The Cadomyrian quake

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Post by rakust dorenstkzul » Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:19 pm

The Cadomyrian quake

Lords and Ladies of Cadomyr.

Today, in the early morning, as i am sure you are aware. Cadomyr was struck by ground tremors and and an earthquake.

I have mediated at the altar of the five for five hours, my mind focused upon the five universal truths of the priest Jeremiel, and i have come to the conlusion that the gods rage at Cadomyr for her treaties and parlance with the dishonourable and vile.

Galmair, Cadomyr's strongest friend has been left behind and forgotten thanks to the Baron Ss'arney's infatuation with Runewick's Priest killers - The bearers of the fire.

The bearers are men who would and HAVE KILLED A HOLY MAN. men who would slay the chosen of the gods, men who would let the streets run red with the blood of innocents if it meant they could preserve temporal power in the world of man and they hold it all under the banner of the lord Brágon.

It was the actions of the bearers which doomed Gobaith to fall into the sea. We must not let them doom illarion.

Cadomyr must detach itself from these false bearers, and spit upon their names in order to soothe the tempers of the gods,

- Sir Guy Mitchell

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Post by Taiah » Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:33 pm

Re: The Cadomyrian quake

An elfess rarely seen, having spent most of the time in the desert fighting, occasionally makes the journey to town for supplies and to procure the latest news. Gazing at the board and the message added, she speaks to someone supposedly standing near yet unseen, using a soft whisper.

At least there are some still living in this sandy place that makes sense.

Searching in her bag, she finally comes up with a pen almost empty but good enough to make a signature.

~Knight Caiah Daekash~
Former Knight of Gobaith
Current Knight of Queen Rosalind

There is another signature added later in a different handwriting.

Taiah Daekash

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Post by Q-wert » Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:41 pm

Re: The Cadomyrian quake

The Realms Knights Guy Mitchell and Caiah Daekash are hereby named enemies of the Third House for heresy against Mother Zelphia. They may be slain freely on Cadomyrian and neutral ground, unless another House or the Chosen One decide to stand for their words and put a shielding hand over them.
Reichsritter Guy Mitchell und Caiah Daekash sind hiermit aufgrund von Häresie gegenüber Mutter Zelphia zum Feind des Dritten Hauses erklärt. Damit mögen sie auf Boden des Reiches und neutralem Grund straffrei erschlagen werden, solange kein anderes Haus oder die Erwählte für ihre Worte steht und damit eine schützende Hand über sie hält

Für Zelphia und Ihre Erwählte,
For Zelphia and Her Chosen One,

  • ~Ssar'ney
    • Tempelkrieger Zelphias
      Baron des Hauses der Seeschlange
Finely caligraphed by the grand Lettarius. Who admits that one not to have been much of a challenge.

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Post by Azure Lynch » Fri Jul 10, 2015 2:28 am

Re: The Cadomyrian quake

A giant of a man leaves a note

What herasy did they say against the mother. They mentioned the bearers and how they use bragons name to justify unjust actions. But never did they say a word against. Zelphia. Or is it cause they said something bad against the Baron. Still see no reason to call for their deaths without trial. I moved here for peace and to regain my honor. But if this is what happens when people speak freely I wonder. This seems more like madness than honor. If you don't like what I said come find me.

Azure Lynch.

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Post by Kugar » Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:49 am

Re: The Cadomyrian quake

These wild provocations and hasty assumptions sound less like the educated opinions of a Sir and more like the ramblings of one who loses their mind. What you say is not only obviously treason but a direct attack at our diplomatic relations. Why anyone should defend your outburst here is curious, but at least it shines a light on those who would's own mental capacity.

You would be wise, Sir Mitchell, not to trash the name of a Noble, protector of the queen, or call out our greatest allies and tarnish their name without proof, either.

Until there is solid evidence of what caused this tremor, unfounded allegations and personal disputes should, as usual, be ignored and rejected for the blatant hostilities that they are.

For Malachin and Her Majesty,

  • ~Exelous
    • Hunter for the House of the Sea Serpent
      Knight and defender of the realm


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Post by Lia » Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:13 am

Re: The Cadomyrian quake

Sir Mitchell , with all due respect , but I think your words are full of lies .

