Creating NPCs for Illarion

Since the VBU (Very Big Update) is still a lot of work and we're still searching for people willing to help. We have created a new possibility to get into NPC development pretty fast and direct. Using this, everyone can test the NPC that (s)he is working on. This is how it works:

You all know the easyNPC-editor written by Nitram. When using the editor there is an option to "upload" the script which simply copies the script you're working on to the server (implying that you need internet connection of course). The NPC, once you have uploaded the script, stands on the devserver awaiting testing. We provide you with the devserver client and an account with 2 characters on the devserver to access it directly so that you can test your own NPC immediately.

Everything you need for that is in the Illarion Loader. This contains 3 different programs:

  • The actual testclient
  • The NPC editor
  • The map editor (not working right now)

Here's a small step-by-step introduction to get started:

  1. Start the file given above
  2. Start the easyNPC editor
  3. Enter an easy script, e.g.: "Hi" -> "Hello, stranger!"
  4. Click on "build script" (which automatically completes the script)
  5. It's recommended but not mandatory to save the script.
  6. By clicking on the application's main button (on the top left) and selecting "upload lua script", the script will be transferred to the server.
  7. To start the client, start the Illarion Loader once more and select the Testclient.
  8. Enter "devserver" as both, account name and password. By that, you will be given the choice between two characters, "Devserver" and "Devserver One". Chose one of them and start the client.
  9. As soon as you see your character on the map, hit enter to start the speech-mode and enter "!fr".
  10. As soon as the server has loaded all scripts, it will inform you. You can now walk over to the NPC, say "Hi" and he will answer according to your script.