Remove Random Monster Spawn Chance for Gathering Skills

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Post by Vern Kron » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:31 pm

Remove Random Monster Spawn Chance for Gathering Skills

I suggest we remove the random monster spawns from crafting skills.
Remove the monster spawns from crafting because for strong characters its barely an annoyance, for weak characters it's game breaking, and it is a potentially exploitable situation.

Currently, gathering for a new character is abysmally slow. Some characters take up to 5 seconds per 'swing' to get a resource. The punishment on new characters is already fairly severe.

The threat of the monsters is only sufficient for the most basic of new characters, or those ill-suited to fighting entirely. Basically, non-combat characters are the only ones threatened by a skeleton spawn from farming, and must flee. Being forced to quit the activity you are doing because you got unlucky, as a new player, is discouraging. It also makes characters that are already locked to towns have an even smaller scale of room.

It also allows creatures to spawn within town walls. Most towns have the ability to have objects gathered within them, either through trees or harvesting plants, or even fruit. Spawning creatures in town on a random event yields little entertainment value, and is exploitable.

I have been told that this has been implemented in order to prevent 'bots'. The problem is after a few levels in armor, these creatures can't actually prevent anyone from doing anything. I have even seen players intentionally spawn and gather these weak spawns in order to power through armor levels. While we tend to be fairly relaxed on this behavior, it does seem odd to intentionally seek to create creatures for this purpose.

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Post by Jupiter » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:11 am

Re: Remove Random Monster Spawn Chance for Gathering Skills

I agree. I would say we should replace the current monsters with non-aggresive monsters. A sheep leaving the hedge you are collecting red elder from is certainly more entertaining.

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