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New Game Master

Hello Illarionauts,

please welcome our new GM Teflon. He/she/it will from now on support GM Face in leading Galmair to either fame or ruin.

written by Vilarion on 11. January 2013 07:10 pm


New client version (

Fellow Illarionites,

as promised the second update today is just getting released. It solved the two critical errors that were part of the last update.

Picking up items should work as expected again and the attack marker is visible again as well.

written by Nitram on 11. January 2013 05:31 pm


New client version (2.0.6)

Fellow Illarionites,

earlier today there was another update of the Client. Several problems that caused the client to crash were resolved. Especially a problem that caused client crashes when using ladders.

Sadly two critical problems occurred with this version. The attack marker is not properly displayed anymore and the stacks of items dropped on the map can't be picked up properly.

As both bugs really disturb the game, I'll try to release a fix for those problems within the next hours.

written by Nitram on 11. January 2013 03:22 pm


New client version (2.0.5)

Fellow Illarionites,

todays update effects the weather updates especially. The should require slightly less performance of your computer now.

Furthermore the rain effect was altered. Some players said they get dizzy in case they walk around with their character in heavy rain. We hope the changes help to avoid or at least reduce this effect.

written by Nitram on 07. January 2013 11:19 am


New client version (2.0.4)

Fellow Illarionites,

again there was a new version of the client published today.

The most notable change is that you're able to sell items from your inventory now as well as from the belt and equipment slots.

Furthermore an annoying bug was resolved that crashed the client once clicking into an empty slot of an item container (bag, depot).

written by Nitram on 06. January 2013 10:46 am