Job offer for clerk

The central trading board. Meant for trading offers and requests between the towns. / Das zentrale Handelsbrett. Hier sollten Anfragen und Angebote für Geschäfte zwischen den Städten gepostet werden.

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Post by Karrock » Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:01 am

Job offer for clerk

You may notice a neatly wrote poster made on decorous parchment hanged on the board inside the Hemp Nectie Inn.

Offer for the average educated clerk with or without job experience for position: Steward

Employer: Titus Marcelius

List of the requrements:

Personal data:
  • From 16 years old to 40 years old in the day of beginning job
  • Gender: Man
  • Race: Human
  • Optional: Albarian origin
Medium clerks education:
  • Knowhow to write legibly official documents and private messages;
  • Basics knowledge the gentry standards of behaviour norms;
  • Skill of the clear expressing own words and self in the polite way;
  • Fundamental knowledge of the history of Illarion, its main lands, its races and main religions.
  • Oratorial skills;
  • Certificate of the completion period of at least one year job practices in a service for any landed gentry.
Personal traits:
Good manners, courtesy, social skills, honesty, will of work, accesibility when much need

The range of duties:
  • Representating in the political and personal cases;
  • Organization of official and friends meetings;
  • Ordering items and managing purchases;
  • Helding positive relations with people;
  • Sporadic leading some effortless events;
  • Simplest householding chores
  • 15 golden coins after pass the test. This is the single salary for accomodation.
  • 25 golden coins for dwarven month of the probation
  • After the probation dwarven monthly payment increases.
Additional possibilities:
  • Training combat skills
  • Learning the art of hunting
  • Learning farming crops
  • Skill up managing skills

Send me message ((forum account Karrock)) or meet me personally.

~signed: Titus Marcelius

Posts: 496
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Post by Karrock » Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:39 pm

Re: Job offer for clerk

Offer is changed to the above.

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