How Often people from Galmair , attacked citizens from and in Cadomyr . How many times have even brought the city in danger .
Have you forgotten all that?

And you call they a friend ?

The bearers are consistent and quite hard in their decisions , and certainly is not perfect .
But to say that a group of people are the blame an entire island is under addressed , bordering slander .

And where citizens were Cadomyrs as our city would have needed help ? The house of the sea serpent under Sarneys leadership was there.
Who led the development of our city walls ? Baron Sarney . Where were you and these wenches to scribble their names here?

Not Sarney nor the Bearers of the fire are to blame for any earthquake

Our Queen would certainly have acted if it was wrong what Baron Sarney would have done in all these months . But if she has not .
And you doubt but not about the queen?

~ Lady Sefja
Knight and defender of the realm
Warrior of the house of the sea serpent

Why should he look for you ? Afraid to stand by your words ?

~ Sefja

((i hope you can all unterstand. my englisch is not the best))

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Post by Azure Lynch » Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:28 am

Re: The Cadomyrian quake

Another small parchment is attached.

I do stand by my words. That's why I said if you have a problem come see me. Now I want you to understand I don't defense them but I don't attack them either. All I said is what the Baron wrote made no sense. He wishes to kill them for herasy against zelphia which was never mentioned. And there was no trial. Now if the Baron would say he would like to have a trial. Then I would have remained quite. Cause you see. Anyone can sign someone else's name and make it look like they wrote something. So all I said to jump to a sentence with out a trial is both dishonorable and madness. And I'm sure a disciple of zelphia. Is neither of these. That he acted out in a moment of anger. And I hope I am right and he recants his harsh sentence and request a hearing. I hope that clarify my meaning.

Azure Lynch
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Post by Annabeth » Fri Jul 10, 2015 3:41 pm

Re: The Cadomyrian quake

After the events of the past few days, the man Guy Mitchell is no longer welcome to stay in Cadomyr as far as it concerns the fifth house.
Having shown his true colors, I have decided that I will not stand in the way of anyone who wishes to persecute him.

Should he regret his actions and words, and show so by actions and not just words, he may still redeem himself.

~Countess Annabeth

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Post by IsisV » Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:04 pm

Re: The Cadomyrian quake

Annabeth wrote:
After the events of the past few days, the man Guy Mitchell is no longer welcome to stay in Cadomyr as far as it concerns the fifth house.
Having shown his true colors, I have decided that I will not stand in the way of anyone who wishes to persecute him.

Should he regret his actions and words, and show so by actions and not just words, he may still redeem himself.

~Countess Annabeth
*a small note is left pinned below*

It seems a lot has changed since I walked among those in The Crimson Order where Guy Mitchell was a senior member. To the days where I was a member of The house of the sea serpent. So much has changed and it saddens me now to see such actions taken. Especially by those I once stood up and fought along side during mas and considered friends. Does this madness really exist? I see things like this proving such. I may have left those dry desert lands but never forgot who were my friends. It seems now mayhaps I should rethink such.

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Post by Herald of Cadomyr » Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:40 pm

Re: The Cadomyrian quake

Es ist uns gänzlich unbegreiflich, wie jemand solch schwerwiegende Vorwürfe aufgrund von vermeintlichen Eingebungen erheben und dafür auch noch Zustimmungen erfahren kann. In unserer langen Geschichte haben wir uns schon immer mit Vorwürfen konfrontiert gesehen, die vollkommen gegen das sprechen wofür wir, unser Glaube und unser Kodex stehen. Normalerweise gehen wir in keiner Weise auf solche Verleugnungen ein. Zwar ist jeder, der ein ernsthaftes Interesse hat sich mit unserem Wirken und Motiven auseinander zu setzen, uns jederzeit ein willkommener Gesprächspartner, doch zugleich sind wir davon überzeugt, dass die Mehrheit jener, die solche haltlosen Hetzschriften verfasst, nur nach Aufmerksamkeit und Beachtung sucht, die wir für solches Verhalten nicht erteilen.

