Arcane Research and other things

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Post by Kyre » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:54 pm

Arcane Research and other things

Codices for the Arcane
(( Reminder, this is a private journal if you read the thread.. RP with permission only and if shown her journal))

As Researcher & Expert of the Arcane, the tireless search for rare manuscripts and codices along with other less accepted avenues of research which included delving into dark magic, adding to her knowledge of blood magic and even the new trial of carving of spells with the natural products of Illarion itself, wood took most of her time. Along with the faithful dedication to Nargun, including obtaining secret information from other research, some good some just a waste of time...Kyre's typical ingrained desire for knowledge like other mages and witches wouldn't let her halt.


The latest aspect were these strange runes. One in particular confounds her yet she plans on finding the answer if there is one. Sitting at the table gazing at the torn parchment in the light of the flickering candle, Kyre looks at each pictogram and each letter in her attempt to decipher. Could this have something to do with translation of that old rune or is this one better shelved for another time? Being an elfess, she knew there was plenty of time for her research however she wasn't as patient as the elves she met on Tol Vanima long ago. The one who gave her these manuscripts to study had no idea the island would vanish yet many had now been saved. The search continues.
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Post by Kyre » Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:28 pm

Arcane Research

A parchment is added under this:

I have found many more parchments to study and decipher related to the runes. Any mage that desires to assist in the studies send a raven or add their parchment here.


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Post by Kyre » Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:36 am

Re: Arcane Research

Amid numerous parchments and scrolls, up late at night studying each by candle light Kyre becomes more and more concerned yet is hesitant to even write anything formally. Comparing the figures and census taken just recently of as many towns as she was able to, writing all the names of the people heard about and particularly who is a mage, talking to druids, medico's and nanny's then studying what she is able to transcribe in the older codex's muttering to herself...

This cant be right.

Her scrawl on the edge of one parchment studied discussing the dead zones along with lack of magic in another land is barely legible, more a question then a statement.

Lack of magic to mages may reduce their fertility?

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Post by Kyre » Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:04 pm

Random Thoughts

When not even the two moons are seen in the darkened sky, Kyre sits at a table with only the flickering of the candle light to keep her company. There are parchments on the floor along with rolled up scrolls and a few codices with an empty goblet of wine and her robe left sprawled across the back of the chair. Only her nightgown is worn as if she rose in the middle of a sleepless night to scribble her thoughts which take up part of the parchment yet are listed randomly with no order. Her wooden hand with intricate carvings haphazardly placed lays holding the parchment steady while the other hand continues it's disorderly scrawl, anxious to get her thoughts down before they disappear in dreams.

What are wands.. merely a channel of magical energy or are they more? Has this magical energy been tied so long with the wand that it is now impossible to use without one and is there a malfunction with the wands?
A scribble even smaller is seen near this.
Check carvings and spells for wands. Attempt to repeat the design of runes seen in wands and staffs to see results.
Have mages, even though they still have mana, lost their thaumaturgic energy?

Delve into divination and nephomancy for possible answers along with the usual research.

Consider the mage with a slightly different body structure due to the ability to hold mana. Continue to study does this effect libido?

What other physical manifestations may be present with the abundance of mana yet no way to vent the excess using magic as in the past.... eyesight, appetite, strength, stress related symtoms.

More small writing under this can barely be seen.
Discuss with druid and Ufedhin

At the end, a small note is added at the last minute before the parchment is abandoned in favor of sleep...

What is the difference between the results on mages and the results on witches?

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Post by AdemarT » Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:59 am

A Study of Clouds

Every morning as the sun begins to rise, a young man finds his way to the top of a hill near Galmair. With careful movements, he sets down a woolen blanket on the ground and lays upon it, gazing up to the sky. For long moments, he looks at the clouds as they form and dissipate with the first rays of sunlight. As if within a trance, he lays motionless, taking in everything he sees. After some time, he stirs again. He rises to a sitting position and removes a small bound book from a satchel he carried with him. As if to avoid losing the information he has taken in, he begins to write rapidly in the book.

