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From Distant Shores

Upon the horizon from the docks of Cadomyr a caravel can be seen on approach. Those familiar with coat of arms will recognize the Ann-Korr banner of soft yellow. The day is clear but with a good headlong wind the ship should make port by the next morning. With just a single vessel there is little concern of an invasion so perhaps there is trade afoot. The commonfolk seem vastly interested as word quickly spreds past the high walls of Cadomyr. In preparation the palace is lively with activity in order to welcome new guests.

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Re: From Distant Shores

Baron Azad Taliman steps forth from his boat flanked by armored guards on either side. The morning is bright and glorious beneath his sea battered banner of Ann-Korr. Before him there is a sizable crowd which he did not expect. His research into Cadomyr did not suggest such an eclectic array of races. Hailing from Ann-Korr he was more than well versed with various groups of people and races, but he saw mages among this crowd which concerned him greatly. With a hushed whisper to his guards to keep close he did his best to respectfully address the crowd. This was in fact his first diplomatic excursion, and never before had his lineage of people had such a position as Baron. His lord and Duke of Ann-Korr, Amid Somerset, had bridged the gap of nobility in Ann-Korr. There were even a couple of lizardmen with the title Baron since the great war with the sorcerer, Mordak al Kharud. Azad was determined to fulfill his lord's demands by whatever means necessary.

Nonetheless, he was nervous, but he did his damnedest not show it. After he addressed the crowd with greetings and his objective he was stunningly surprised to see how openly he was accepted and ushered into the city of Cadomyr. Unlike his home there were not caravans, tents, and makeshift shanties lining the outer perimeter of the Citadel City. The walls and the landscape were all clearly visible and strikingly impressive. Upon his approach he had to admit that he lost focus briefly even as he walked into the palace of Queen Rosaline Edwards. All around him there were voices barking, shouting, and issuing out orders. In fact, in the chaos he found himself right in the middle of the Queen's throne room with his guards at his back. In front of him a dwarf was announcing his name and from the rear people were bickering.

For the briefest of moments he envisioned his entire task failing and couldn't help feeling extreme discomfort at such a tragedy. His lord needed him to be successful, and even more his people. With this in mind he was able to find an anchor for his focus. The timing couldn't be any better because at that moment one of the Cadomyrian warriors was threatening to attack his guards. There was no doubt he had unintentionally offended someone or some unknown custom. He focused on the words of the demanding orc and found that he was supposed to talk to the chancellor first.

Determined to deflate the tension Azad quickly agreed to speak with the chancellor and ordered his guards to relax their overprotectiveness. Without hesitation Azad offered his apologies to the chancellor and the surrounding crowd. Fortunately, Azad and his mission were not lost and the chancellor was well aware of the Albarian customs, though he kept calling them old. In the end he was able to meet with the Queen and after a lengthy discussion he was permitted quarters in Cadomyr for negotiations. With the first obstacle out of the way Baron Taliman and his men were permitted a few days of rest before their next conversation.

The emissary and his men took advantage of the hospitality as they drank and ate with the visitors and citizens of Cadomyr deep into the night. Now it was just a game of wait and see until the Queen beckoned for his presence and Azad took some time to develop trade proposals till then. On his third day in Cadomyr the messenger came to deliver his invitation and he quickly prepared himself for day two of negotiations.

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