Update February 2020

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Post by Brightrim » Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:37 pm

Re: Update February 2020

Love the announcement board that was added. Though I am curious as to it's purpose versus just using the forum?

It does feel more immersive, and I definitely will use and check the Hemptie one more. But with alerts only happening when you are online, so you don't know if you have missed any, you'll have to be checking frequently. So in the towns, even if it's only player leaders that can post there,I hope it can be changed from the town leader pedestal to it's own pedestal like at the Hemptie in a future update. Should be somewhere convenient to check, like in the immediate vicinity of the portal book salesman in every town. Somewhere you pass when entering or leaving the town. There's no way my characters will go all the way to the town leader tool every time I log just to check for new announcements, while if it was by the portal book seller, they'd do it any time they'd be leaving or entering town due to convenience. Otherwise I personally would only have my characters check when the message that a new announcement was made appears, which you have to be online for at the time it is made. Plus it is a bit atmosphere breaking, especially for a feature that seems purely meant for atmosphere(seeing how its a downgraded version of a forum, just that it's IG which makes it better instead). I mean, imagine people crowding to the palace, the throne room even, to check whether or not a new announcement was made versus a conveniently placed central town board.

Would also suggest that the devotion system gives an inform upon successful prayers, not just unsuccessful ones.

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Post by Obsydien » Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:29 pm

Re: Update February 2020

This is exciting! I like the approach of having to get in game to find out more about what events/trades/etc are going on. I hope this helps drive players in game to rather than just to the forums or the quest page. Great work dev team!

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