Warum wir uns dennoch Bemühen in diesem Fall Stellung zu beziehen ist ein Gesuch um Gnade. Wir können den Zorn und die Enttäuschung des Hauses der Seeschlange über ihre Brüder und Schwestern nachvollziehen und wissen ferner, dass es uns, die wir in Cadomyr weder Rang noch Adel innehaben, in keiner Weise zusteht Einspruch gegen Entscheidungen des Adels zu erheben. Dennoch ersuchen wir in der Sache dieser Hetzschrift die betroffenen Ritter nicht für Schutzlos zu deklarieren und so kein Blutvergießen zu provozieren.

Lüge zu sprechen ist eine tiefe Sünden, Gegenüber den Göttern, der Ehre einer Frau oder eines Mannes und gegenüber unserem Kodex. Dennoch sind wir von der Überzeugung geprägt, dass ein Hetzredner zu meist vor allem eine Bühne und Aufmerksamkeit sucht. Dass es sich um einsame, gekränkte und verlorene Seelen handelt die nicht nach der Sache sondern dem Interesse an ihnen selbst eifern. Züchtigung bedient oftmals dieses pervertierte Bedürfnis nur. Rückt die Häretiker in den Fokus aller Aufmerksamkeit, macht sie möglicherweise noch zu Märtyrern und verleiht ihren Lügen für einfachere Gemüter allein dadurch schon mehr Bedeutung als ihnen zusteht.

Wir bitten daher in Demut um Gnade für die, die so dreist und scharmlos lügen. Man möge sie ächten aber nicht vom Schutze durch das ehrbare Cadomyr befreien.

für die Träger des Feuers
Appeal for clemency
It is completely incomprehensible to us how someone could raise such serious allegations on the basis of alleged inspirations and also could gain approval. In our long history we have been confronted again and again with allegations that were totally contradict to what we are, our faith and our code are standing for. Usually, we do not reply to such defamations. Although anyone with a serious interest about our work and motives could contact us at any time and is a welcome interlocutor, but at the same time we are convinced that the majority of those who wrote such baseless inflammatory writings only seeks attention and consideration which we do not provide for such behavior.

Why we still do refer to endeavor in this case position is a request for mercy. We could understand the anger and the disappointment of our brothers and sisters of the House of the Sea Serpent, and we know that we who don´t have rank or nobility in Cadomyr are not entitled in any way to raise objections against the decision of the nobles of Cadomyr. Nevertheless, in the matter of this we ask for to not declare the knight who is responsible for this smear pamphlet for defenseless and so provoke bloodshed.

To speak false is a deep sin, against the gods, the honor of a woman or a man and against or code. Nevertheless, we are convinced that someone who speaks such words just seeks a stage and attention. That they are lonely, hurt and lost souls which do not strive for the matter but the interest in themselves. Punishment often only serves this perverted desire. If the heretics are moved in the center of attention they become potentially martyrs and their lies become more accessible to the simple minded, the whole case does get more attention as it deserves.

We therefore ask humbly for mercy for those who lie so brazenly and shamelessly. One may be ostracized but not released from protection by the honorable Cadomyr.

for the Bearers of the Fire
The House of the Sea Serpent grants the request of its allies, although with the 'but' the heretic Knight Mitchell spoke so very often when he was confronted by the Templewarrior. The former knights of the Realm Guy Mitchell and Caiah Daekash are no longer listed as enemies of the Third House and therefore under the protection of the Realm.
Das Haus der Seeschlange gewährt die Bitte seiner Verbündeten, jedoch mit dem 'aber', welches der ketzerische Ritter Mitchell so oft sprach als er vom Tempelkrieger zur Rede gestellt wurde. Die ehemaligen Reichsritter Guy Mitchell und Caiah Daekash sind nicht länger als Feind des Dritten Hauses gelistet und sind damit unter dem Schutz des Reiches.