Inside the book, short passages can be found. The writing is loose and messy but the words precisely chosen. Near some of the entries, charcoal drawings of cloud formations serve as accompaniment.

Earliest entry

Long wispy clouds close to the surface, stark white. Their movement was slow across the sky.
Serpents are often seen in times of sickness. Their movement across our pox-ridden bodies can cure what our ailments. There were many serpents today. The gods of course send their signs to us so I have no other way to read this other than the obvious. The land itself is in need of healing.

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Post by Kyre » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:23 am

Re: Arcane Research

There is a brief scribble across a journal deep in a chest done with the witch's hand...

Too much to write all at the moment but had a meeting of the mages of Galmair. There are some large ideas in the works that are only a matter of research to find the correct one. Reference these indications:

Irmormon, Nargun and Ronagan properties in relation to achievement of our goal.
Fighter and crafter assist?
Stones, mountains and their properties along with their connection underground and affinity to dwarves.
Strengthening spells using other means including blood, proper cloud formation, scrolls for that purpose and ancient words.

More later

This particular page and scribble disappeared totally in a puff of smoke when a passageway was cleared quickly to the mine. Though diligently searching for it, Kyre finally gave up when she thought she heard a familiar sound of raven's wings in the distance.

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Post by Kyre » Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:15 pm

Re: Arcane Research

Taking out her journal, Kyre sighs beginning to write carefully, at the top of the page she lists some subjects, underneath is written her research so far....

Just for my personal view:
The bridge fires appear to be part magic since they hurt Oxi much more then me, I attribute it to a certain resistance mages get to do: research and help Ufedhin.


Nargun has laughed at us again and given magic to monsters that can heal...

Waste of good arrows
Bone Ghost (can chase you across half an island and the best advise is to find a ladder)
Son of Mountain (careful, when you freeze he is on you quicker then you can run and Nargun seems to have added that factor)
Gynkenese Spider ( not very fast but heals impossibly fast )

To do:
Add to the list of the ones affected
Attempt to find the magic to negate the freeze factor
Attempt to find the magic of the heal factor
Find best places to stay away from these monsters

Will be added to as the research continues.

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Post by Kyre » Fri Sep 27, 2013 2:38 am

Re: Arcane Research

There is a separate page and this list of things going on in Galmair is written in some kind of mix of old elven and ancient, hard to interpret except for the beginning.

Month of the Four Winds Naras 2,
Research strange happenings of possible sorcery in our own town:

There is an addendum added..

Saran returns her usual orcess self, one problem solved, look at the rest.

Discuss future plans:

Symbols are scribbled at the bottom.


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Post by Ufedhin » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:12 pm

Re: Arcane Research

A hasty scrawled message is attached to the board

Five portals have appeared in the woodcorner out side our main gates can the mages please let the town wot
is happening? ,i cannot enter these portals hence they might be one way only but fer wot? thank thee.

Ufedhin Copperhand.

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Post by Kyre » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:21 pm

Re: Arcane Research

A dwarf comes through the gate bringing a scroll for the Master Alchemist.

Dear Ufedhin,

I am not in town at the moment but was given a copy of your missive and will be there shortly
(( a couple of hours )).


Another message is placed on the board by the same dwarf who seems to have come into a lot of coin to spend.

All mages of Galmair are needed to study the latest magic in our town...

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Post by Ufedhin » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:26 pm

Re: Arcane Research

A new message is attached.

I have some feelings that these may be portals from Mas but cant be sure.I have a report some are accross the bridge to the Malachite mine aswell but this is false as i have just verified..

Ufedhin Copperhand.

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Post by Ufedhin » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:35 pm

Re: Arcane Research

The portals have vanished ,
i would have a talk wit the elf Riana shes tight lipped but i has seen her in the area actin' suspicious.


