10000000 potions!

The central trading board. Meant for trading offers and requests between the towns. / Das zentrale Handelsbrett. Hier sollten Anfragen und Angebote für Geschäfte zwischen den Städten gepostet werden.

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Post by Taiah » Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:55 pm

10000000 potions!

An elfess wearing a flowing dress stops by the board in Cadomyr while whispering to someone not seen next to her before finally nodding and making the trip to The Hemp Necktie Inn. When she leaves, Borgate has more coins and a parchment sits prominently near the beer barrels.

I need 10000000 potions!

Taiah signs his name then hers with directions how to contact her to pick them up

signed for Captain Leon Demelii
Taiah Daekash

She then adds a quick message at the bottom.

Will be happy for any amount offered.

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