Fire demon

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Fire demon

It had been several days since Exelous's encounter with the fire demon, in the early morning hours of the 4th of Ushos. The young hunter of the third house's days following the event, when the strong earthquake woke the people of Cadomyr, had kept him without sleep and filled his heart with uncertainty. Of course, Exelous did have reason to celebrate; being a key figure in the task force responsible for destroying the altar of blood that plagued the desert land. But feel like hero he did not. The deal he had made with the unholy monstrosity niggled always at the back of his mind, where he had wished to keep it. It would always return to his conscience, however. The enchantment he felt dawn over him in the presence of the demon, indescribable, made him a play thing to unnatural influences that seeped from its very presence. At that moment he felt so weak that even a child could make a servant of him.

The 'weapon' he had received from the demon rested still in his bag. Would he use it? Or would he tell the Temple Warrior? The weight of the world that rested on his shoulders, however much it was his own undoing, only seemed to be a burden rather than a gift as was promised.

"No..." He whispered to the darkness. He would try to atone for it. Two good knights had fallen in the crossfire already... He would tell his teacher, Ssar'ney, in a bid to set things right and learn from this. After all, there is always a price. And, if the past days were anything to go by, the cost was much too dear...

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