levels for resources

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Post by Grim » Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:53 pm

levels for resources

Hello Illarioncommunity

We thought about how to make the resource-collecting more interesting and more challenging.

so, here some proposals

- give all resources a level
to give gatherskills more sense, the skill level should decide what resource the Char is able to find. e.g. mining level 10 the Char can find stones and coal, level 20 stones,coal and ironore... Same for intermediates like ingots and fabrics.

- make the gathering itself more interesting
the gathering is really mindless now. stand next to the spot, double click and wait... maybe we could make it more interesting like the treasuremaps. example mining: you use a new tool like geologists hammer, and it guides you to the resource-spot.

- reduce the gathering speed
maybe we should reduce the speed of gathering maybe double the time?

what do you think?

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Post by Brightrim » Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:58 pm

Re: levels for resources

I've always liked the idea of a more runescape-esque gathering system.
By example, when it comes to mining:
Adding more mines, all with different types of materials mine-able at different levels of mining skill.
This would also enhance the crafting system by adding different materials to work with.

Woodcutting would be more types of trees, shearing different kind of animals bearing wool maybe, etc.

The old client partly did this with how herbology worked. It was nice.

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