Fire Readiness / Feuerwehr

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Post by Galmair » Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:05 pm

Fire Readiness / Feuerwehr

A lot of valuable items and estates can be found in Galmair. Protecting the value from fire should be utmost concern of every citizen.
Therefor every citizen has to pay a yearly fire brigade fee in the amount of one gold for each rank if he or she is not ready at any time to fight fire. All funds raised will be used to pay for supplies.
Be ready!
To be ready in case of fire you have to fulfill the following conditions
- At least 10 buckets filled with water ready in your chest
- 5 shovels of fine sand ready in your chest

In Galmair existieren viele wertvolle Waren und Immobilien. Es ist ein vordringliches Anliegen aller Bürger der Stadt, diese auch vor Feuer zu schützen.
Daher wird jeder Bürger jährlich ein Goldstück pro Rangstufe als Feuerwehrgebühr zahlen wenn er nicht Wasser und Sand bereithält. Die Gebühr wird genutzt, um die Ausstattung der Feuerwehr zu verbessern.
Seid bereit!
Du musst die folgenden Materialien in deiner Kiste bereit haben:
- Mindestens 10 Eimer Wasser zur sofortigen Verwendung.
- Mindestens 5 Schaufeln feinen Sandes zur sofortigen Verwendung.

On behalf of Don Valerio Giuliani
The chancellors for Galmair,
Banduk Robberhauf el Luastelay / Bernie Bottoms

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Post by Kyre » Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:29 pm

Re: Fire Readiness / Feuerwehr

Staring at the sign, the witch laughs then shakes here head while speaking to her eldest child...

There was a time in Trolls Bane they tried to jail anyone wearing hoods over their head... that law was soon removed. Too bad there is no magic, that is how I put out fires. Who has buckets and sand, crafters! Well I guess Smith does.

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Post by Juniper Onyx » Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:33 pm

Re: Fire Readiness / Feuerwehr

*looks at the sign and scribbles a note*

As discussed in the city meeting, anyone who wishes to be ready to fight fires for Galmair and does not have the supplies, will be given those supplies at no cost to them. Just see either of the chancellors to receive your buckets and sand. With Bras approaching fast, and Mas not too long off, we appreciate your assistance with the danger of fire by taking precautions.

Thank you!

In service to the Don,
~Chancellor Bottoms

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