesbezüglich.
Die einzelnen Kanzler können noch immer individuelle Projekte verfolgen, aber in diesem Aushang werden nur die gemeinsamen Aktivitäten zusammengefasst.

Es wird außerdem einen Überblick über das Budget der Kanzler geben.

Bitte bedenkt, dass Neuigkeiten und Ankündigungen auch an anderer Stelle passieren können: Dieser Aushang dient lediglich dazu, einen Ort zu schaffen, an dem die wichtigsten Informationen zu sammeln und zusammenzufassen.


  • Secure Galmair's Resources | Sicherung der Ressourcen Galmairs
The Copperhand Tunnel collapse as well as the rockslide near the Malachite Mine will have to be addressed to secure citizens access to vital resources of Galmair.
Der Einsturz des Copperhand Tunnels und der Felsrutsch vor der Malachit Mine muss angegangen werden, um den Bürgern den Zugang zu wichtigen Ressourcen Galmairs zu ermöglichen.

Status: Planning phase | Planungsphase

  • Filling of job positions | Besetzung von Posten
All (or at least as many as possible) vacant jobs in Galmair should be filled by citizens. Please check the available jobs list at this very town board.
We are especially looking for:
Medico, Forester. If you are interested in such a position, please contact any of the chancellors as soon as possible.
Alle offenen Posten (oder zumindest möglichst viele) sollten von Bürgern Galmairs besetzt werden. Bitte überprüft die freien Stellen am Stadtbrett.
Ganz besonders gesucht werden:
Medico/Heiler, Förster. Sollte jemand an diesen Posten interessiert sein, so melde er oder sie sich bei den Kanzlern.

Status: Seeking interested citizens | Auf der Suche nach Interessierten

  • Bring an end to the cultist/outlaw menace | Ein Ende des Gesetzlosenproblems
Galmair, as well as all the other towns, is dealing with the outlaw menace. We will work tirelessly to address this issue, but please bear in mind that we can not share all of our plans regarding this openly for reasons of security: The enemy is reading along!
Galmair, ebenso wie die anderen Städte, hat ein Problem mit Gesetzlosen und Kultisten. Wir werden stets daran arbeiten, dieses Problem anzugehen. Bürger sollten beachten, dass wir nicht jeden Fortschritt in der Sache sofort öffentlich machen können, da dies ein Sicherheitsrisiko darstellen könnte: Der Feind liest mit!

Status: Planning phase | Planungsphase

  • Communication with other towns | Kommunikation mit anderen Städten
We believe that a certain level of communication between towns is vital for addressing certain topics. We will seek to strengthen our diplomatic ties to the other towns for the benefit of Galmair and its citizens, as well as for the benefit of the whole of Illarion. Here as well as with the afore mentioned point, not all communication can be shared openly.
Wir glauben, dass ein gewisses Niveau an Kommunikation zwischen den drei Städten in Bezug auf das Angehen bestimmter Probleme wichtig ist. Wir wollen versuchen die diplomatischen Beziehungen zu den anderen Städten auszubauen, zum Wohle Galmairs und seiner Bürger, als auch zum Wohle des gesamten Landen. In dieser Sache, wie beim Punkt zuvor, kann nicht jedes Detail öffentlich gemacht werden.

Status: Diplomats at work | Diplomaten im Dienst

  • Seeking citizen's needs | Wünsche der Bürger erörtern
We aim to actively involve citizens in town affairs and hear their voices. This can be done by taking a job (see above), by contacting any chancellor with your concerns and ideas and by attending meetings set by the chancellors or one chancellor. Anything voiced on such meetings will be shared with the whole administration and considered, although promises can not be made.
Wir wollen die Bürger aktiv in die Geschickte der Stadt einbinden und ihre Stimme hören. Dies ist besonders durch die Übernahme eines Postens (siehe oben) möglich, durch das direkte Kontaktieren eines Kanzlers, oder während offener Treffen mit diesen. Auf diesen Treffen wird jede Idee oder Anmerkung an die gesamte Administration der Stadt weitergegeben, auch wenn Versprechungen nicht sofort gemacht werden und verbindliche Zusagen nicht immer direkt gegeben werden können.

Status: Planning phase, awaiting input | Planungsphase, Warten auf Vorschläge

Finances | Finanzen
  • Artimer
400 gold installment
400 gold budget
  • Kyre
400 gold installment
400 gold budget
  • Tyan
400 gold installment
400 gold budget

The Chancellors of Galmair | Die Kanzler Galmairs
Kyre, Artimer Fault, Tyan Masines

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Post by Kyre » Tue May 07, 2019 3:19 am

Re: Office of the Chancellors | Büro der Kanzler

A parchment is hung at the end of an old yellowed one that was ignored for years...

It has been a pleasure attempting to help the citizens of Galmair but time for me to step down. I wish all of you luck in your endeavors.

The Witch

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Post by Kyre » Thu Sep 19, 2019 9:37 pm

Re: Office of the Chancellors | Büro der Kanzler

In the dead of night, a parchment is left in the library with Miggs....

