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Cultist in Galmair

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:11 am
by Caine Trevall
*A Note is attached at the Black Board of Galmair*

Greetings Citizens of galmair as well as the Chancellors,

I wished to inform all of you that Sir Dantagon marescot as well as me encountered, as well as identified the Elfess named Ruaari within City limits. As she is a known aquintance of Jefferson gray and has already attacked and harmed several Citizens of the three towns (she attacked Head knight Krakash in his Flat together with the Elf Nostarion and was also identfied as one of the Attackers of the New years party at the Hemptie by Sir Dantagon Marescot)

Caine Trevall

Knight of Cadomyr
Retainer of the order of the Silver gryphon.