Aber um die gesprochene und geschriebene Ketzerei der beiden nicht ungesühnt zu lassen, verleiht die Erwählte Ihren Untertanen Guy Mitchell und Caiah Daekash den Titel 'Ritter der Dornen'. Ritter der Dornen dürfen keine Audienzen mit der Erwählten ersuchen, mögen keinem Haus beitreten und erhalten keine Titel der Ehre oder des Adels und sind in Kommandantur und Gesetz des Reiches von geringerem Stande als die Ritter der Königin. So lange als sie diesen Titel der Schande tragen sind sie verpflichtet diesen bei ein jeder ihrer Signaturen zu listen. Die Erwählte der Göttin, Ihre Majestät Rosaline Edwards, Königin Cadomyrs, erlegt ein jedem der beiden Ritter der Dornen die Aufgabe zehn reine Elemente der Mutter an das Haus der Seeschlange zu händigen um sich von ihrem neuen Titel und der damit verbundenen Schande zu befreien. Die übergebenen Elemente werden darauf aufbewahrt und bei der nächsten Messe der Göttin dargebracht.

But to not keep the heresy written and spoken unatoned for, the Chosen One bestowed Her subjects Guy Mitchell and Caiah Daekash with the title 'Knight of Thorns'. Knights of Thorns must not request audiences with the Chosen One, may join no House and receive no titles of honour or nobility and are ranked lower than Knights of Her Majesty in law and command. For as long as they hold this title of shame they are obliged to add it to any of their signatures. The Chosen One, Her Majesty Rosaline Edwards, Queen of Cadomyr, grants each of the two newly named Knights of Thorns the task to hand ten pure elements of the Mother to the House of the Sea Serpent to be freed from their newly gained title and the shame coming with it. The elements will offered to the Goddess at the next mass in Her honour.

In the name of Her Majesty Rosaline Edwards, Queen of Cadomyr, Chosen of the Tanora,

Im Namen Ihrer Majestät Rosaline Edwards, Königin Cadomyrs, Erwählte Tanoras,

  • ~Anthar Vilicon
    • Königlicher Kanzler

For the Goddess, Her Firstborn and the Chosen One,
Für die Göttin, Ihren Ersgeborenen und die Erwählte,

  • ~Ssar'ney
    • Tempelkrieger Zelphias
      Baron des Hauses der Seeschlange

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Post by rakust dorenstkzul » Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:32 pm

Re: The Cadomyrian quake

This shall be my final posting upon this matter.

My original concern was for the people of Cadomyr. for the ground to shake and crack beneath the stones of the street was a concerning matter.

But it does appear to this knight that Ssar'ney will allow the sands to bury Cadomyr before he considers the possibility of him being incorrect. and will indeed, assault and slander any who dare speak against him.

When i came to Cadomyr, after the fall of Gobaith. after witnessing the isle tear itself into shards. i was promised a land of honour, a land of integrity. But over the past months and indeed, even years. It has become clear to me that I have been lied to upon every front.

Where i was promised faith, there is power hungry zealotry.

Where i was promised honour, there are dishonest politics

Where i was promised integrity, there is cronyism and gladhanding

I have been given the title "Knight of Thorns" By this collection of base villains. It is a title i shall wear gladly until the end of my days. In this world, and until the end of eternity in Malachin's halls I shall name myself the Knight of Thorns. A thorn is placed upon a plant to stop the snuffling and the squealing livestock of the world from consuming it. and this is what the title has done.

Ssar'ney or Rosaline does wish for me to give them ten pure elements of water. I assure you both. the only water you shall receive from this knight shall be the spit from my mouth, guided by the pure hate and bile from my heart.

Ssar'ney. You are a blight upon everything good in this world. May you forever be an arms length from the sea. May you meet not the mother's embrace. But wander in this desert you covet until the end of time. and may you never sleep soundly, and I understand that Ssar'ney. You shall challenge me to a duel. Save Lettarius' ink. for i shall not accept. I shall not acknowledge your being beyond this.

Rosaline. You are a terrifically inconsistent shell of a person. May your house wither and die. May you be barren to the end of your days. and may your tracts of land wither and shrink as you age. Alexis Dostas has a greater claim to nobility than you.

I did truly believe in the Cadomyrian cause. But Cadomyr is dead to me. and all who reside within, may it be buried by the sand, and forgotten as irrelevant to history.

Knight of Thorns.

Guy Mitchell.

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