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Post by Kyre » Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:11 am

Re: Arcane Research

Kyre frowns finally getting her journal out again and the first thing she does is to scratch out her theory on fertility and mages making bold ink marks through all the writing...

That theory was definitely wrong!

Turning a few more pages she writes on the edge of the parchment near one written on ancient arrows...

Check with him later.. he may have more information on where they all came from.

At the end of the page is written neatly but in small writing a to do list...

1. Inform the others regarding the new information and the theory.
2. Sprinkles in the air with the Thanksgiving ceremony.. a sign magic is returning? Requires further study
3. Devote some time to the study of healing monsters.. any way to check for mana or is this from another source?

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Post by Kyre » Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:53 am

Re: Arcane Research

Late at night, she gently leaves the covers of the bed making sure Oxi stays asleep though there was a moment he turned restlessly that her breath was held. Walking to the other room, closing the door as soundlessly as possibly, Kyre lit the torch near the table and pulled parchment and pen from a side cabinet before beginning to write.

An entirely new circumstance was seen today. Was this actual magic or daemon work? Something doesn't seem right, definitely a puzzle surrounding the entire thing. This new land always brings one question after the other...will our daughter be safe without my magic?

I am still awaiting to dissect one of the healing monsters.. though even if I did, what would I find... anything different from other monsters? I hope Ademar is back to stay, he has been sorely missed.

Folding the parchment into thirds, the witch slips it into her journal and blows out the torch before returning to the other room.

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Post by Kyre » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:59 am

Re: Arcane Research

Gently wrapping the ring in the finest silk not to scratch any of the lettering, Kyre places it inside the chest and pulls out her journal using a blank page for a quick note.

There seems to be or used to be magic in this ring...

The tiny script and picture that follows is a detailed description of everything related to the ring including the emerald facets and the engraving of MES PEN.

Will this magic return eventually? Hopefully. We know there is magic here, why can't we use it? Is it Nargun as I suspect or something else keeping us from that avenue? We need to study and research not only these ancient texts of old, but this new world we live in now. For awhile, Evie will study mana, I'll study the runes for any changes from Gobaith continuing to experiment with my carvings. Hopefully with Ademar's cloud studies, ideas from Celegail and the Shaman combined, we can find out more information on magic though I am convinced other researchers such as alchemists can assist by bringing their knowledge of the land here including that strange being Ufedhin showed us.

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Post by Kyre » Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:12 am

Re: Arcane Research

One page with a picture of the ring is added back to the journal and small notes are scribbled in a spare page along with another to do list which is basically a copy of the last with additions:

No new information on runes with the arrows, check with Evie regarding her study of mana.

Ufedhin has studied the previous portals...

Both Shamans.. rat messenger and tree consciousness.

I am getting close with the carvings...will it do what I think? There is just a little more alteration but there is every indication it will only work once. How to test?

See if we can take samples of the rock, find out why this one is special and check with Ademar on his clouds.

What would Saran feel from the rock?

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Post by Kyre » Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:36 pm

Re: Arcane Research

After the election and finally home, Kyre opens a drawer in the chest that hasn't been touched for longer then a few fortnights. Carefully removing a dusty journal, blowing on it lightly while muttering...

A little magical breeze would have cleaned this off better..

She moves to the table and sets pen and ink close before opening the pages..

Now, finally time for more research.

The children were with a sitter, Oxi was mining and the house was quiet except for Gavin's voice heard in the distance. Looking out the window, Kyre contemplates what should be done first knowing she has set a lot aside due to the time needed for being Chancellor and also new Mom. Turning her dark eyes to the empty crib she smiles knowing her daughter may one day be a powerful witch. Smith didn't mind at all and in fact seemed to welcome it though she tried to warn him of problems. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts..time now to get back to work, research, observe, teach. Reaching for the pen, dipping it in the red ink, her list begins....
  • Check the latest runes on staffs and arrows seeing if any work as intended.
    Complete study of magical arrow, visit site again.
    Ask Ademar about his cloud studies.
    Talk to Oxi about visiting the portals again.
    Beginner lessons with the witchling.

