The Illarion Vision


he vision that drives our developers and volunteers daily to develop the game Illarion with no financial reimbursement is motivated by the goal of creating an online role playing game, which concentrates on true role-playing in a classic fantasy world. Illarion is operated for the public without profit, and is free for players. In order to ensure this, the Illarion society was established, which sets this in its constitution.

Illarion provides a huge number of possibilities for the creation of characters, without limiting them to classes. Each player should be able to sculpt their own character and the adventures they experience based on their own imagination, and to have them actively participate in the adventures of other characters. The game thrives on cooperative interaction, even amongst opposing characters. The player will continuously write the history of Illarion. Credible political groups shall support this goal.

Illarion is open to all players, regardless of nationality, language and role-playing experience. The main target audience are casual gamers who maintain a distant relationship with their characters, and are thus able to engage in real role play.

Each player has the right, but also the duty, to shape the game world as they desire. This spans from active participation in in-game events to the use of our game content editors, which are accessible to all players.

No-one should log into the game without knowing of the tasks and adventures he can partake in. The world Illarion is a dynamic, ever-changing world, giving options to players through its quests and events, while thriving and growing from the input of player actions. No-one should play the game merely for the trivialities of the day to day in-game life amongst small groups, but to get involved in the wider, major global events that affect all players equally.

Goals pursued by a player should go beyond generic accumulation of objects, skills and gold coins. Our simple game mechanics ensure that each style of play and each effort is equally rewarded, refraining from the introduction of technical restrictions and keeping monitoring of the players to the bare minimum. Freedom, to bring cooperative role-play into the world as you see fit, is above any point or rule. A player of Illarion is not a consumer of ready-made content, but that which itself shapes the community and the world of Illarion itself.

The Illarion Team