The Gift...

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The Gift...

A witch and three children whisper quietly in the night. The smallest of them, the toddler, can't help but finally close her eyes unable to fight sleep any longer. The other two, even amidst frequent yawns, stay awake until they see the entire completion as the witch draws meticulously. Dark eyes finally look up at the remaining two, pulling the little one onto her shoulder.

Well, think he will like it?

At the enthusiastic nod from each, before the two climb into their respective beds, while she lays Branwen in hers...Kyre then proceeds to tuck each in for the night. Slowly removing her black witch hat and gently laying it on the table next to the parchment, the witch sighs contentedly while admiring their creation. Each child contributed in their own way. The eldest wrote a lovely poem all about his Papa, the middle witchling wrote a promise to be good for a full day, the third added a colorful scribble mumbling "Papa". In the middle was a rune done with exact precision possibly recognizable from a bonding ceremony long ago. As the candle is extinguished and only the light from one of the two moons shine through the window, a whisper can be heard before the bedroom door is quietly closed...

Best I can terrible remembering dates!

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