Gem Sales.

The central trading board. Meant for trading offers and requests between the towns. / Das zentrale Handelsbrett. Hier sollten Anfragen und Angebote für Geschäfte zwischen den Städten gepostet werden.

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Gem Sales.

*A halfling looking much like the one often found in the sewer/crypt of Galmair scribbles hastily as he is held up to the board by a tall female Lizard in armor. She hisses softly into his ear as he writes. He giggles after writing a word but quickly strikes it out as she shakes him a bit tearing the shirt she holds him by some. The look on his face appears to be one of terror. After a moment he posts the message just as his shirt rips and he falls to the ground rolling. The lizardess stares briefly at the torn cloth in her right claw and hisses at the halfling as he gets up blowing raspberries and runs off. The lizard quickly gives chase drawing a large axe.*

The note reads as follows:
The psychotic lizard guard of Galmair (K/a/s/h/e/w) Ka'Shas wishes to inform all that she seeks to sell some of her gem stones. The gems are not magical, making my attempt to snatch them feel very stupid. Please help me! I may be a thief but I dont want to be Eaten!

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