In the three years I have been Chancellor without any other Chancellor around to share expenses, one that finally returns wishes an expense report however in order to be open this is placed for the entire town to see including the Don.

Three Mas paying a gold for monsters, a dance, bard contest, approximately 2000 arrows to the guards for two of the Mas's, stock up the hospital and repair the damage done by the children during the Mas, pay for food for classes at the Galmair Inn and a teacher, remove barricades after paying for a study to find out if they are needed or not, repairing tunnel collapses after paying for another study whether to change the access to the tunnel, adding bath facilities near the flats, and any other business that usually three Chancellors would pay for. Estimated expense for the three year time... 400 total gold received, 350 gold spent.


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Post by Vern Kron » Fri Sep 20, 2019 2:49 am

Re: Office of the Chancellors | Büro der Kanzler


This is not the sort of list of expenses that was requested of you. If you read further into this document, you will see that you have previously written such an account before, and I believe that you are capable of doing so again.

Please, Kyre, take note. I am not doing this to cause you suffering, or harm. I am not trying to cause you undue stress, or hunt you down. I am trying to give you the opportunity to reflect back on what you have done with, and for Galmair, in this previous years. You have served faithfully to Galmair for a great deal of time. I would hate for you to toss it aside, and burn the bridge. With that said, I have done a bit of digging on the claims you have made.

There was a claim made about the gold per monster, of which I have co-signed. Interestingly, I did not recall a single person taking up that offer. I also see no specific documentation of proof that such an expense had occurred, other than the possibility it was offered.
Kyre wrote:
Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:06 pm
The Chancellors are of the opinion that being Galmairians, a reward would be helpful for any citizen's service rendered during Mas. Hence bring proof of severed head, claw, leg of monster to one of us as proof to collect a bounty. Pictures the children drew if guarding them at the hospital and testaments of food and potions donated will also be considered.

Chancellor Kyre and Chancellor Artimer

(( viewtopic.php?p=710770#p710770 ))

In regards to the gold for the bathhouse. Since you specifically described the gold, I am going to have to deal with that directly. Unfortunately, it does appear that the gold was provided by Drugar, and Ssar’ney of the House of Sea Serpent. This also occurred under a time frame where both Evie, and Caswir, were chancellors. You were not alone during this time, nor is this something that I believe you were being asked to make an account for. As such, it is not valid for where the gold went. Unless, by chance, you were referring to another bath house project I was unaware of.
Evie wrote:
Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:25 am
Dear Galmairians,

At the election, many citizens voiced a desire for a bathhouse. A plan for one has been drafted and approved by the chancellors. The following is a list of Materials for the building project. A translation is appreciated if possible.

3500 raw stone(3500 received)
3075 cut stone (3075 received)
1350 boards(1350 received)
(list shortened for space)
20 gold(20 gold)
Q-wert wrote:
Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:03 pm
Das Haus der Seeschlange heißt Initiativen, welche Reinheit durch Wasser beinhalten willkommen. Es unterstützt das Vorhaben in dem es den bescheidenen Betrag der Münzen der initialen Liste deckt.
The House of the Sea Serpent welcomes initiatives involving purity through water. It does assist this endeavour by covering the modest amount of coin on the initial list.

For the honour of the Goddess.
Für die Ehre der Göttin.

  • ~Ssar'ney
    • Graf des Hauses der Seeschlange
      Hohentempler Zelphias
      Patrizier Cadomyrs
By the dashing Lettarius. Who might even dare to visit this foreign bathouse, if the local ladies can assure his wellbeing.
Drugar Stonesmasher wrote:
Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:43 am
Dear Miss Pryler,

Drugar would be ready to supply the following:

(list excluded for reading purposes)
500 silver

concerning pins: could also be supplied to a degree if noone else supplies any.

(( viewtopic.php?p=707104#p707104
viewtopic.php?p=707108#p707108 ))

The dance. In regards to the costs of the dance, it seems there has been an account made for the dance! It was 2 dwarven years ago, and it was part of an accounted fee of a different term of chancellorship, where Kyre was given 333 gold, instead of the 400 previously described. Based off of what I have found, I do not know that I can say for certain that this constitutes a proper expense.
Kyre wrote:
Mon May 08, 2017 4:57 am
On a desk upstairs at the Chancellor offices amid other parchments and sundry items including two children's drawings and a poem lies a brand new ledger appearing as if made of leather.

A pen lies inside propping it open on the first page as the expectation of use soon may be perceived.

There is no signature however from the red pen markings and typical advanced lettering, the author may be discerned.

333 gold received from the Don per Hand for this year.

45 gold so far for dance. Balance: 288 gold
20 gold for decorations dance.. balance 268
30 gold consulting fee to Artimer plus 35 gold..balance 203
6 gold for advertisement in new paper for Galmair
50 silver for translation services balance 196.5

1 gold taxes (estimating low).. balance 195.5

(( viewtopic.php?f=88&t=41461&p=707009&hilit=dance#p707009 ))
Of course, there is a chance there was another dance that I did not account for, but I have not seen proof immediately that it did occur.