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Post by Kyre » Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:47 am

Re: Arcane Research

A new page is added with small precise writing.
It isn't that research has stopped, just the opposite. I have been too busy to plan more, working from one project to another. I am adding my notes on each project here and perhaps can lengthen them at a later date because each one expands into more.
  • A parchment from Celegail about strange birds heard in Runewick is attached.
  • An entire parchment filled with brief notations discussing a golem of Ufe's, it's magical properties, along with tying that in with the mana pond in the Flats is carefully placed between the pages.
  • Closure of a crack and any attempt to find the source along with the study of the pond takes up two pages.
  • A brief missive on the growth then absence of the weeds is one sentence with a message at the side-requires no further study at the moment.

As an added concern, upon cleaning the Flats a strange turbulence was seen from the mana pond by the work party...what this will eventually mean is unclear and requires further study.

A strange notation or list is written at the very bottom of the page.
Reaction of experimental Apples:
Piglets-as expected.
Lafadiel-possibly none
Evie-possibly working

Unsure for Azure is crossed out and another note added....

Azure-worked but not as intended.

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Post by Kyre » Thu Dec 04, 2014 5:27 am

Re: Arcane Research

There is a large page with small writing on it.. notes more then any coherent idea however, the writing in red is noticeable being the witch.

The dead body worked yet, the sister is lost and not even a skull for compensation.
-Ask for payment ahead of time.
-Find out if dead body is working correctly.
-Retrieve the object left on the body before animation.

Some of the words are covered with a substance appearing like burned ash making them unreadable.

Ufed___'s boot appears to have ____ _________ on it with possible mana. Was he using the water from the pond? Is it possible __ _____ eventually turn __ after all?

A notation is written along the side of the page as an afterthought.

Time to quit the army when goals are against Galmair's, will check my experiment left on the rock.

More space is between the lettering then the note at the bottom is added...

Yes, I think the spell works. Testing it now.

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Post by Kyre » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:04 am

Re: Arcane Research

Another full page with the title "Fire being" at the top has random notes down the page...
Burned chancellor meeting room.. repair door.

Rumor someone (Uhuru) used arcane object to call. What is this mention of potato?

Strange reports from different people. Arcia-two beings, Saran-black skeleton, someone a dragon princess? Same being that burned the minor's hut or was this a different incident?

Apparently comes from another world either one or two beings and the report is it came unwillingly. Is the being or beings trying to return?

I like Artimer's idea.. worth pursueing.

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Post by Kyre » Mon Apr 27, 2015 10:47 pm

Re: Arcane Research

Sitting at the table with moonbeams shining from the window onto her sleeping children in their beds. A small candle flickering just enough to lighten up the immediate area of the well polished table as the witch composes a list in her journal that seems to grow with no end in sight.

Bread: Not work as intended...why hair growth? Wonder what it will do to Evie and the former Captain turned beggar?

Chancellor: When is Mas?

The mage house: Make a list of our first meeting..all things planned and discovered to be added in the books.

Runewick: ....

Suddenly the witch stops writing and simply grins unable to suppress a small chuckle. Leaving the rest blank she continues...

Mana flow: The pond definitely has mana, the question it a source or just a feed from somewhere else?

The Witchling: Her lessons are becoming troublesome.

As the candle burns down, the final flame flickers and dies, Kyre lays her head on the journal as sleep overcomes her. Only the last sentence gets a little smudged.

Cadomyr and Witch apple: Must remember ........

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Post by Kyre » Tue May 12, 2015 12:58 pm


There are a lot of drawings scratched out on a number of pages and finally one drawing seems to be shown with a note at the bottom..

Evie's idea looks good, we need a name now that we have some walls torn down. It is time for the cleansing ritual then to build?

