Slaves - a technical approach

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Post by Drugar Stonesmasher » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:03 am

Slaves - a technical approach

Since we do have Slaves at least in Cadomyr i have thought about bringing live to that slave market

This is not ment to hinder people to play a master-slave combination, which is much more desireable.

The proposal:

A Charakter can buy 1 slave, which would have to be added to the inventory (either a item-sized charakter icon or shackles).
If the charakter drops this "item" the slave will be released, at least as soon as this item rots away.
The fact, that someone has a slave should be shown in some way. Best would be of course, if a figure would follow the player-char, but an addition to the name and to the look-at info might do as well.

Advantage of a slave:
One thing i can think of would be an increased weight, that the charakter can carry

Teleportation costs are doubled
Food consumption is doubled
maybe some clothes are required each month to keep the slave (done like tax)
A slave might reduce the action points of a charakter, as he has to take care of him.

Upon death of the charakter the slave is set free, either because he is killed as well or because he uses the opportunity to flee.

Question is: should it be possible to put the slave into a depot in order not to have him around, which would have the meaning that you left him at home.

add some slave trader NPC to the slave market who sell slaves of all races.
Those slaves might even have different traits, depending on how complicated this would be to implement.

Effect of Traits:
a dwarf might carry more weight but would be slow = slowing down the charakters walking speed
a halfling might cost less action points (see above) but would also slow down
an elf might carry less but might add a point (or more) to intelligence as a counsellor or add a point to perception
an orc might carry more weight but might decrease willpower because of his disgusting behaviour
a lizard might .... ?
a human does nothing special ... ?

What do you think? would this be a usefull and sensible addition? Any furthergoing ideas?

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Post by Brightrim » Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:14 pm

Re: Slaves - a technical approach

Not sure it would be worth the effort* with the current state of mind of our characters, where slavery seems to be frowned upon.
EG: Even in Cadomyr slavery has been outlawed for anyone who is not a noble, meaning only three people would be able to take advantage of this feature there without being hunted by the government.

I think if you change the concept from "slave" to some kind of hired help, however, it would be worth the effort since people would be able to use it without their character having to be branded as one of "the bad guys". Plus a hired help could have a specific cost and duration, making it less overpowered and also, I assume, easier to code as there wouldn't be any monthly clothes tax and such that you spoke of.

*Worth the effort as in the game has limited developers and resources, so it might be better to focus on something that caters to the most people possible rather than something that caters to bad guys, nobility and Galmair(I assume they dont ban slaves, but I might be wrong, just like I assume Runewick who are learned ban them). Then again, who it "caters" to is also based on RP consequences brought by the current state of the game and might change at any time.

I'm not saying RP consequences are bad, but I think if it limits how many people use a new feature it might not be worth focusing on until development is in a much later stage?

TL;DR: I like the idea, but would change slave into hired help due to RP consequences otherwise potentially limiting how many will use the feature.

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Post by Drugar Stonesmasher » Fri Nov 30, 2018 2:41 pm

Re: Slaves - a technical approach

I wonder if a small change to enable both would be much more of an effort.

The outcome would be, that a servant/employee would not have to be "bought", but would cost a decent salary at the beginning of his service period as well as every day he is in service (online days).
a slave costs more in the beginning but less running costs.

i myself am a bit surprised by the general disapproval of slavery in this setup, even though my different characters do of course have different opinions about it, but it is as it is.

I dont think that discussing the topic "worth the effort" does belong here, as this is all up to the team. but of course i do see other things as far more important too.

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Post by Jupiter » Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:40 pm

Re: Slaves - a technical approach

I will put the rp considerations aside, since this is something which the characters can handle ingame however they like.

I do not like the idea of some item representing a slave (and everything in your inventory would be an item). That is quite unimmersive, and I would consider it a step back in the development of Illarion. HOWEVER! I do, of course, have a better alternative. ;) As some of you may know, I am working on a pet system. It has already been asked (by a player of a certain Cadomyrian noble) if this could also be used as a slave system. I think that this could be done with really not so much effort once I am done with my pets. Then, the slave would actually follow you around! Making them work should also be possible with some moderate effort.

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Post by Drugar Stonesmasher » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:04 pm

Re: Slaves - a technical approach

That is of course even better. I didnt hope for a solution with a trailing animal or person.

What does that noble wish for? a trailing pet-fish? ;-)

ps.: this would then maybe enable beasts of burdon as well which could carry even more but be very slow (no running)

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