In regards to the Bard Contest, I can seem to find no evidence written that proves that such an event occurred, outside of the contest that occurred in Cadomyr a few years back, and one hosted over a decade ago. I am sure that it did, but I see no account of any sort of expense this event would have cost, and no proof that there was any expense at all.
Assuming that Kyre purchased the arrows, and did not produce them (though I have witnessed her making arrows before), the total price of 2000 arrows would total 4 gold.

In regards to the costs of the hospital, I have not seen actual ‘stocking’ procedures, nor any claims of product shipment. While I do appreciate Kyre’s desire of service and maintenance of the hospital, I cannot firmly pin point what precisely stocking the hospital means or would require, other than my personal understanding of what it would require to stock the hospital.

Building the Barricades
Evie wrote:
Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:30 am
I have an estimate of supplies needed for barricades if we build them.

3750 logs
500 pins

Please state your opinions if you want barricades or not. We are running short on time before Mas approaches.
Chancellor Pryler
(( viewtopic.php?p=707105#p707105 ))
Please note the lack of coin requirement for the barricades. I would also like to highlight the fact that this discussion occurred three years ago, involving Chancellor Evie Pryler. Who was, in fact, a chancellor in the time that Kyre claims to have been alone. Also, I know for a fact that Evie would have donated a fair chunk of the materials herself, and can recall donating multiple times to the barricades as well. I also recognize that that the barricades are rebuilt yearly. This would impose a greater cost, but that would still be a total of 0 gold required, unless you purchased the wood needed, which I have found to be provided frequently in the past.

Destroying the Barricades
In recent days I have helped with the removal of barricades from Cadomyr’s front gates. The cost of removing the wooden barricades appeared to be 0, as I chopped them with my hatchet, and then they were gone. If there is a listed account of the cost that disposing of the barricades required, I have yet to see it in my digging.

Repairing the Tunnel
Kyre donated 1000 sawed boards, and sawed 1000 boards for Tialdin. The merchant rate for logs is a silver, and 2 silver for boards. Let’s pretend for a moment that she bought them, rather than collect them (even though she has been witnessed performing carpentry before). That would put the price at 30 gold.
Vern Kron wrote:
Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:48 pm
Dear Citizens,

A survey of the damage to the mines was completed. The damage is extensive. Those who are interested in assisting in the repair of the tunnel, here is the list of supplies needed.

We will need:

75 Pickaxes (Generously crafted by Caine) Complete!
30 Chisels (Generously crafted by Caine) Complete!
20 Warhammers (Nicely crafted by Caswir) Complete!

This is simply for clearing out all of the rubble from the initial collapse. This does nothing on the matter of repairing the structural damage that has occurred as well.

Those repairs will require:

1000 Bricks (Completed thanks to Sir Dantagon Marescot) Complete!
4000 Cut Stone (1000 provided by Caswir; 1000 provided by the work party clearing the Malachite pathway; 2000 provided by Tialdin) Complete!
3000 Naldor Boards (1000 provided by Oxi; 1000 logs provided by Tialdin for sawing by Kyre, 1000 cut boards provided by Artimer) Near Complete!
3000 Conifer Boards (1000 provided by Kyre, 1000 logs given by Tialdin to Caswir for cutting, 1000 boards from Artimer) Near Complete!

If you wish to undertake the task of completing portions of the job yourself, please state which of these you would like to do, in order that we do not work over one another.
I will also suggest you contact or tend to the altars and make offerings towards the blessing of this endeavor for the protection of Galmair.

Chancellor Artimer
(( viewtopic.php?p=709834#p709834 ))

That would put the total expenses accounted for at 34 gold, and a total remaining of 366 gold remaining to be paid.

With that unpleasantness aside, I again plead to you Kyre. Be reasonable. Give rationale for your expenses. Caswir has in fact, paid a portion of the required amount. He has also withdrawn that payment. This was incredibly kind of him, and he is worth his weight in gold.

I do not expect an immediate turn over of gold. I do not seek to make demands. I simply desire for you to give a reasonable account, and we can work from there. It is not my intention, or desire, to banish you from seeing your children, nor is it my intent or desire to seek out debt collectors for you. There is no reason to do so, as I have known you to deal in a generally honest manner. You gave your word on taking care of the town’s money, so I will believe it.

Please stop dealing with me as if I am your enemy, or a fool. I am neither. Do not see this as a desire to make your life miserable, or to force you to return. I would not try to do either, for I am not a fool. One of the significant claims you were making during our time together in chancellorship, is that we are to always put Galmair first. When looking to Cadomyr, and Letma, you would claim that we must take care of Galmair first. When dealing with Runewick, and the challenges that their citizens held, you would claim we must think of Galmair first.

So, again, I ask you: Who was the one responsible for your actions, and who should be held accountable for the actions you choose to take? What would be the thing you would have done, were you me? I believe you and I both know what you would do as chancellor, which is why there are claims made that you are scared, and unwell.

Remember; I am not you. There is plenty of time to make peace. The path forward to a bright future is open, and willing. You simply need to choose to take it. It starts with an actual meaningful report of expense.

Chancellor Artimer Fault

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