More scribbles follow then one sentence in fairly large letters.

A mage house must be designed and built by mages to make sure all magic has the best chance of surviving and not reduced to rubble like Runewick. All brick and windows will be despelled, runes and designs will be intricately added some in ancient in new and old language.

Along the sides of the parchment are several names..
Mage House - boring. Golden Mage Faculty- not sure.. The House of Mana- Boring still? Mana Emporium-are we selling? Golden Charm, Runic House, Enchantment?

Need more ideas!

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Post by Sammy Goldlieb » Tue May 12, 2015 4:53 pm

Re: Arcane Research

*Nothing was here. That seems just a left open space*
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Post by Kyre » Tue May 12, 2015 11:26 pm

Re: Arcane Research

Kyre tears the stray bit of paper from her private journal without even looking at it muttering to herself..

Children must have found it in the chest and started drawing in it, perhaps I should hide it in our bedroom?

(( just a reminder, this is a private journal. Unless you have been asked to read or look at it by Kyre there shouldn't be any posts in it and your char would know nothing about it , thanks! ))

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Post by Evie » Wed May 13, 2015 7:39 pm

Re: Arcane Research

*A red haired woman takes a seat at the Inn table in Galmair and begins to write in an old journal. Anyone observing her would notice deep concentration and only be able to tell what she is writing if they are fully versed in the Ancient Language.*

Possible names for the new magic building: Arcane Academy, Arcane Academy of Free Thought, Galmairian Academy of the Arcane

Notes for moving the town depot:
This could be done with a ritual involving at least two mages, more would be better. A focus of a pure earth would help control the magic so we do not have side effects (Note: Prylers will donate this). Wands of Earth and Spirit should be used minimally, Air if a third joins. We will need workers to move the table and the depot which should be abnormally heavy as the magic it contains will resist the move. Only the ritual will allow it to be moved then, the more mages the stronger the ritual and lighter the depot will be. The move should not take more than half a dwarven hour, speed dependant about number of mages, heaviness of depot, and the amount of lifters we have. Note to Kyre: Do you think Air element and wand would serve better than earth?

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Post by Evie » Wed May 13, 2015 8:17 pm

Re: Arcane Research

*Turning the page, Evie continues making notes in the book she was given*

Chicken problems..

The chickens outside are exhibiting aggressive behavior. Is this due to them lacking living quarters or somehow related to the chicks I released which I have fed water from the Inn pool?

Studies on the bodies and brains of the three Kyre and I put down did show slightly enlarged brains. Is this an environmental effect? I have seen aggressive chickens before this in Illarion. Or is it due to their bodies being unable to disperse excessive mana? This will require more study. For now we should get the chickens proper homes, and I will stop releasing those given the experimental water, holding them in a closed area for extensive study of pond water ingestion effects. We will also need to destroy all the other chickens that turn aggressive. I do not know if the madness they have is catching and they are surely a danger to children and citizens. Note: it would not be advisable for the remains of these chickens to be eaten. Kyre has the supplies, Uhuru will provide food. I know Galmair has enough workers to get the chicken houses built in no time. We just need to plan a day.

Mana Modulation Lesson:

My study on egg hatching is actually one of learning to pull and release mana in this new land. The mana streams here are slightly different and the process we normally used to harness and control mana is ineffective. Learning to control and push the mana into the eggs in order to advance development quickly has helped me to partially overcome this problem. It has been a long process and is by no means fool proof. Often times I passed out from exhaustion after trying an experiment because the effect was so draining.

