Halfers Emporium

The central trading board. Meant for trading offers and requests between the towns. / Das zentrale Handelsbrett. Hier sollten Anfragen und Angebote für Geschäfte zwischen den Städten gepostet werden.

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Post by Po Will » Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:08 pm

Halfers Emporium

A little Halfling can be seen running around Illarion, hammering in parchment into the locally visited areas of the towns and citites, not to forget the inn. If one were to take a gander, they would find written as follows:
Quality priced goods by a quality priced Halfling!
Current stocks are as follows:
  • - Three hundred loafs of bread.
    - Different cooked soups.
    -Some fish fillet filled plates.

More to come in the future, you may find me in Runewick.

By Oldra's grace,
Tiyron Trill Talltalker

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