Notices at the tunnel

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Post by TiaSarah » Sun May 13, 2018 2:21 am

Notices at the tunnel

Notes are posted near both entrances to the newly re-opened tunnel in Galmair.

Attention Everyone!

While working to re-open the tunnel, we encountered a creature named Krer. He and his brother Micah inhabit this mountain, and appeared to see it as their property. Through some careful negotiation, we arrived at a peaceful resolution. Krer will no longer try to scare those passing through the tunnel (Except Oxiana, Caine and Drathe), and he will no longer throw rocks (though those previously mentioned may want to watch out for flying berries). In return, I am asking that, if you can, please leave a gift for them now and then near the tunnel. It matters not what the gift is, as Krer says that they love surprises. I would also like to note that I consider Krer and Micah to be under my protection. Any attack on them, will be taken as an attack on myself and my family.

Let us rejoice that the tunnel is open again, and we may resume our work.

For the greatness and prosperity of Galmair,

Eraisuithiel Celebrindal

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Post by Evie » Sun May 13, 2018 8:31 pm

Re: Notices at the tunnel

*two strawberry cakes are left near the tunnel entrance*

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