I want to do a demonstration of this and small lesson or inform if possible. I have a few more exotic eggs as well. Small ones given to me by Uffe before his disappearance and some colored ones my dog dug up from under a hedge. Hatching all of these in a short time frame for the lesson/demonstration will require additional mage assistance to do the process effectively and for me not to pass out afterwards or during. As I do not know the species of these curious eggs I would also like some of our fighters to be available should the inhabitants turn out to be hostile.
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Post by Evie » Wed May 13, 2015 8:28 pm

Re: Arcane Research

*After a long stretch Evie starts writing on another page*

Academy building project notes:

-I like the two story design with the open roof for a classroom.
-Instead of ladder we have discussed a portal or other magical trigger to get us to the classroom roof area (need to brainstorm more with Kyre and others).
-The walls of brick will take some work I have over 1,000 made up now but we may need to seek help from the town and community for our supplies.
-Note: We need to contact the book publisher in Gynk for prices for books to fill these shelves. High Priority!
-Our cooks and alchemist will also enjoy our garden classroom’s ambiance and fruits we should make the way up there accessible to all. This will also help ensure their support in building and for our craft over all.
-Possible ritual area in the future would be nice.. I still like mining out part of the mountain top. This is a long way off though.

*Finally Evie closes the book and carefully rewraps it storing it for return to its owner while muttering “I can’t drop it off at the house the witchling will start drawing again and the witch will be displeased with me!”*

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Post by Kyre » Tue May 26, 2015 3:09 am

Re: Arcane Research

A list of items are scrawled quickly.. not in her usual exacting cursive.

Miner's hut area cleaned and prepared by ritual, seems safe to build the mage house, maybe.
Find a tester to walk around the flooring.
Forgot to ask Ademar about names.

Depot move very difficult but managed with Evie and Ademar while Artimer and Oxi built the table. Merung prayed over the area the tree is planned.

Note to self:
Never do two rituals in one day again!

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Post by Kyre » Sun May 31, 2015 1:32 am

Re: Arcane Research

Finally after the children are asleep at the Inn, Kyre takes her journal and climbing the steps sits at the table to write.

Too much to write.. not enough...

Yawning, the ink flows partially across the parchment in an uneven line before she stops herself and again begins to write.

Gavin said he saw the woman and skeleton.. couldn't stop the skeleton from crossing the bridge.
Where is this woman, Ham couldn't find her later.
Why our house? Where is the blood coming from.. the bones? Somewhere else brought in?
Was it coincidence I had just brought the children to the nanny... was the thing after them?
Why stand in a pool of water?
Is the bath filled higher now then before, not even counting the blood?
What was the thing trying to convey if anything at all and why the screech?
Why break down the door when it can throw magic enough to place the table on fire?
Things moved so fast now I'm unsure, did it teleport to the fire or walk there?
How did the skeleton get passed my spells on the house? Were they that old... should I do them more often?
What is with Saran?

Evie and I will both get together and study the blood and ashes in a few days time, in the mean time I have mine safely stored...I am sure Evie's is also. Hopefully Ademar can help us too.

This last is written in large letters at the end of the parchment...

Will I ever feel the house is safe again?

Kyre closes the book in disgust and lays her head sleepily on the table muttering before falling in a deep sleep...
I'm sure there are more questions.. where are the answers?

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Post by Kyre » Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:26 am

Re: Arcane Research

Might as well add new things to study since not much progress with the old yet.

Magic of Malachite or Mage House

Notes to consider:
How does the power wheel turn backward? Can we still get power for our portal?
What do all the parchments mean, Apprentice with our children's names is this a portend? (Is this the work of Nargun?)
And why can't they be removed or torn up? The significance of the blank parchments? Consult the other mages.
The desk: Oxi and I searched each drawer and it was just a plain desk...why and how did it just show up, or is there nothing more to it then a simple donation from an anonymous master crafter?
Yet the feather dominates all..

A rough drawing is added:

Small writing is scrawled at the bottom of the parchment.
Add a sign out front that tired miners are welcome to sleep there at night if too tired to go home.

Another disjointed addition is written after Kyre gazes in the crib at her new witchlet. Then with only a couple of words smeared, she falls asleep as her head lays on top of the open journal...

Hire a good cleaner that will come in the morning and sweep up the dust from.......

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