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Post by S'rrt » Fri Mar 22, 2019 1:08 pm

Town Guard of Cadomyr

This is the official board for the Town Guard of Cadomyr, whose existence was conceived by the Nobles Baron Dantagon Marescot and Baroness Katharina Brightrim.

Declaration by Baron Dantagon Marescot
"Upon the 15th Tanos 57, the nobles have declared the formation of the Town Guard of Cadomyr. The Town Guard is open to all citizens in good standing regardless of rank or House affiliation. Responsibilities include law enforcement and defence of the town."

Guard Captain:
  • Sir S'rrt K'shire
Guard Deputy:
  • [ Yet to be appointed ]
  • Sir Krukk Krakash
Guard Recruits being assessed:
  • Exelous
  • Lancare Gossia
  • Dain
  • Attos Abenius
  • Alrotnu Io'Sulnoz
  • Kaeso Lartius

  • The duties of a Guard are dictated by the Guard Captain
  • Everyone enters the Town Guard as a Recruit, however exceptional and esteemed citizens might start on higher ranks
  • The authority of a Guard is a special one granted by the Queen's Nobles; improper use of Guard authority has severe consequences. Guard Recruits may use this authority during emergencies where no Guards or leaders are nearby
  • The Guard Captain is responsible for testing Recruits, ensuring consistent combat prowess through training, preparing the Guards for emergencies and coordinating military actions when defending the Queen's realm
  • The Guard Captain may appoint a Deputy who can take over the duties of a Guard Captain in their absence
  • In all of the policies listed here, the Queen and her Nobles may overrule or discard any decision made by either a Guard or the Guard Captain. This includes Guard arrests, Guard conduct and active investigations
Duties of a Guard
  • Ensuring quick response to threats by doing regular patrols on the Queen's land
  • Defending the realm and its citizens
  • Keeping fit and prepared when on duty
  • Apprehending suspects of crimes and questioning them
  • Issuing one or more of the following based on the occurred crime: a full release, a warning, a fine, removal from town or time in the prison mine
  • Investigating crimes in order to issue the proper punishment, or release, for each suspect
  • Delivering collected fines either to the Guard Captain or a Noble
  • Keeping a record of incidents and investigations for reporting to the Guard Captain
  • Guards are paid in the form of housing; a Guard may be given a rent-free stay in one of the non-occupied flats in the east side of town. If there is a shortage of non-occupied flats, the claim to a flat by a Guard who has become non-active might get re-evaluated
  • Recruits may receive housing after being promoted to a Guard
  • Any Guards may also use the Guard barracks for their leisure and rest, located on the second floor of the Serpent Tower in south-east corner of the town
  • Aside from housing, Guards can also request gear upgrades and food from the Guard Captain or the Nobles

A banned individual trespasses on Queen's land:
  • Depending on the danger of the individual, they are to be removed from the town as soon as possible. Use of force is authorized if the trespasser resists the Guard's repeated demands
Disturbing the Queen's peace:
  • Anyone acting belligerent while offering no cooperation should be given a warning that a fine or forceful removal from town may occur if the behavior continues. Unless the trouble ceases, the Guard may start issuing the aforementioned punishments
  • The thief is to return any stolen goods and must pay compensation to the victim equal to the market price of the stolen goods. The thief must also pay a fine equal to 5 gold plus the market price of the stolen goods
  • Depending on the severity of the assault, the Guard must either issue a fine ranging between 10-30 gold and remove the assaulter from town, or put the assaulter to the prison mines. A fine may be issued afterward
An enemy of the Queen attacks the realm:
  • Guards must ensure the safety of the citizens first and foremost. After this they will group together to defend the town from the attackers while obeying the commands of either the Guard Captain or the Nobles
Crimes against the Nobles or the Queen personally:
  • Punishments for crimes against the Queen or her Nobles should be more extreme. Severe crimes against the Queen or her Nobles are punishable by immediate prison time and/or mutilation

Anyone interested in applying for the Town Guard of Cadomyr should contact myself or one of the Nobles.

~~ Guard Captain S'rrt K'shire
Patrician Knight of Cadomyr
Knight of the House Desert Fox
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Post by S'rrt » Wed Apr 24, 2019 4:26 pm

The first Town Guard meeting

The first meeting has been scheduled for ((Thursday 25.4, 8pm server time)) and is intended for Cadomyrians who are interested in joining the Guard.

I will be there to assess participants and outline Guard duties, procedures and salaries. Baroness Katharina Brightrim may also be expected to appear to answer further questions.

Anyone who interested in joining the Guard but is unable to attend the meeting is encouraged to carry out the very simple task of sending a message either to myself or one of the Nobles.

~~ Guard Captain S'rrt K'shire
Patrician Knight of Cadomyr
Knight of the House Desert Fox

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Post by S'rrt » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:56 pm

Re: Town Guard of Cadomyr

Mas begins. All initiates of the Guard are strongly encouraged to take part in defending their home from possible attacks by blasphemous forces.

~~ Guard Captain S'rrt K'shire

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Post by S'rrt » Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:23 pm

Re: Town Guard of Cadomyr

The main post of the Town Guard of Cadomyr has been finalized (see above). All the information has been reviewed and approved by a Noble.

Following the finalization of the details of the Town Guard, I hereby request all listed Guards and Guard Recruits to send me a message via a courier, dove, rat, or whatever, to suggest a time that the next Guard meeting could be held. Attendance at this meeting will greatly improve a Guard Recruit's chances at being kept on the roster.

If there aren't enough suggestions within two dwarven weeks, I will choose a time on my own.

~~ Guard Captain S'rrt K'shire

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