Weapons from Caswir for Sale

The central trading board. Meant for trading offers and requests between the towns. / Das zentrale Handelsbrett. Hier sollten Anfragen und Angebote für Geschäfte zwischen den Städten gepostet werden.

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Post by Caswir » Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:06 am

Weapons from Caswir for Sale

Here I have these fine weapons created by yours truely Caswir Drakull, below you will find a list of weapons for sale, please send a raven or meet me in Runewick if interested in purchasing.

Magical Longsword (perfect lvl 90) - 13 gold

Gilded Longsword (perfect lvl 80) - 8 gold

Magical Serinja - Sword (perfect lvl 90) - 15 gold

Fire Longsword (perfect lvl 90) - 13 gold

Dwarven Stormhammer (very good lvl 100) - 8 gold

Fire Hunters Bow (excellant lvl 100) - 14 gold

Ebony Wood Bow (excellant lvl 80) - 10 gold


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