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The Package

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:43 pm
by Kyre
Waking up in the middle of the night as the two moons glared brightly through the tiny bedroom window, the witch frowns remembering her dream vividly. Carefully climbing out of the bed in hopes of not waking Oxi, and shivering as her bare feet hit the cold floor, she throws on robe and slippers opening the bedroom door as quietly as possible with a short pause at the usual squeak while murmuring softly..

That needs to be fixed!

Gently adjusting the covers on the two sleeping girls, Kyre stands at Finn's now empty bed wondering if he had arrived at the University yet and hoping he was fine, enjoying his adventure in learning. The dream of him and Corwin being the same age, couldn't be shaken so she decided to dress and go to the Crest for a little paperwork before starting her new experiment. It always upset her wondering how her boy was, what he looked like, if he was like Finn. The witch never brought up any of that with Oxi knowing it would upset him if she was.

Managing to leave the house quietly, waving to Miggs before climbing the stairs, Kyre wasn't surprised the place was empty. With a lone candle flickering on the desk, she placed all her correspondence from bag to a stack assuming they were either town business or requests for spells from others. With both elbows on the table, the witch then just stares at the opposite wall.

As the morning birds begin their musical notes, anyone arriving at the Chancellors office may see her fast asleep with long dark hair covering a pile of parchments waiting to be read.

Re: The Package

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:29 am
by Kyre
With her mind distracted by Glyphs at the moment, the witch still took time to arrive at the harbor after receiving an urgent message sent by raven from the Captain of "The Breeze", a schooner that had just docked.

Carrying the package gently, the witch gazes at a simple picnic basket handed over after confirming who she was. Kyre was overwhelmed with questions....

How did this baby suddenly appear and why to her specifically?

Glancing at Oxi, whom seemed just as shocked, they both as one turned and hurried back to Galmair for milk and supplies for a baby with arrival and name unknown. The Captain simply uttered a word he was given "Corvus".