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Post by Teflon » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:02 am


Dear all,

I guess this is somehow you all might have expected because of my inactivity in the last year. I have been thinking about this step for a long time and it wasn't an easy decision. Often I thought, I will only take a break and motivation will come back but no, it didn't.

I just checked my history in Illarion. I joined the game in 2008 as a true newbie without any prior knowledge of RP and became GM in 2012 after some months in the story and content team. I guess, I almost belong to the inventory of Illariona, haha. I know, some of you have been here around for even longer.

But yeah, I made this decision now. I feel like it is time for me to close this chapter and resign as a GM and from the game team. I'm very grateful I could collect all these nice memories with Illarion and meet its dedicated team members. Furthermore, Illarion or better the experiences I gained as a GM helped me to find a job twice. Even more, a reason to be thankful for my time here and also for you to volunteer to bring this game forward (Illaron first, other games second :D).

I'm truly grateful to all these players who helped me when I joined as a newbie and had patience explaining me the game and how to roleplay. Here, my first newbie question, haha
ich kann weder rohes leder noch taschen stappeln. ist das normal?
Thanks also to everyone who helped me to develop my first character Enviyatar. In particular, the Bearers, their friends, and opponents. I learned a lot from these players and enjoyed my time with them in and out the game: Dji, Dronrul, Merung, Amarien, Victoria, Saril, Verdezar, Joxia, and whoever they were. Thanks of course to the players of the Dar'krest Mountain Clan and its victims (yes, my dears stumpies, ommies, longears and halfers, I love you all and your ears :P). It was always a great blast running around with chars such as Rugh, Knak or Turga for instance and in particular Murgo. Without Murgo, I think I would have never joined the content team and would have never became a gamemaster later. So, you should either thank or blame him, haha. This leads me to the game team. Thanks to Nitram, Vilarion and Jupiter, who always helped me when I tried to code something. Also thanks to Estralis and the CMs, who supported us gamemasters when there were issues. And a very big thank you to my two longtime fellows Silverwing and Slightly. I always enjoyed working with you guys. Most people never see how much effort you guys invest. Thank you for every single minute and all discussions and events we had together! You are great!

Of course, I will stay as a member of the society and keep supporting the project. I doubt I will return as a normal player. Maybe I will drop by and help Slightly with some quests if time and motivation allow but for now I don't see this.

I will take the chance to play the Don one more time, whom I really enclosed in my heart over the years. As well as the Galmair community! Yeah, Galmair rules! :D I hope to see you and all others on the 19th, when I will login one more time.

I also hope, I could help and entertain you as much as possible as GM. Furthermore, that I treated you as fair as possible. I know it was not always easy and some of my decisions weren't the best but still, I hope you had at least as much joy as I had.

Thanks again everyone! I wish you all the best!

#me turns around, pulls his hat into his face, takes a deep puff before he grunts and coughs "Arrr, farebrass Ommies!"

PS: Ich bin zu faul, das hier zu übersetzen, aber ich denke, ihr versteht es schon. :wink: Vielen Dank und baba!

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Post by Charlotte-ate-wilbur » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:51 am

Re: Resignation

Your history explains alot of past behaviour, thanks for the enlightenment.

Ps, have fun and thanks for the times.

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Post by rakust dorenstkzul » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:49 am

Re: Resignation

Living up to your name and not sticking

Just kidding. Sorry to lose you.


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Post by Lia » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:32 am

Re: Resignation


Nun weiß ich endlich wo ich dich einordnen muß.
Mein Englisch ist mies aber ich denke im großen und Ganzen versteh ich was du uns sagen willst.
Es ist natürlich schade wenn da Team schrumpft, aber auch verständlich das du jetzt diese Entscheidung triffst.

Hoffe natürlich dich trotzdem hier und da mal wieder zu sehen.

Wußtest du das du mein ersten Magierchar geformt und Enviyatar ihm ein Lehrer besorgt hat? Ja lang ist es her. ^^

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Post by GolfLima » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:03 am

Re: Resignation


& mach´s gut.
Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja doch eines Tages irgendwo wieder. :wink:

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Post by Lafadiel » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:22 pm

Re: Resignation

It was a hornor to play with you Teflon.
I was still in the hope that you will return. But I'am sure you do the right. And i think i talk for all they have know you. When i say YOU DONE GREAT! I hope we will see somwtimes again. :)
Again it was a Hornor to play with you and on that way i will wish you in the futhure the best then you have earned it!
Thanks for a great Time!

Over and out ;D

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Post by Dantagon Marescot » Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:53 pm

Re: Resignation

Thank you for all your time spent. Unfortunately we all know that real life comes first and you gotta do what is best for you.

Best of luck on your future endeavors! And don't be a stranger. You know we always like seeing people stopping back in to say hi. ;)

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Post by Vern Kron » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:52 am

Re: Resignation

Fond wishes Teflon! Have a good one! Thanks for all your work!

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Post by BjarsTale » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:16 am

Re: Resignation

We'll miss you Teflon!

Thanks for all your work and time you spended!
Good luck on your future path.

(i hate to say good bye.)

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Post by Alrik » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:21 pm

Re: Resignation

Thank you for all you did for us!

Hope to see you again some time

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Post by Tyan Masines » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:13 pm

Re: Resignation

Well he was good to his word and played the Don today.

I fondly remember your Don RP from when the VBU was still new, if I remember correctly. Despite any differences there might have been, was good seeing you in action again, wishing all the best & see you down he road. :)

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Post by Teflon » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:19 pm

Re: Resignation

Thanks for your lines, folks!
Take care, everyone!

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